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Address :
1612 Forest Avenue
Staten Island, 10302
47 Photos
1612 Forest Avenue,
Westerleigh, 10302
Today: 11:00AM to 10:00PM
Today's Hours : 11:00AM to 10:00PM

American, Sandwiches, Wheelchair Accessable, , , , DeliveryWait Staff/Dine InTake Out


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It was terrible actually. Didn't have chocolates ice cream they used syrup to make it Chocolate. The server was insulting when he was walking me thru a tablet as if I was incapable so I showed him my Note 9 Samsung. Wasn't a good experience or place I didn't know what the buzz was about but I certainly know why an unfriendly place that had one flavor ice cream closed.

I dont ever write review, especially on the web, maybe will tell a soul or two about how I feel of a restaurant if its really good or really bad, but I just had to share with you how good Lunchbox really is. The menu that they offer is 100% unique, different kind of cuisine and they present it differently as well, each item has enough creativity in it, some people may hate that because the food is not simple enough as much as a diner is. But thats a good thing, when you really want a good creative sandwich that will taste delicious, lunchbox is the way to go.

I love that the food is made fresh right when you order it. No food pre-made sitting around under lights to keep it warm. Everything is fresh and delicious. I don't eat here often because it's not in my neighborhood, but every time I have come, it's always very good. My kids love the tater tower. I've had delicious salads w chicken there, and my husband is a fan of the gladiator sandwich! Excellent service and food!!

yum the best and there's no need for improvement. accurate delivery times, packaged really well and the food really delicious

Literally amazing food. I have been ordering since the scond week of opening and I have truly never had a problem, with anything. The staff are very friendly, courteous, and pleasant. Definitely my go to place 100% of the time. So hurry up and order already.

Lunchbox is the sandwich capital of Staten Island. We have a lot of great sandwich shops, but this is the only creative sandwich outlet with delicious appetizers, great wings and very tasty desserts.

They have this "Mojo" sandwich for 99cents that is out of this world, it is so good we eat them regularly. Everything they make is very unique and flavorful.

So I'm on instagram and a friend posted a picture of a Tator Tot Tower WTF I had to check it out it looked Amazing. It got me to cross the Bridge I'm straight outta Brooklyn for this deal. I don't write reviews but when I walked in the owner approached us and he knew it was our first time his big dude all tatted up but kool as hell he hit me with a whole run down

Impressive dishes probably the best on Staten Island. Sandwiches are probably in the top 10 in the whole NYC and I am not exaggerating just check it out and you will agree.

This gets no stars! i usually dont do this but i ordered a salad while on break at work and was enjoying it until i spotted a green spider looking like insect crawling in it. they refused to remburse me and now i am left with no lunch.

Come open a place in Midland Beach!!!! Plenty of stores for rent . We want you closer!!!!!

Although a little pricey for a "Lunchbox Lunch Spot" especially being wait served instead of walk up - the place surely impresses with each and every dish or sandwich we have ever tried. It's got to be the best "American" style sandwich in the area and appetizers are unique as they look in the pictures below. Everything from the food to dessert is a delicious treat that we enjoy each and every time.

def the same lunchbox that used to be on bay street... moved on to big and better things.... come check it out.... food is great...

Is this the same lunchbox that used to be on Bay Street like 8 years ago? If so, I'm pumped, their sandwiches are awesome.

We ordered food for takeout; the vibe here is really welcoming, the decor very funky. My husband ordered the mac & cheese balls, and he said they were off the hook. Also ordered fishsticks which had no flavor at all.

I ordered their mini mojo (sloppy joe) sliders - AWESOME! The whole thing comes separate and you get to assemble the sandwiches yourself. The potato buns were lightly toasted, the meat was flavorful and freshly prepared. I ordered them with the works, and the cheese sauce was REAL melted cheese with grilled onions mixed in...delish.

Their coleslaw was not quite as good, WAY too much mayo and not enough spices.

