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DaddyO's BBQ and Sports bar

Address :
35 Androvette St
Staten Island, 10309
Phone : 718-948-3333

DaddyO's BBQ and Sports bar Open

27 Photos
35 Androvette St,
Rossville, 10309

Today's Hours : 12:00PM to 03:00AM


American, , On Site Parking, Coupons, Bar w/Grill, , Wait Staff/Dine InTake OutAlcohol/Beer/Wine

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As owners we appreciate all the feedback whether negative or positive. We have been open only a week and Saturday we sat over 300 guests. As you can imagine, any chef, staff, manager or bartender would have been overwhelmed to a degree. We DID ZERO promotion other than Facebook and this site. Be patient with us as we work VERY HARD to get to perfection. Thanks to YOUR REVIEWS, we have adjusted the menu, added a podium for seating and are now taking reservations for Friday's and Saturday's. We have also added to our staff a kitchen expediter for our busy nights and more experienced staff. Please keep in mind that our food is not cooked on the fly, it is slowly smoked/cooked in our state of the art Pit. It is fresh, the portions are large BUT we feel very affordable. We have a variety of menu items for different tastes and budgets and continue to accept the feedback. Anyone can reach me on my cell for anything at almost any time. Sal Criscuolo 718 869 4795

Went over the weekend with friends for dinner. Here are the positives: * Homemade Saratoga chips were very good and kept coming. * Specialty soda was refreshing and delightful. * Quite vegetarian friendly for a BBQ place - thanks for that! Here's a few suggestions: * You're using shallow and slightly narrow sushi plates for the apps and sandwiches/burgers/fries. As the server was trying to gently set the plates on the table, 1/4 of the food (fried mozz, fries and pickle chips) slid right off of the plate onto the table. You need deeper dishes. * Please fry the pickle chips in a veg only fryer - Ours tasted of fried fish. * Serve the pickle chips in a basket and please drain well before serving. * Please throw some cole slaw on the plate with the burgers/sandwiches and fries and serve on a larger, less shallow plate. We're not big portion people but we paid dinner prices for a lunch serving of a burger and handful of fries. * Pastrami could have been sliced much thinner and trimmed better. A little fat is always good but too much makes it greasy. Feel free to scale down the menu a bit and focus on your goals - a good BBQ place. You'll always need a salad or two and a few healthy options for those with dietary needs, but this is Staten Island - we can get fried mozzarella anywhere - but good, tastes-like-homemade corn bread is hard to come by. We wish you the best of success!

Decided to try some take out as a prelude to taking my family out to eat there. Boy was I disappointed. All I read on the reviews were the large portions and delicious ribs. Spent nearly $ 100.00 for take out. The chile came in a half full 16oz. container which was full of liquid and no meat, the fish and chips was two small pieces of fish with mashed potato. (no bargain at $ 18.00) The ribs were a bit dry, the sandwich "platters" came with no cole slaw and a handfull of fries. We were so disgusted that we called and complained, and in their defense the owners did send over some replacement food. Maybe I can chalk it up to growing pains, but the owners or mangers should be watching what their kitchen sends out. You got to be cultivating clientele when looking to build a customer base, not alienating them. We will, however give the place a second chance,since enough people are claiming that the food is so good.

My wife and I have been to daddy os 4 times already since it opened. The hamburgers are 2nd to none,ribs and chicken fall right off the bone and are amazing. Not to mention the homeade soda and beer selection are excellent. The staff is extremely friendly and courteous. If your looking for authentic bbq food and friendly atmosphere and beautiful decor this is by far the place to go to enjoy. We highly recommend this to anyone. Greg and Melissa Diaz

All I can say is UNBELIEVABLE !!! Have the SouthWestern Chicken Rolls and The BRISKET. I HOPE this place stays around for a LONGGGGG time. NO JOKE. Fun place to eat.

DaddyO's is by far not like any other place on Staten Island which is why it stands out so much! A few of my favorite things: a menu with a lot of options, great size portions with drinks and food, awesome atmosphere, great drinks, lots of parking.... I have had a few different items on the menu from my past few visits... the loaded nachos are delicious and more then enough to share with a crowd, the fried pickles are just perfect and it was my first time having them, the corn bread -- you just cant stop picking on it and is served warm, the sweet potato tots are addicting once you start eating them, the berry nut salad with ginger carrot dressing was one of my favorites, the ribs, pulled pork, burger, brisket all so tender perfect amount of smokiness and dont forget the thick slices of bacon -- YUM! Dont leave with out trying the ginormous Sangria!!! Its delicious!!!

I love this place !!! A beautiful, big roomy bar, flat screen TV's playing every sports channel you can imagine, a clean nice elegant place, and the food is out of this world !! Try the chicken rolls and deep fried pickles. Order the ribs and the meat almost falls off the bone, the pulled pork sandwich is the best I've ever had. I brought my wife there, we had appetizers, full meal (huge platter of ribs, chicken, beef brisket, corn bread, ect), desert and drinks and the bill came out to $59 !! Amazing !! We will be back !!!

Everything was Great!!! Try the Southwest Chicken Rolls.

