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Zio Toto

Address :
86 Page Avenue
Staten Island, 10309
Phone : 718-317-0373

23 Photos
86 Page Avenue,
Tottenville, 10309

Today's Hours : 12:00PM to 11:00PM


Italian, , Restaurant & Bar, Gluten Free, Fine Dining, , Alcohol/Beer/WineWait Staff/Dine In

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I have been to the original brooklyn establishment many times. The owner whom is a friend of the family once worked for my dad's salon across the street. Each and every time that I have been to the brooklyn location, it has been top notch service, and awesome food. Knowing our family friend, he has brought the top notch service to this sister restaurant in Staten Island!!

Great food.

This was my third time dining here. The first two times I enjoyed the food and service, but this last time was horrendous. The service was really slow and to top it all off their was a hair in my food. The problem was the way they handled the situation more than the hair. The manager never came to the table to applolgize or offer us a comp drink or dessert. When leaving he confronted us and insinuated it was my hair! I have a friend in the restaurant business , he told me that he has encountered hair on meat on delivery, so although the kitchen workers may not have long hair , the meat may have arrived with a hair already on it. In addition my husbands salmon was dry and the penne ala vodka was too salty. I am very disappointed, I live in the neighborhood but i will never eat here again I will return to the better restaurants, cafe luna and Angelina's.

We went 2 weeks ago, 3 couples. The food was great so was the service. They really went out of their way with the detail in this resturant. It was real italian food with real italian owners. This is a place that at has a manhattan feel, to bad some of the patrons didnt deserve to in a place so nice. We witnessed some bad Staten Island seeds acting out as usual, but they were handled professionally

Six of us dined here last Saturday evening. All I can say is, THE FOOD SAVED THIS PLACE. I experienced one of the most obnoxious waiters ever. He was an Italian man in his 50's, and basically, he behaved as if he was doing us a FAVOR by serving us. Basically, there were not enough place settings, he left before we finished drink requests twice, would not allow us to place an app order with drinks...it was just ridiculous. Oh, and bus boys were so scarce that we couldn't even find anyone to refill water, get us plates for our appetizers, or to just bus the table in general. Besides the horrific service, the food was actually of high quality and very tasty indeed. They do need to rethink drink pricing...are we in the city? A mixed drink in an SI restaurant should not be 14 dollars--can you say rip off? Go at your own risk, but hopefully you don't mind obnoxious, non-existent service.

Went here for dinner last Saturday night with my husband, it was a horrible experience, The waiter took our order brought out the appetizer mine was horrible so i sent it back and got something different and that was also bad but i kept it on the table, while waiting for our entree's about half hour later the bus boy comes over and ask's us if we got our entree's we told him no he then said oh i'm sorry your waiter went home (imagine), the bs boy then went and got our meals which were at this point cold. the whole time the owner was sitting at the table next to us and didn't once say i'm sorry or even come over.... I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE AT ALL...Unfortunatly I had to give at least 1 star but they did'nt deserve it.

Had a family dinner here on Monday after a funeral. We were limited with choice and heard nothing but positive things about Zio Toto so we thought we'd give it a try. We ordered the "sampler" style appetizer - 10 tough calamari, 2 shrimps, 2 zucchini sticks - $17 a plate?? Why? For the entree, everyone who ordered chicken commented how it was very tough and tasteless. My meal, penne primavera with chicken - chicken looked, tasted and felt like heated up frozen pre sliced Purdue chicken - which added $8 on to an already $15 dish! (??) Won't be going back ever again.

If I could have given 0 stars I would have because the service was just awful! Had an 8pm dinner reservation, got seated close at 9pm. If that wasn't bad enough, we apparently were seated in the pay no mind to us section of the restaurant. I say this because we were ignored and neglected by our waiter the entire evening. If we didn't call him to the table or ask someone to find him for us our 3+ hour dinner would've take 4+ hours. While I appreciate not being rushed, I don't like being overlooked either. Restaurants are a dime a dozen, no need to frequent a place like this, dining out is about the entire experience. Good food and Good Service go hand in hand. If one is bad then how could you enjoy the other. Never again!

User Photos from Zio Toto

86 Page Avenue Staten Island, NY, 10309
Location : Tottenville 718-317-0373

Today's Hours : 12:00PM to 11:00PM

(Now Open)

Cuisine : Italian, 

Alcohol/Beer/WineWait Staff/Dine In
Price Range:

Features : Restaurant & Bar, Gluten Free, 

Type of Place : Fine Dining, 

Average Review Rating:

86 Page Avenue
Staten Island, NY, 10309 Location : Tottenville

Price Range


Today's Hours : 12:00PM to 11:00PM

Cuisine : Italian, 

Services :
Alcohol/Beer/WineWait Staff/Dine In

Features : Restaurant & Bar, Gluten Free, 

Type of Place : Fine Dining, 

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I have been to the original brooklyn establishment many times. The owner whom is a friend of the family once worked for my dad's salon across the street. Each and every time that I have been to
Great food.

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