Finally, I ordered the sweet potato fries. They're served with MAPLE SYRUP and MELTED MARSHMALLOW. Which is so wrong on so many levels, its gotta be right. We'll definitely work our way through their extensive menu.

foods ok too much of a gimmick for me. i wont go back but i wish them luck. its for a young crowd

Just had lunch here. Love the way the place is decorated, very cool. Food was fresh and good. I had the mojo - which was a sloppy joe with tater tots. My friend had the Ironman, which was sort of a cheese steak. He also had the Mac and Cheese balls (like a riceball but mac & Cheese). I don't have any complaints. I will go back.

Very Good food, music a bit loud thought...Love the Blowhorn...

to the ****** who wants this place to close your comment: "Cant wait for it to close" Is really hatting. like it or not you do not have the right to say this type of ***...Once you have lost a business then you can say something, but if you never lost your shirt over a business dont wish it on someone elses'. We are all staten islanders and you should support each others places....If you dont like something dont post a huge, negative and unfacted statement, on a website that can be seen by thousands...Your statments can have a huge affect..so can it, and BTW i am just a customer not a friend or anything...I just want people to think before they type!

Totalyn agree dude, just had 3 wraps all yummy hot an fresh, better than any diner nearby. Location is well planned and art is very urban and cool. Will def be back again soon,is nearby. I wish this place all th best of luck an the future. And for the peeps who disagree, dont hate on ur local businesses! Staten island needs more of these refreshing places,that are new and trendy. Menu is well planned out as well as decor. Def 4 stars

The previous review is way, way off. I had the Ironman yesterday for lunch and it was unbelievably delicious, flat steak with onions is not comparable to any place on the island, first the presentation had my tounge itching for a taste, then after a bite of the overloaded sandwich my taste buds were simply impressed by the quality of the meat, bread and flavor.
The previous review is probably a nearby competitor restaurant or simply someone just hating on the place. Lunchbox fills in the gap and places another great restaurant to the north shore. cant wait to try other items on the menu which look very unique and sound very tasty. And no, I am not related to the restaurant. btw love the site, especially for introducing me to this restaurant

The food is amazing... great staff... took the food home and reheated it 6 hours later and it was still banging!!! cant wait to go back.... OMG

this place is amazing! went here last night and got the coconut shrimp appetizer and the wiseguy with "da hook up" with onion rings.. the staff was very friendly and the food was delicious.. cant wait to go back!

great sandwiches and onion rings were awesome! The staff was also very friendly and attentive. Went there with hubby during the weekday for lunch with our daughter.

We recently went to Luncbox and thought it was fantastic, everything is made fresh and the waitresses are super nice (expecially Nicole!). Nicole explained the entire menu and came over a million times to make sure we were OK. The owner even gave us desert on the house just so we could try it!! Although they need to purchase more then just one child's booster seat--I would have to say we will be returning VERY soon : )

You should always support your neighborhood places!

To the person that said "to skip it" you obviously came during lunch hour and if you would have known...the Lunchbox makes everything FRESH TO ORDER...all their food is made in the order in which it is recieved...they have fresh heroes...sandwiches are definitely not greasy...I have eaten here about 6 times and everytime it has been AMAZING!!! sounds like you own a food business down the block and the Lunchbox is kickin your ass!!...haha

Great food !!! Will definatley be returning !

Ordered delivery yesterday for dinner. Good stuff. Will definitely be ordering from/going there again.

Went there during the week at noon. It wasn't packed. The servers were friendly and patient, as the menu is huge and we asked tons of questions. The food came pretty quickly and was delicious.

We had a kid with us (8 years old) and it's awesome that you can get almost anything on the menu in a kid size, as opposed to treating kids like idiots that only like chicken fingers.

I can't drink anything carbonated or caffinated, and their homemade lemonade was awesome!

Like I said, the menu is huge, so it was pretty hard to choose, but everyone on our party was happy. We especially liked the macaroni and chees balls - i know it sounds gross, but it was really good.