I really don't do this sort of thing, but I figured since I finally found a place to go to that A) has food that I had not one complaint about, B) That the service was friendly, C) that I was actually in a Sports bar with ADULTS (not Wiseguy Wannabe's that only pretend to like sports on SUNDAY) and D) DID I MENTION GREAT FOOD (not your average chain style or JACKED UP DINER?) Listen Staten Island doesn't have many place's with personality, and most with staff that has the personality of ummmm, EAR WAX!!! This I hope is the start of something very good for me and the nice people I encountered at DaddyO's last nite (SUNDAY). They were all pleasant, never rushed me out the door, they even asked me what music I wanted to listen to. Pretty cool if you ask me! Like I said I don't usually do this but, DaddyO's deserved to know! Thanks!!! BTW....Love the Team on the shirts...KUDOS! Well Played!

To be honest, I've been looking for a place to hangout while enjoying great food for a while now. I honestly couldn't find the place that suits me most here on Staten Island. Now, I've found that place. DaddyO's was just spectacular. The food was worth dying for(especially the brisket and pastrami) and the look of the place itself just clicked. The owners Greg and Sal were very friendly, and looked totally confident in their restaurant. In addition to the amazing food, Greg and Sal purchased the Sunday Ticket from DirecTV, allowing me to watch my Redskins every Sunday while enjoying a savory pastrami and swiss sandwich!!! Can't wait to come back this Sunday!

First of all, CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN..... so nice to walk into a CLEAN resturant. The place was mobbed Saturday nite, and with good reason! The food was FANTASTIC! Everything my family ordered was on the money and then some! We got to meet the owners Sol and Gary, the two nicest men ever. They went over to every table to greet their new guest's. We even saw them making desserts, ice cream, cake, pretty cool! I am so going back and bringing friend's, this was worth the wait, something Staten Island needed for a looong time.... Thank god not another Italian / Pizzaeria resturant! Thanks DaddyO's, see ya soon!

The food was unbelievable. I have never tasted food ANYWHERE that can compare to the dishes we had at DaddyO's. We were treated live movie stars from the second we entered. Two owners Sal and another gentleman both made sure we enjoyed our meals and gave us complimentary homemade BBQ chips and Cornbread, which was the best I have ever had. Boy do I hope this place stays around for a long long time. Consider me a regular. Try this place or it's your loss. Frank Maressi

Does anyone have any feedback of this restaurant yet? Please share if you dined here,thank you.

I went there with my husband last friday around 5:30 pm, the place was well kept, clean, , it had a nice decor, and the bathrooms were very clean which for me is a huge plus. The waiter we had was wonderful and very accommodating, there was no wait and the food came out quickly. My husband ordered the 1/2 rack of ribs whicj came out burnt and the last few ribs had very little meat on them as they were so over-done. I ordered the pulled chicken sandwich and it looked and tasted like it was a few days old and they just re-fried it. The coleslaw tasted like it was store bought, not fresh. The appetizers were good, I loved the chicken rolls. The drinks were great. Our waiter apologized for our food complaints and he was very sincere. There was a man in a suit there just standing around eyeing us all, I don't know who he was, a bouncer perhaps? But he gave me a 'creepy' feeling with his standing around and staring. Overall, the cleanliness, decor, and service was 4 stars. The food was 2 stars at the most. I do plan on coming back to give the place another try. maybe they had a bad day.

The food was very good but the location really sux, which is good for me becuae I hate to wait. You Know

Went here today and the place is hard to find but was worth the extra turns. They were super nice and the place had a Manhattan like feel to it. The barbecue chips were really good and so was the warm cornbread. my brother had a burger and it looked so good I had to taste it. It had an egg on it and usually that would turn me off but this was the best burger I ever had. I had ribs and chicken and they were both very good. I like this place alot and will definitely go back. I promised I would tell people about the place so here I am. The dining room was a little cold but they addressed that and it warmed up a little. If you havent tried daddyos give them a look, you will be happy. Nancy :) and John

I couldn't agree more with that last review. I was there with another couple last saturday. The tall manager went up to the table next to us, introduced himself, engaged in pleasant conversation, gave them a free round of drinks, and then he walked away, completely ignoring us ?!? This really pissed me off and it ruined my whole mood for the place, even though the food was pretty good. I agree totally that if you're going to go up to one table, you can't ignore the other tables? This is hospitality 101 here. Compare this guy to the Da Noi family where everyone who goes in there feels like they're special. Not just a select few tables. Even though I'm not crazy about the food there, i still go because of the warmth I receive there. Also, what kind of bbq place has no bbq sauce on the tables? We had to ask for our sauce when the ribs came out. I loved the ribs, pulled pork and those tater tots, but the manager needs some education in hospitality.

