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Location & Details

Sofia's Guac Bar at Staten Island Mall Food District Located in New Springville neighborhood of Staten Island. Sofia's Guac Bar at Staten Island Mall Food District is open Today. Wednesday May 31st from 11:00 am -until 06:00 pm Delivery, is available. Serving Mexican Cuisine

2655 Richmond Ave,

3785 Victory Blvd ,
4085 Victory Blvd,
1821 Richmond Avenue ,
1650 Richmond Avenue ,
3161 Amboy Road, NY 10306
3921 Amboy Road, Ny 10308
3994 Amboy Rd,
89 Guyon Ave., NY 10306
262 Arden Avenue, NY 10312
4350 Amboy Road ,
4370 Amboy Road, NY 10312
20 Bradley Ave , 10314

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