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Rate :
by: anonymous on: 05/29/2019

Their call in service is horrible. Phone rings for hours no one answers or if they answer they put u on hold and never co.e back to the phone. Your only bet is to walk in store. I had to call the castle hill branch u fortunately they are not affilia[+]

Rate :
by: anonymous on: 01/28/2019

so many crackheads there aruging one lady that took my order had yelled at me because i look at the back were they was cooking at maybe rattssssss[+]

Rate :
by: anonymous on: 10/27/2018

Fantastic food, very friendly staff and the cooking is just perfect. Fish is a specialty, but the vegetables are also delicious. Serves couscous and fufu. Fortifying and tasty coffee always available, as well as other drinks including jinger and bisa[+]

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