I have to agree with the previous post about the unbelievable and excessive positive reviews on this place. They do seem extremely owner biased. I find it funny that every time a negative review arises, suddenly 4 overwhelmingly glowing and lush positive reviews just pop up with words like, "Yummy in my Tummy," or "To the last post, You should be ashamed of yourself!" or "Delectably delicious.." These seem very obvious to me as NOT genuine, unless all 31 posts were from food critics? To be honest, the overwhelmingly stellar reviews don't seem to match up to my actual experience in this place. It took 35 minutes for my appetizers to arrive (and they were the wrong ones !) and it took 40 minutes for our family platter to arrive. The ribs, beef brisket and pulled pork were delicious, but I thought we could use some more variety on the BBQ sauces (they give you only 2 to choose from) . The roasted chicken was dry. Our server was ok, nothing spectacular as in the other reviews. I noticed the managers in their collard 'Daddy O' shirts walking around, they would go up to some tables, and avoid others? They didn't come up to my table at all, but they went up to 2 tables around mine? I was rather insulted by this. A word of advice to you - If you're going to go up and speak with the customers, than you'd better speak with ALL the customers otherwise you will alienate a few people, like me. Overall the food was decent, the service less than decent, a nice place, but it just didn't flow smoothly. I feel the managers are just too inexperienced. The owners needs to bring in people who know the business otherwise they will fail. Simple as that.

I just wanna spread the word, I said it on facebook and on their website, but this place is amazing. Service is outstanding, the food was really good. First time we went, we had fried pickles, chili, and a rack of St. Louis ribs. Everything was pretty good. The second time, we had rib tips, mac and cheese, and burgers. The food was even better the second time! There are so many things on this menu I want to try! The only complaint my girlfriend had was that it was cold inside the restaurant. I really can't say a bad word about the food or service.

I really want to try this place but I have to say all of these wonderful reviews are turning me off. Over 30 reviews in two weeks? really? Come on, lets see some objective comments not being posted by friends and family of the owners If I owned the place I would want to know what could be improved to make it better Every review except the guy who complained about waiting three hours for a table looks like a paid advertisement I also noticed the owners are quick defend any negative comments. Maybe they should lighten up and let it go. I really wish these guys luck with the place and I hope its as good as the reviews indicate but I would never wait two hours for a table anywhere. 45 minute tops for me As soon as the hype dies down I will give this place a try

From the DELICIOUS food - to the EXCELLENT service - to the PLEASANT atmosphere - to the LOW prices…you can't go wrong making DaddyO's BBQ Bar your new favorite! It boasts a beautiful décor, unbelievably clean and very classy style. In every way this restaurant is "High-End" except for the price! The staff was extremely accommodating and attentive - nice change of pace. The owners were hands-on, friendly, warm and inviting! I can honestly say I have never had such a great dining experience. It's plain to see that DaddyO's is the place to be and is here to stay! I give it an AAA+++ in every category. Laura Cascione - Brooklyn, NY

The food is out of this world. They start you off by giving you home made potato chips which are fantastic. The portions are huge and I left there stuffed. I thought the Kansas style ribs better than the regular ones but both were delicious. I could have made a meal on the corn bread alone. There are big screen TVs all over the place. This was good because going there on a Sunday,I was able to eat and still watch the game. There is tons of stuff on the menu which I can't wait to try. Richie,our waiter, was very good and very attentive without being annoying. I thought the prices weren't bad either. The do have some problems. I wanted to try the sausage but the only way you can order them is if you get a combo with chicken. I feel the sausage should be added as an appetizer. Even though they give you extra BBQ sauce on the table,I think they should put more on the ribs when cooking them. When you add cold sauce to ribs it loses something. Daddy O's is a great place and trust me when I say I can't wait to go back. The few problems are minor. For a restaraunt only open for approximately a week, the place is great. I want to tell everyone about the great meal but am afraid it will get too popular and it will be a pain in the but to get a table.

Great food. Service was excellent richie was our waiter. Very informative. Food was soooo good. We had chicken rolls corn bread, ribs, BBQ chicken, sweet potato. They make thier own chips and sauce. The only issue was no changes on combo choices. It was very clean, family friendly, TVs everywhere. Too full for dessert. We will have to go back. 5 star experience!

So here's the thing before I go any further, I am in no way shape or form related to anyone that owns or works at DaddyOs. To Anonymous post on 10/22/11 that wrote "Do not go there on a Saturday nite" you should be ashamed of yourself, words to some people are like law, here you have a new resturant, that I am sure these people worked very hard to start, and you tell people not to go, who are you GOD? If a staff is overly attentive people are writing that it is annoying, seriously, have you not been to some of the places on this Island that could not care less about customer's? In these times of big box stores and chain resturant's I am sure that it must not be easy to invest time and money into such a big risk. I happened to have gone there last Sunday evening and had a most pleasurable dining experience, the food, the host's, the server's were all exceptionally nice (not anywhere near annoying). And the food was killer, OMG... I'm sure that they may need time yo iron out the wrinkles, but nobody's perfect (uh NUCCI's has ROACHES) and you have to wait there too! But so what if you went out on a Saturday anywhere there is most likely a wait! But to knock a new business for what may have been out of their control is not nice.

Sorry i can't validate the restaurant service, but i will tell you that DaddyO's donated trays of food for a brunch with governor pataki and it was amazing. If i recall correctly, the chef had to come in two hours early that day (a friday nonetheless) to cook for me just so I could have the food by 10:30am. I really cant thank you enough for your kindness and great hospitality, and for going out of your way--- sparing time and resources to help me make the event a success. Many thanks to you guys I cant wait to come to the restaurant soon.

