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"This is the first place in town I found that serves real Greek cuisine. It is open all days of the week and accepts visa cards and also offer catering services. I like the simple yet posh traditional blue and white Greek colors design of the interior and the exterior that gives it this kind of really homely dinner table feel. I love the fact that one can choose to eat inside or outside with a choice of interior and exterior dining. For anyone looking to try out Greek food for the first time I would advice them to visit this restaurant and some of the dishes that I tried that I would recommend would be the Tiropita appetizer which is basically cheese pie with feta and herbs baked in phyllo dough which was really delicious. One of the tasty dips is the Tzatziki which is yogurt dip with cucumber, garlic and dill. I had that accompanied with lemon potato sides. They have a really wide and broad menu of Greek dishes with good pictorial presentation of food."

"January 16, 2020"



"This is by far the most delicious food, Greek Food specifically in Bay Ridge. Everything is good here, from simple sandwiches, gyros, chicken sandwich to the platters. Everything is presented really well, does not feel greasy at all and after you feel good when you are done eating, not stuffed and unsatisfied."

"January 16, 2020"


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Somethingreek Located in Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn. Somethingreek is open Today. Monday December 4th from 11:00 am -until 09:45 pm Delivery, 1Array ( [0] => Array ( [id] => 1 [active_class] => [city] => 1 [service_name] => Restaurants offering Alcohol/Beer/Wine ) [1] => Array ( [id] => 2 [active_class] => [city] => 1 [service_name] => Restaurants offering Catering ) [2] => Array ( [id] => 4 [active_class] => [city] => 1 [service_name] => Restaurants offering Take Out ) [3] => Array ( [id] => 5 [active_class] => [city] => 1 [service_name] => Restaurants offering Wait Staff/Dine In ) [4] => Array ( [id] => 100 [active_class] => [city] => 1 [service_name] => ) ) Restaurants offering Alcohol/Beer/Wine is available. Serving Greek Cuisine

7616 3rd Ave , 11209

7616 3rd Ave , 11209
7809 3rd Ave,
7417 3rd Avenue ,
7315 3rd Ave , 11209
7204 3rd Avenue., NY 11209
7205 3rd Avenue,
8402 3rd Ave , 11209
8407 3rd Avenue, NY 11209
8502 3rd Avenue, NY
8321 5th Ave,
9216 3rd Ave , 11209
709 86th Street , 11228

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