Would definately go back! And, they told us they'll deliver Island-wide for an order of $40 or more, which is doable if you're buying for a few people.

Great food, just got delivery. You need to try it

Love their tator tots, remind me of the good old stress less days when I eat lunch here. Kind of takes me away from reality, with great food and service it's my new favorite weekley lunchspot.



A friend and I visited for the first time today. I loved my Dare Devil wrap; the only complaint of the whole visit was that there was too much blue cheese dressing on the wrap. I also loved the coleslaw, but couldn't figure out what was in it that made it taste so good. My husband was very impressed with the Punisher sandwich I brought home to him. He also went crazy for the sweet potato fries. We loved the fact that they came with a marshmallow dressing and maple syrup on the side. The owner and the waitstaff were very nice, as well. They gave us a killer dessert, that my friend and I could not eat much of because we were so full. It was a banana bread pudding with vanilla ice cream on top with brown sugar overall. Unbelievably good! Thanks for the dessert and the nice service! P.S. Your chicken cutlets are better than Brother's. : )

The food is great, very unique items, very good for lunch just wished they would offer some breakfast items as it's just very convenient to be able to pick up breakfast before work..

This place is great and the fact that they deliver to all of staten island is amazing. So happy to have something other than pizza to order. Keep up the great work!

This place is so much better when you go visit, instead of delivery. My first experience was very good; tator tot tower was awesome and I couldnt eat my whole sandwich, it was so big. The next time I tried it, (last night) I decided to get a delivery. They advertised their service to me as, "We deliver anywhere on the island" so I thought it wouldnt be a problem....
I placed my order over the phone with my debit card number as well at about 815pm. I did not receive my food until after 10pm. (The girl on the phone told me it would take 45 minutes)
Had I not paid by card, I would have most definitely cancelled my order. The delivery driver was unpleasant also.
My curley fries were cold and soggy so I threw them out.
My wings tasted like something you would buy in Costco and re-sell.
The chicken in my loneranger wrap was very tough and greasy...seemed like a "heat and eat"
Overall, the experience and service of this restaurant ruined the appeal for me, and I will pass it along to others. I feel the food can be good, if you don't have it delivered, or if the kitchen staff took a little more care and time into preperations.

Love this place, Love the taste, love that the food is prepared fresh, love the items that they serve, love the unique atmosphere. So much love for one restaurant, but it's really that good. Tatortot Tower is a mlded tower of crispy tator tots mixed with melted onions, how does that sound? Ironman is flat iron steak topped with onions, smothered with melted cheese.



i love the art in this place, nothing like that on staten island! food is amazing ive never had anything bad. ive eaten here a few times. DELISHHHHHH! i will never order delivery again it took an hour and 30 minutes and my food was cold. i had to reheat the food and throw out my frys. i was actually pretty disappointed because i really like this place so the first time i decided to try the delivery was the worst. the girl on the phone was so nasty. which is strange because everytime i go in there the staff is always so nice. i was very disappointed in the delivery so i dont think i will ever order delivery again, i hope they will step up their game or hire more people. other than the delivery process the food is amazing. a new breed to staten island keep up the great work guys!

This place is amazing. The food is phenomenal and creative. Sandwiches are different here. Each one has it's own little kick. Their chicken caesar sandwich known as the GlADIATOR is made with garlic bread, and a fresh slice of mozzarella cheese. The sweet potato fries, come with a side of marshmallow fluff AND syrup. The tator tots, are in the shape of a tower and have bacon/onions/ and oozing cheese deliciously placed on top.
The wings are kind of expensive though, i wish they had some sort of 2 for 1 deal, or like half priced wings on sundays or something. They would definitely get more business.

Friendly, fast service for takeout. Food was ready for pickup in 10 minutes.

Ironman sandwich was excellent - filling as a 6" hero and the steak was tender. Tator Tot Tower was good, but would have been better as eat-in than takeout.

Very satisfied w/the food and service. Probably going back with the family next week!