Here's the story, the food is good, but don't go there on a Saturday night, you'll be waiting for 3 hours and they always run out of something. I made the mistake of going there last Saturday, I waited 2 1/2 hrs to sit, they ran out of corn bread, pulled pork, chicken and their specialty potato chips. The bar is poorly stocked as well, they had no wine? When I asked for an extra fork I was told by a waitress that they, "ran out of clean forks and can we share a fork amongst ourselves" (I kid you not) Don't get take out, it's packaged terribly and it leaks all over the place making a complete mess. Also, while the food portions are of nice size, they are very stingy with their side dishes, so if you do order for take out, make sure you specify that you want extra french fries, corn on the cobb, ect.. otherwise you will be left wanting for more. I recommend going Sun through Thurs to eat there, but be prepared to be constantly bothered by staff asking if "everything's ok?" or "are you done with that?" Someone will come up to you about 12 times while you're eating, it get very annoying. The decorum is nice, clean, well kept, there's plenty of TV's to watch the games on, try the family platter, the ribs are to die for, but the place is disorganized. Perhaps it is growing pains? I hope so because if they continue to handle their busy nights the way that they do then they're in big trouble. I don't think the good food alone will be able to carry them for too long.

To anonymous Seriously? This event NEVER happened. YES, last saturday there was a 2 hour wait for a table I will give you that, BUT....we've never been out of ribs and if you have ever been to Daddy'Os you would have known that utensils are on the table before you sit down. and how many servers did you say were waiting on you...4? Nachos are 12.95 not 15 and ribs take 5 hours in the smoker ,I do not know who said it takes 24 hrs to smoke a rib. As far as the owner/host/big jerk with the pad as you say... I would never have said "what do you want me to do" so to all of our awesome customers please have patiences with DaddyO's for we are trying to give Staten island what they desperately needed...a BBQ smokehouse with a clean sports bar flair where guys wanna go, and girls aren't afraid to be. As much as we love our customer reviews and PLEASE keep them coming... But if your going to call us names please leave your name. Anonymous just dont cut it. Thank you Owner/ host / big jerk Greg

I gotta agree with the previous reviewer about the wait, but I also can understand with the restaurant being overwhelmed with unexpected high volume of business. Remember folks it's Staten Islands only authentic smokehouse and these guys definitely do it good! It's not easy to get the recipe just right where the meat just taste so delectably delicious. It's very unfortunate that previous reviewer said that they have no ribs, I can't image that and do feel bad if that actually happened, and the reason I am giving 4 stars instead of 5 is that the service does need improvement and there is a wait so be prepared for that and don't come "Starving" looking for a fast meal, it won't happen especially not now. But if you do want some great food, and are okay with waiting, this is the place to go.

great food , best fried pickles, staff was too attentive if thats a bad thing. worth the trip

I went to eat at DaddyO's on Saturday night. The food we had was delicious and very different which made me and my belly very happy, lol. I am so sick of eating the same things everytime we go out!!! The atmosphere and service was impeccable!! Saturday night was extremely busy, but I didn't feel rushed at all. I am looking forward to going back, and this time I will not eat all day!! I really want to try some of the other amazing stuff that I recently heard about, like the tater tots, and pulled pork sandwich, which I am hearing are amazing, amongst other stuff!! When we were leaving, I noticed some of the deserts that looked so yummy, got to try those too!!! P.S. I don't like pickles, but OMG, those fried pickles were amazing! DELISH!!!

I think the problem with this place is they did too much early promotion without settling in. While I admit the food was unbelievably delicious, the portions were humongous and the price was very decent. The management needs to learn the game and grow their business instead of just piling in customers before all the employees, chefs, bartenders, servers learn what to handle to make a pleasant dining experience. I will be back to Daddy's but probably on a weekday when business is slower and probably more smoother.

I found out about Daddy Os from this website and decided to give it a try. I was very disappointed. The waiting area was a disaster. People were just milling around with no idea when their tables would be ready, the wait to be seated dragged on and on. Everybody was complaining, people were walking out, we waited almost 2 hours to be seated. There was no hostess there handling seating, no podium to go to, it was just the manager writing your names down on some pad, more often than not he was running around and not even paying attention to us. When we finally got our seat it took another half hour for the waiter to come by. We received no table food, no bread, nothing. We placed our order for appetizers and were left sitting around for another 40 minutes twiddling our thumbs. We placed our dinner order which took another hour to arrive. I did not see many happy faces, it seemed everyone was just sitting around waiting for their orders. I overheard a lot of complaining. I saw some people just get up and leave in disgust. The food was great when it finally arrived, but the experience was awful. Maybe Ill try the take out next time. 3 stars for the food.

