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    REALLYY GREAT PIZZA!! I go to brooklyn college,and always eat there. In that area there's nothing good to eat, so I was happy when they opened. Everything else there is dirty and all fried. He has a great salad bar and has GREAT pricing. When they had 2 dollar slice, naturally the pizza was better, but even with the dollar slice , its really good. I can eat two slices at a time. Sometimes it gets crowded, but that's because the pizza is that good!!

    Recenty Posted by jess123
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    their pizza isn't that great. not only that but it used to be $1 and that'd be the only reason i'd eat their pizza. now its $2 per slice. and that's just the plain slice. if you're looking for a great slice of pizza try napolis on nostrand its been there forever the slices tastes better they're bigger too and its not as crowded as uncle vics. uncle vics is located on the junction right by the bus stop and there's a lot of school kids who'll just stare at you while you eat. it's not a very pleasant dining experience.

    Recenty Posted by anonymous

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