Atmosphere is very neat and friendly, especially the halloween decorations, the place is worth a visit just to see what they created inside. Perfect for the season and what's even better is the food is top notch, no where around here can you get Mac and Cheese this good, Tator Tots tops the charts and the Sandwiches are superb, always fresh, always a pleasure to eat here.

This place is great! The food is fresh, and the menu is very creative. The whole atmosphere is one of a kind.. I had the lone ranger on a quesadilla, it was delicious. I love the idea that you have the option to get your sandwich on a hero, quesadilla, or wrap. It makes it have a different great taste each time! The dessert menu is incredibly creative, i had the fried twinkie and it melted in my mouth! The staff is friendly and full of smile's. I had good vibe from the place. I will definitely be coming back and ordering for delivery with my co-workers.

Oh and tying to the jerk off who posted before me: If you really are a so-called "chef", you would understand how to really approach critizising somone's passion. If someone had a problem with your food, I bet you'd sure hope they confront you, so that they could resolve the problem you may have had, to enhance "better service" next time. Judging a book by its cover will only keep you close minded.. to the hater that wants the place go close down, you clearly have no business perspective whatsoever. You can tell by walking in and looking through the menu that these people put dedicated their heart, mind, and time into this place. Show some respect instead of Hate! 5 stars!

Very cool atmosphere also clean. Foods on point def will go back like the fact its different variety from the usual . Waitress staff is very nice. Nice night out to eat everything was good.

I just ate at Lunchbox for the very first time this for lunch on Monday. As soon as I walked in the door I was greeted by such cheery waitresses. They were extremely helpful when I didn't know what to order. The servers made us feel very comfortable and seemed to really enjoy their job. You guys have to try the tater tot tower ! Amazing isn't the word ! They said the gladiator is there most popular sandwich, and I could see why- but you deff have to add the fresh mozzarella, it completed the delicious sandwich. Everything in Lunchbox is extremely unique and totally different from any old place you'll find in staten island. Seriously, the owners were great. They made sure my boyfriend and I enjoyed all of the food, I never had an owner come up to me after I was done to see how everything was. I was extremely pleased by that. I think I'm kind of hooked on Lunchbox : )

Love this place, interesting choices, fun food. Reasonable prices, fast service!!

The food is very unique and very tasty, sandwiches are delicious. The place is much better for dining in than a delivery since the food they use seems to be fresh and high quality meaning it won't preserve as well as a fast food place. Have tried many items favorites are Gladiator which is Grilled Chicken served on Garlic Bread, Mac N Cheese Balls, Shanghai Wings, Outlaw and you can't forget the Tator Tots Tower!

had a great sandwich, pastrami/corned beef, on the freshest bread Ive had. Not stingy at all, as the sandwich was filled!! Could have done without the loud music playing, but otherwise the best sandwich Ive ever had! my wife had the fish taco, which was as good as it comes! We had that in San Diego and in Tijuana, Mexico, where this is a staple item there, and Lunch Box's version was the best! Will definitely come back

place is great...just had a delivery and it was amazing...delivered fresh and hot just the way i like..this place was recommended by a friend and boy his wasn't kidding when he said its a delicious spot..i had the gladiator hero with sweet potato fires and my girl had the wonder twins shrimp with chipotle dressing..simply delicious...great job guys..keep up the great work

Ideas are endless in the Lunchbox! Cereal Shakes, unbelievable concept which tastes great. All the Menu Items are Unique and each thought out to make a real tasty experience. The lunchbox never gets old as the menu has endless items to try and I have not been disappointed with any one of them yet. Each Sandwich, Appetizer is good in it's own way. Love the fact that they deliver now!!