My husband and I read a review for a new BBQ restaurant on Staten Island. We decided to go there last night. We went early, around 6:30. There was a short wait and they lead us to our table around 20 minutes later. The smell of the food was mouth watering. They sat us down, gave menus, drinks and a great basket of homemade potato chips. (Great!!) About 10 minutes later the waiter finally came and took our order. All tables were full at the time and there was 1 family that was eating, 1 table in front of us got their food. 30 minutes went by, no table received any food. The tables around us had already been seated quite a while before us. Another 15 minutes go by, still no one was served. After 1 hr and still no food anywhere, not just our table, my husband and I left the money for our drinks on the table walked out. We did have a couple of regrets, 1 was would have loved to try the food. Second regret, we should have told the owner. Who was running around, looking at all the tables with people waiting and not eating, but said nothing to any one. There were no appologies why the food never came out. On our way out, the ditsy waitress turns to me says ' please come again" This restaurant has a lot to learn if they want to remain open and be successful.

The food is excellent, but the wait is absurd. I went there tonight (Saturday) with the family, we waited almost 2 hours before we were seated, then we waited another hour and a half at the table before we were served. Many people got up and left, I probably saw at least 15 people leave. They also ran out of some food. They were obviously very ill prepared for the big crowd, and very disorganized. When the food finally arrived, it was fantastic. Huge portions, scrumptious ribs, the chicken rolls were delicious, we ordered the family platter and had plenty to take home. To be honest, though the food was wonderful and the price very reasonable, I would rather drive to Jersey for BBQ than to wait here for over 3 hours to eat. I probably will not return. Overall: Excellent food. Ridiculous wait.

Well the demand for this place is there....Unfortunately the place can't handle the demand. I with a party of 6 waited over an hour to be seated and wasn't, so we left. This nite we saw a good 15people leave as well. We may try this place another time after all the hype slows up..

Went here yesterday - had the brisket sandwich with sweet potato tots. We also got the southwestern chicken rolls as an appetizer. My whole family loved it!!! WIll definitely be going back.

Thank you for the great reviews. Any Friends and Family if you are posting please ease up on any reviews, we really need to be judged by people we DO NOT know. WE APPRECIATE IT and feel the food is high quality and we are giving large portions for what we feel is a GREAT price but all that aside WE NEED TO HEAR about any little things we may miss. Thank you and we love you all for your support. Sal & Greg

I went to try DaddyO's for the first time tonight, and after all the hype, I have to say that the whole place really exceeded my expectations. The owners were very friendly, the woman manager (i think her name is Bridgette) really takes pride in her job, and the wait staff were all extremely upbeat and helpful. This is something that you don't find often in other places around the island. Also, everyone on the staff wears a tshirt that says "TEAM" on the back...I found that very interesting. When I asked my server why, he smiled and told me that everyone is apart of DaddyO's team, and he has never worked in such a caring atmosphere. I'm glad Staten Island has finally got an authentic BBQ place. The food was AMAZING! (and my husband is a very picky eater) Some people wrote in their reviews that they didnt like the paper on the tables, and the staff was "pushing" for the customers to spread the word...In my opinion, I like the idea of the paper on the tables for the kids to color, or for the mess of the bbq sauce. And I feel that the staff was just trying to make a name for their new place. (nothing wrong with that) I would definitely recommend DaddyO's to anyone who wants to try something new, have a love for great BBQ food and service, or someone who is a sports fan because the televisions were everywhere!! I will be returning to this place regularly. Go try DaddyO's, you won't be disappointed!

Great food, Good Music, Nice people. ALOT of Televisions. Just like home. I recommend and I came from the North Shore last night. Thank you for your hospitality and that Rasberry wheat beer, it was very nice of you. I am true to my word and I told you I would log on.

The reviews below seem to be from perhaps close friends or relatives, and seem biased. I went here the other night. The interior of the restaurant was the same as it was prior. The food was delicious, there's no denying that. Yet I will say there was a lot left to be desired of this place. The tables were covered with white butcher paper, I guess for kitsch factor, but I felt like it was just sloppy and awkward. The prices here are a bit steep too. The menu is awkward, pushing you towards ordering platters of things instead of human sized portions. Example : should you order half a rack of ribs it is considered an appetizer (?) And is ala carte. Also I never got these potato chips so I can't say if they were good, odd considering the place was almost empty. However at least 4 different staff people repeatedly asked me how I heard of them and to tell others while we waited for our food. When the food came they offered us bbq sauce in squirt bottles, one regular one spicy. The spicy one wasn't spicy at all to me. BUT OMG WERE THOSE RIBS AMAZING! I must admit I ate every last bite of the food I ordered. So I hem and haw a lot but in the end the food is amazing. And that's what I go out for, to be wowed, and I was. I just expect more from this place in the way of service and pricing, like: make my food look nice on the plate Make sure you serve me your bread/chips/whatever before my dinner Get a nicer looking better organized menu Set the table like you care not like a slob Have your staff tell me about the food or the place (homemade soda didn't hear about that) Then I wont care what you charge

I have NOT been to this place yet but I have to say that the excessive reviews that ALL have the same vibe to them... 10 reviews in 4 days???? Sounds like a biased owner driven push for their place. The place might be very good but let the real customers have their say. I thought WYE was against reviews like that but I guess the editors can either be bought or dont care. I do look forward to trying DaddyO's soon ...but really.. let you're place speak for itself.

GREAT BRISKET ! NICE STAFF ! Stay consistant and you will be around for a looooong time. Don't play into the internet games because people are jealous of success and will make you negative. Remember misery love company. Hard work and good food and the people will come back over and over again.

