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"Food was delicious! Perfectly packed. Everything fresh. Love that all sauces were place on side. Delivered in timely manner."

"January 26, 2022"


"Outstanding food !! The new place is very nice Following all COVID 19 protocols..very clean ! The gyro is amazing The tziztki sauce is like no other. Lemon potatoes the rice it’s all good"

"September 15, 2021"

"Sofia's Moussaka is outstanding. Best homemade Greek food on the North Shore."

"July 10, 2021"



"The best Greek food on Staten Island is now available on the North Shore. Sandwiches are huge and the value is unbeatable. Complete lunch specials $8.50"

"January 16, 2020"



"This is the same owners as Dimitri's Gyro Joint used to be on Castleton Avenue, when they moved somewhere to hylan boulevard I was almost devastated, there is nos place to get a real gyro out here. the few places are Indian style gyros or Halal carts. The real gyro is back, these are stuffed gyros served over delicious gyro bread with delicious white sauce, I tell you this is probably the best gyro I have had since dimitris moved. the pork gyro, the chicken gyro, whichever meat I ever get a craving for, this gyro satisfied. heck sometimes I even have a falafel gyro when I am tired of all the meat. I am not saying I eat here everday, but when the craving for a gyro has I have my refound love."

"January 16, 2020"


"If i could give less than one star i would. Nothing but problems with this place. Place order for pick up and they want to charge extra for tzatziki sauce that is supposed to come with the platters. Not talking about a pint just 3 small 2 oz cups one for each platter. $30 worth of food and the owner wants to give a hard time about something that is supposed to come with the food. Gave this place another chance, placed an online order. Delivery driver shows up missing two sodas and an 8oz tzatziki I paid extra for, to avoid previous problem. Waited a half hour for driver to show up, called them up to see if he left yet and got an attitude from the server who answered the phone. This is a shame because the only thing I would have said good about this place was that everytime I went previously the servers were always kind and even helpful. Driver shows up with sauce and sodas. They didnt throw in anything extra for apology for letting our food get cold waiting for a mispackaged order. Didn't want anything extra and I wouldnt ask for a refund but just as a gesture, most restaurants in Staten island would do this to continue a good relationship with their customers. This place does bad business. If the food was spectacular and prices were good these things could be overlooked, no one is perfect, but their food isn't anything special and other from their lunch specials is way over priced. Wouldn't order from them again. If I'm in the mood for a gyro I'll be ordering from the 4 other diners in the area that taste great and don't give you problems with your orders."

"January 16, 2020"



"Gyro is the only thing I order from this place. So much meat for only $9. Very delicious. You do not get as much meat with the other meat options. Serverspeople on the phone taking orders can come off as nasty when you say something they don't immediately understand. I asked for a pork gyro once and got a mean response about how there's no such thing as a pork gyro, and that i was asking for a pork souvlaki. Food is good but there is a learning curve to finding out what mistakes to avoid when ordering. Also I picked up in person once and they pocketed my $0.10 or so change without asking me. Wasn't a big deal because that's small change but it was still very rude that they didn't even attempt to hand me my change. Overall the food is pretty good, customer interactions need improvement, definitely."

"January 16, 2020"


"The first time ordering and I will never order from them again. I ordered my food at 5:56 pm and recieved it at 7:18 pm. My order was avgolemono soup..melitzanosalta.. dolmas.. and a greek tomato salad and 3 waters. I recieved my order the driver said "You're mad right? " I responded yea well I live 10 mins from the restaurant and it took almost 1.5 hours to get my food. I look at my order my soup is cold and I only recieved one of my waters. I call and the girl on the phone said I'll give you store credit. This is insane. Get more drivers or call people and let them know you're short drivers and it will be awhile before you get your food. Waiting almost 1.5 hours for a small order and forgetting items I paid for is unacceptable."

"January 16, 2020"



"Great food!"

"January 16, 2020"


How Greek it Is

Greek 0 Miles Away

Delicious Lunch Specials & Greek/American Cuisine such as Chicken Kebabs, G...

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How Greek It Is Located in Castleton Corners neighborhood of Staten Island. How Greek It Is is open Today. Wednesday February 21st from 10:00 am -until 08:45 pm Delivery, 1Array ( [0] => Array ( [id] => 1 [active_class] => [city] => 1 [service_name] => Restaurants offering Alcohol/Beer/Wine ) [1] => Array ( [id] => 2 [active_class] => [city] => 1 [service_name] => Restaurants offering Catering ) [2] => Array ( [id] => 4 [active_class] => [city] => 1 [service_name] => Restaurants offering Take Out ) [3] => Array ( [id] => 5 [active_class] => [city] => 1 [service_name] => Restaurants offering Wait Staff/Dine In ) [4] => Array ( [id] => 100 [active_class] => [city] => 1 [service_name] => ) ) Restaurants offering Alcohol/Beer/Wine is available. Serving Greek Cuisine

1734 Victory Blvd. ,
718-273-3200 Visit Website

1734 Victory Blvd,
1734 Victory Blvd. ,
1718 Victory Blvd, NY 10314
1877 Victory Blvd ,
432 Manor Rd, NY 10314
2048 Victory Boulevard ,
20 Bradley Ave , 10314
Bradley Avenue, NY 10314
1400 Clove Road ,
1298 Forest Avenue,
1348 Forest Ave., NY 10302
676 Forest Avenue,


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