This was my first visit to Lunchbox. I've heard all good things about the food from my husband and others. They were not wrong....
I ordered the sweet potato fries and Wonder Twins fish tacos...YUM! The waiter was a doll and the owner actually delivered the food to my table. The sweet potato fries come with fluff and syrup and I was told to dip first into the fluff and then the syrup to avoid the syrup falling off into the fluff. Great advice. Holy goodness. I'd go back just for that!! The fish tacos has an amazing chipotle sauce and they were delicious. I loved the personal service and how much pride the owner takes in what he's worked so hard for. Mission accomplished. You have a wonderful place, great food and you are a sweetheart to your customers. I will come back again and again. Thank you and God bless you!

I like that the Lunchbox restaurant has coupons for example the Tator tot tower that is given away for free for purchases worth $30 or more and other mouthwatering offers. Some of the good food include the Chipotle wings appetizer served with bleu cheese dressing and celery sticks. I think that their specialty sandwiches are unique for example the Outlaw made of grilled marinated chicken breast topped with crispy bacon, melted yellow American cheese, and drizzled with a homemade honey mustard dressing.The specialty salads too are really good for example the Finding Nemo one which is made of 2 scoops of fresh homemade Albacore tuna salad over iceberg lettuce, diced red peppers, sliced black olives, cucumbers, carrot curls and grape tomatoes was served with zesty Italian dressing which is a real treat for the taste buds because of the explosion of good tasting tidbits in the mouth with every bite. Cappuccino milk shake made of brewed espresso blended with vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream and cocoa powder.

Ordered delivery last night. Food arrived on time and hot. Very tasty food. Ordered an ironman wrap and the only draw back was the flat iron steak was so tough I couldn't bite thru it and thusly all the meat slid out of the wrap as I bit into it. Maybe cut the meat into bite size pieces before wrapping. Other than that everything else was great.

Tater Tot Tower...need I say more?

Holy NOM NOMS!!! I love absolutely EVERYTHING!!
I love the Mojo's - fried Mac & Cheese balls dipped in cheese sauce
Every milkshake is AWESOME!!!
I'm ordering what's above with the Dare Devil & 2 Frinkies + they're making me a caramel shake & I get to order & pay it all from Whereyoueat.com making my life super easy & the food uber delicious! This place is amazing & THEY DELIVER & I'm no where close to them.. They truly go above & beyond for their customers!! I can't wait for it to be delivered I'll devour it all!!!

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The sandwiches and appetizers are good, but I would stick to just that. The salads are overpriced and not anything special. Nothing special here overall, maybe eat from here once every 3-4 months.

FOOD IS SOOOOOO GOOD. thats the plus. So i guess its worth waiting longer than usual for delivery.

First time ordering today and I wasn't disappointed. Delivery was fast and the food was delicious. I will definitely be ordering from them again.

LOVE lunchbox. Everything that I've ever tasted has been delicious. Cupcake milkshakes are the bomb. No disappointments here. :-) The staff is nice and helpful. They deliver pretty quickly too, atleast during the day.

Great food, great service...and courteous, friendly staff. The only thing holding it back from a 5 star review is that overall quality dips slightly when the owners are not in house.

I got to say they serve the best sandwich on Staten Island. Sure there are a lot of good places, but no one does them as good as this spot.

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1612 Forest Avenue Staten Island, NY, 10302 Closed
Location : Westerleigh

Today's Hours : 11:00AM to 10:00PM

(Now Closed)

Cuisine : American, Sandwiches, 

DeliveryWait Staff/Dine InTake Out
Price Range:

Features : Wheelchair Accessable, 

Type of Place : , 

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1612 Forest Avenue
Staten Island, NY, 10302 Location : Westerleigh

Price Range

Today's Hours : 11:00AM to 10:00PM

Cuisine : American, Sandwiches, 

Services :
DeliveryWait Staff/Dine InTake Out

Features : Wheelchair Accessable, 

Type of Place : , 

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It was terrible actually. Didn't have chocolates ice cream they used syrup to make it Chocolate. The server was insulting when he was walking me thru a tablet as if I was incapable so I showed him
I dont ever write review, especially on the web, maybe will tell a soul or two about how I feel of a restaurant if its really good or really bad, but I just had to share with you how good Lunchbox rea

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