I thought this place was all hype and went there for ribs. but after being coaxed by the manager sal to try the brisket I am hooked liked a heroin junky. This place is really good and the people are really nice. you can tell they are trying hard. 1 only negative was the fries were just a little greasy for my taste but the homemade chips were excellent. Going back friday with the whole family.

I went there two weeks ago with my wife, two year old son, and mother in law. It wasn't very busy. The waitress was very friendly but did not overly harrass us as a previous reviewer complained about. The Chips that came before the meal were banging! Also, ordered their homemade root beer which I enjoyed. We ordered the feast for four which was a steal at $75. It came just when we thought it was taking a while... Literally. But it was a lot of food... We ate like gluttons that night and still had leftovers. The ribs, beef brisket, and pulled pork were AMAZING!! The rib tips were good, too but I'm not a big fan of that part of the animal... too much connective tissue. The Chicken was good too, with the BBQ sauce. We somehow found room for dessert. Not the most in options, but the place was new and I hope will add more things. I will DEF be there.

Only thing missing is an all you can eat rib special...Hint

I have been to Daddy O's multiple times since it has opened, and I gotta say I am in love with this place. The authentic southern BBQ is better than any I have had north of Tennessee, period. The many menu options will keep you coming back to try everything. The staff is friendly and attentive, the atmosphere is welcoming and comforting, and for the sports fans, it is a great place to watch a game. I will definitely go back to Daddy O's many times, and I highly recommend it to everyone.

We were a table of ten that went to DaddyO's last night (monday night) The place has a wonderful charm and a warm, happy atmosphere to it. The TV's were on showing the game, the place was very comfortable, the music just the right pitch. The service was excellent ! Our waiter was fantastic and very accommodating. The dinner started off with trays of their home-made spicy potato chips which we could dip into their home-made BBQ sauces. The chips were great ! I recommend DaddyO's packaging and selling these chips since they were so good ! We had a mixed assortment of appetizers including the fried pickles, rib tips (which were delicious!) chicken rolls, buffalo wings, spicy chicken fingers and the bowl of chile which was excellent !! It was a very unique assortment of pickings, things you can't find anywhere on this island, and all was delicious. Our entire table of ten people were just scrambling to pick at everything ! It was a lot of fun. Approximately 15 minutes later, the main course came out, we ordered 2 trays of the assorted family platters which included the pulled pork, smoked baby back ribs, beef brisket, rib tips, BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, sweet potato tots, all was wonderful. The meat on the ribs melted off the bone, the pulled pork melted in your mouth, the beef brisket was fantastic, we loved the tater tots, the chicken was perfect, we feasted like knights around King Arthur's table. We had a wonderful time. The owner, Greg, came to our table, introduced himself and greeted us warmly. The bill came out to $350 for 10 people !! Including drinks !!! How can any restaurant on this Island beat these prices for the amount of well prepared and delicious food we had ?? I highly recommend DaddyO's for friends, for family, for everybody ! You will have a great experience and some of the best BBQ in this city ! You will not be sorry !!

Just went for ribs but had a burger. The decor was very nice, neat and clean. The staff was very pleasant. SAY WHAT YOU WANT, THE BURGER WAS THE BEST BEST BEST BURGER I EVER HAD and i have had a few, it had the egg on it. I will be back for the Brisket and Pastrami which was all they kept talking about. Only negative, I had to wait 20 minutes to use the mens room (c'mon go for another stall, it's a bar/restaurant. Best of luck to very nice people. Big Ugly Guy with the Hot Hot Girl

My husband and I were there Tuesday night.We were eager to try this place.We ordered several apps so we could get a taste of everything.The ribs were awesome loved the chicken rolls.Creamy mac and chesse,bacon wrapped shrimp, were good.Thought they might have some housemade desserts but loved the Chocolate rocky road cake,and I have to say love Basset ice cream....We love to try different places..Kevin our waiter was very friendly and made great suggestions....Would definetly go back with friends...Good Luck to this place!!!!

went there last night, food and service were great..menu had many options, and kids got crayons!! Ribs were AMAZING! going back for another combo

To that person that the food is sub par. You must have the stomach of a junk yard dog. Your body must not know quality fresh food. Do us other patrons a favor and stick to that other place you mentioned so there is more room for us that only have nice things to say. My mother always taught me to treat and talk you people the way I wanted to be treated. Go ahead and spend your money in another state. Blah blah blah censorship.. sounds like jealousy

Its amazing how there are people out there that have nothing better to do than leave negative comments to a restaurant that is actually very good. Anyone that can seriously write the last review and admit that people should go to BIG ED'S definitely doesn't know good BBQ. Of course you like that place because it's all you can eat so basically your just saying your Cheap!! I am not the owner and i have eaten at DaddyO's numerous times and so far myself and numerous people i have brought there have not had one bad meal here...Maybe these people that leave these comments should travel around the country, have authentic BBQ and then come back to DaddyO's and then leave a real comment..Thank you to DaddyO's for opening on Staten Island and bringing authentic BBQ here.

Very Big Portions and the food always tastes delicious. I have only already been here three times, I greatly suggest to go during the week as during the weekend you will experience some wait since everyone loves the place.

Some old college buddies had come to visit and wanted to find a place in NJ to eat because food on the island is pretty bad. I had heard great things about DaddyO's so we decide to try it. We split the Family Feast. Words can't describe the goodness. The ribs were amazing. The pulled pork was perfect. The sausage(I am usually not a sausage fan) was smokey and good. The more we ate the more food we discovered. The pastrami was outstanding, I couldn't get enough and the sweet tots, well...we fought over those. All in all everyone went home satisfied and with plenty of left-overs. We will be back

Went there on Sunday, Dec 11th. We ordered the "platter" for $75.00. It said that it serves 4 people. We're all big eaters and there was plenty to take home. Great food and excellent service. Lester Cohen

Heard about this place from people I work with and I really enjoyed it. I went with my family and we ordered the Family Feast. For $75, we got ribs (baby back and St. Louis), half a chicken, sausage, rib tips, fries, sweet potato tots, corn on the cob, brisket, and corn bread. It all was amazing, but the brisket and pulled pork were my favorite, and i normally don't care much for brisket. Probably my favorite thing was the appetizer of fried pickles. I love fried pickles, but this place was by far my favorite place for them. Service was awesome. I highly recommend eating here. Oh.. And they give you a free tray of home made potato chips when you sit down.

My experience at Daddyos was very different. Although I did not have the Mac and Cheese so can't vouche for how good or bad it was, the BBQ was top notch. Ribs, chicken, brisket was out of this world, Cornbread was also very tasty. On our evening out we were never tried to be "Sold" something. Sure it's a service industry and service may need a bit tweaking, but for BBQ there is nothing better around the area between Staten Island and Jersey.

Memphis has just arrived in Staten Island. If you every have been to Memphis, TN, they are know for their great BBQ. There is one place in particular called Corkie's which is the standard that everyone else is comparted to. After eating at DaddyO's I can tell you that the BBQ Ribs, Chicken and especially Brisket is just as good if not better. The ambience is excellent, so many Flat Screens, great service and a menu to satisfy everyone. I use to go to NYC for BBQ...no need to now...DaddyO's is now the place for me.

This will be my 3rd negative post that has been removed I guess only positive reviews are allowed, So i will post it again!! and again if they keep doing it and really it only makes them look foolish lol I am not some moron looking to tarnish the place just placing a review about the food that I was very unhappy about and $75.00 later. since I am a BBQ enthusiast! As I mentioned I went recently went for the first time and was not pleased at all! the ribs were very dry two day old ribs, chicken was the same DRY, fried pickles where a greasy mess and the batter was terrible, having spent $75 dollars i was not a happy BBQer. I have traveled the country to the finest and highest rated BBQ places in the country such as Corky's, rendezvous just to name a few and I have done this circuit many times which is why I wanted to try Daddyo's! I am not competition, and I did specifically join this site to leave my negative post because I was very unhappy and people should know and be able to make their own decision! To find my previous post removed makes me angry and I am very dissapointed with this site! I will continue to post if they continue to remove my review. I was not happy maybe they had a bad day? for whatever reason I was the one to get dry ribs etc... so don't blame me for the bad food I received I know good BBQ...

WOW!!! Went here because a friend for Ribs and was told I could watch the Ranger game there as well. Not only was the food awesome, service, and atmosphere were great but the Ranger fans were crazy fun. A gentlemen Sal came to the table and was so concerned about our being happy that he must have been the owner or manager. We spoke for 20 minutes and he bought us a drink. Everyone was smiling and happy. It's like Disneyworld at this middle of nowhere place. I recommend anyone to try it.

We stopped in this place on Saturday afternoon after the Conference House Easter Hunt. We thought the food was actually outstanding! We had an array of different entrees and sandwichs along with two children's menu items (very good too). My friend got a salad which was huge--she couldn't stop raving about it. I'm actually from the North Shore and heard great things about this place (mostly word of mouth from my family) and I really have to say it was well worth it. We also liked it because it was very child friendly. The ONLY negative thing that I will say is when we recieved the bill we had a 20% gratuity already on it. Normally this is added on with large parties, however, we were 4 adults and 2 children! This actually left a bad taste in our mouth when we left. We ended up leaving an additional amount of money for our waiter because he was so nice--but beware we almost left double the money.

First Time at DaddyO's tonight with the family. Terrific food, huge portions, great time. Very Friendly helpful and courteous ! Can't wait to go back.

Pick up order~ $70.00 for 2 Pulled pork sandwiches, 2 sweet potatoe tots, 2 mac & cheese & 2 corn on the cobs. I don't feel it was worth $70.00 nor do I feel ANY pulled pork sandwich complete dinners should be more then $20.00 each per person. The Pork was OK not great. The tots were cold when we got them home. The Mac & cheese I believe is the new Kraft mac & cheese with homestyle crumbles on it and the corn was nubbins, maybe 2 each per person. There is a family feast for $75.00 that we will be trying next in-house since we paid $70.00 for 2 sandwiches that again weren't great, why not pay another $5.00 for a BBQ feast. I hope it's good and will post next time.

We ate at DaddyO's this past Tuesday, June 5. We were a party of 6. We all thought the place and food were very good. Service was great and the staff were very friendly. We have no complaints about any of the food we had. The pulled pork was the best. BTW I hate pickles but decided to try the fried pickles because of reviews I looked over before we went. They were great!

Excellent atmosphere especially for dining outside. DaddyO's serves great food, everything from appetizers such as Fried Pickles (yes, it's the first time I heard of but they taste wonderfully appetizing, the sauce they come makes them even better). Ribs, well it's the reason we came here and were really impressed with the flavor. And make sure to save room for dessert as they were spectacular.

I have eaten at Daddy O's countless times over the past year, it is easily one of my favorite restaurants on Staten Island. I have eaten BBQ all over the United States including Texas, Memphis, and the Carolinas, and I have to say that Daddy O's is the closest I have ever tasted to authentic southern BBQ anywhere in the Northeast. I have eaten almost every item on the menu and while I like some items better than others, there are ZERO items I have ever disliked or been unsatisfied with. The ribs are fall off the bone tender and delicious, the pulled pork is sweet, smoky, a little spicy and melts in your mouth, and even the burgers are cooked to perfection and will have you craving more. Deep Fried pickle chips and Fried Mac and Cheese balls are a couple of my favorite appetizers. Everytime I go in the staff is always so nice and friendly, and they are very attentive, making sure you have everything you need whether its napkins, drink refills, or a special request on your food order. I highly recommend this restaurant to everyone, Staten Island is lucky to have a place like this

Very innovative food at all times. Even if you come just for dessert try the dessert feast for a little piece of heaven.

Great Food! Great Service! Would definitely come here again. Pulled Pork, Ribs, Brisket all excellent. Also a great atmosphere, TVs all over, great to watch games. Thank You

THE best kept secret on staten island. great for a casual dinner, a date night, a game night, or a party. the food is top notch. the best bbq i've ever tasted! the pulled pork is to die for. everyone i sent there, has loved it just as much as i have. do yourself a favor- go there abnd enjoy!

We were there 2 weeks ago on a Saturday night We had to wait at the bar for a table for 4 The barmaid made us all fantastic drinks and was super nice sorry I didnt get her name. The place was jumping, Nascar race on great music too We were seated order the shrimp wrapped in bacon Delicious We ordered the dinner for 4 for 75 which was out of this world. The food was delicious and plentiful well worth it The service was great an our water Steve was on the money We cant wait to go back to Daddyos over and over again

Small place in a area which is close to the Outerbridge and surrounded by boat docks and nothing else pretty much. Parking is small and limited but you have a whole block which you can park at but can be a walk. When you walk in its not that big, theres a bar right on your left side in which you can hang out with when your waiting 45 minutes for a table on a typical date night on the weekend. My boyfriend and I hung out there while waiting for a table which took a pretty long time, we had a couple of drinks, the bartender was not that friendly really and when I asked her whats a good mix with cherry vodka she was like snooty with an answer. We finally got seated and the waiter was really nice and friendly, I enjoyed that very much. We started off with the NY Pretzels with dipping sauces which was like a tziki and cheese, it was good. I ordered the fried chicken platter which came with chedder cheese mash potatoes and baked beans. I enjoyed the dressing and cheese melted on my fried chicken, the baked beans were okay but too much bbq which I prefer more sweeter. The boyfriend ordered the 2 sides meat which was bbq ribs and pulled pork with baked beans and coleslaw, the sauce on the pull pork was really good. He ate every bite and ended up just so full he took the ribs home, WHAT A MIRACLE. HOLY BEANS he took home a doggy bag, hahaha the cole slaw he didn't enjoy because it was too chunky cut and not like typical coleslaw. It was a good time and we enjoyed ourselves there and I would go back cause I love BBQ and the waiter gave us some crayons to draw on the paper table cover which was cool, I found my bf to be a great cartoon drawer. I enjoyed my dinner.

It was my husband's & self first time to eat at Daddy O's. The food was excellent!!!!!! Definitely going to eat there again. The service was also very good.

This place is Excellent. I've been here more than a handful amount of times. Everything here is good. I recommend the Brisket, which is just amazingly tender. The Ribs are fall of the bone good. The Pulled Pork is so tasty. Burgers are amazing. Bacon is sooo good, and thick. Chopped Beef sandwich is an excellent sandwich to try, as long as you can handle the mess. Nachos are a good starter, along with the Chicken Rolls. Great place to come and watch a game as they have a nice bar and plenty of TVs.

We are a group of ten and went for beer, conversation and possibly food. Four of us arrived early and were told we couldn't wait at the table unless the whole group was there. We sat at the bar and ordered our food and found out that everyone had to eat if they sat at a table. If they didn't eat there was a cover charge to pay. This was on a Tuesday night - they weren't slammed with patrons. To treat a party of ten that way was ridiculous and my group will not be returning to Daddy'O again.

was a great place good food owner was friendly service was good. that was then. went thurs nite,bunch of mcdonalds kids couldn't care less about customer service or the place. very disrespectful right down to an older kid who supposedly was in charge. definatley will never go back.

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Today's Hours : 12:00PM to 03:00AM

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