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Address :
2925 Veterans Road West
Staten Island, 10309
Phone : 718-356-6800

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2925 Veterans Road West,
Rossville, 10309


American, , WiFi, Restaurant & Bar, Bakery, Diner, Alcohol/Beer/WineDeliveryWait Staff/Dine InCateringTake Out

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We went with 9 family members i town for a funeral. 6 out 9 food orders were plated wrong. The waitress then told us she was busy with other tables and would se d manager. He did fix things either. We requested separate bills and she said after the meal. Requested again

They don't honor the 15% off cash only online orders. They will remove food equal to the value. The female manager is a complete liar and the male manager has anger management issues. I don't know how these money hungry mongers stay in business.

Ordered take out and delivery took 1 1/2 hrs to be delivered. Terrible service

best restaurant ive ever been to, highly recommend. amazing food, amazing atmosphere, my favorite restaurant ever! go there and you will be happy.

Terrible..terrible.....terrible....worst ever.....take my word....

Bad food .....bad service....... bad temperament....just disappointed in every way....??????????

OK had better at a greasy spoon.....or a highway hotdog cart......

Horrible place would not let my dog eat there. Food is lousy, service even worse, dirty utensils, managers are condescending. Department of health needs to visit place.

Food is the closest thing to dog food...make sure you have medical....you'll probably need it ....bring your own utensils...and a barf bag....food is subgrade make sure you visit the annidale diner...or Andrew's diner they are both immaculate and the food is the best.

This place screws people out of money...rip off artists....the managers do not do the right thing for the customers...they serve food with dirty plates and utensils..coffee cups have lipstick on them....this Place should be monitored.closely by the board of health.....I will never go back to this disgusting place..this is not the American way to do business.....I should of left when I only seen one or two people in the dining area on a Friday evening when most places are packed with dinner crowds....this was a indication of the it infectious attitudes toward the public.....and crappy service.....warning this place stinks

Third time I ordered. Third time they screwed it all up. Never again.

BEWARE: THEY OVERCHARGE YOUR CREDIT CARD! I placed an online order and they overcharged me $15. I even showed the owner the email from whereyoueat and the charge on my card and he said "I don't know what to tell you". Thankfully Visa saw the fraud and refunded my money. It's bad enough that they already overcharge for sub par food but to rip people off is getting desperate.

Was there with family members from Florida this Past sunday for the Sunday brunch special ($19.95 @) food was delicious and your first mimosa or bloody Mary is included ($3 refills ) well worth the price. I do suggest advance reservations.


consistently good, really all you can say about this place. food and wait staff are good. much better than Z-One.

HORRIBLE!!! Waited almost 2 hours for delivery food finally came the driver was polite buttt........ all orders were messed up after being repeated back to me by the airhead on the phone. Will never use them again.

Really good to have this restaurant here, even though I always loved Z1, the drive there and back was just too far in the middle of the night. Now it's very convenient to just get up and get some food from a quality diner in our neighborhood. Wish you guys the best luck.

This restaurant is simply amazing. Has a great menu, friendly staff, and the prices are actually very reasonable. It is a Diner because it has eggs, burgers, etc. but in reality, it is a Restaurant. You can't compare this place to Mikes on the island because Mike's is much lower quality than Z. The ambiance is so modern and trendy. I reccommend this place on every level.

In response to the previous review, it should simply be removed... The only bagel that's near $11, is "Bagel all the way" which comes with a complete package of Lox, Cream Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Sliced Bermuda Onion and Olives. Not one place will you find that cheaper, regular bagels with PB or Cream Cheese is at $1.65. P

Ever think they dont deliver yet because they dont have a delivery driver??? Use common sense you stuck up lazy south shore resident!!

Went there yesterday(sunday ) and enjoyed the Football Specials! $20 for a bucket of beer is great and the buffalo wings were out of this world for $7.95, they were big!! The fried calamari was also faboulous!!!They have this huge screen tv to watch the football games on and have over 5 tvs in the lounge and outside area as well. The service was excellent! You should all try it out, also they have the specials on Monday night for football as well@

You will think you left Staten Island when entering the lounge area of this restaurant. The restaurant itself is designed great as well but right here I have to review the lounge area which is off the hook. The design was top notch modern bar with tables and even a vip portion for bottle service. Bottle Service on Staten Island? You will need it and want it. Service is top notch, drinks are a bit pricey but pretty strong and the waitress service is very fine. Outdoor portion is connected to the lounge letting you come out and stay out (it was packed both inside and outside, but somehow still gave us a pleasant feel). Compared to the few decent lounge areas on Staten Island like Angelina's or Marina's cafe, Z-Two is by far the best for atmosphere, people, waitresses that I have seen yet.

this place rokc and now they have the NFL ticket I will be going there every weekend

message to restaurant patrons..letter grades are bs, just another way for the city to make money.. restaurants can fail inspections because of alot of reasons- person with food handlers license not on premise, broken sink, piece of eqiupment that has broken, flood in basment because of hurricanes, or on heat waves when even your home refrigerator doesnt work correctly..a friend failed because he didnt have the right sink, mind you the place has been in business for over 10 years!!! the public is unawhere of these things...and just automatically assume a place is dirty...granted some are...but most arent..

Good: dessert--sundae brownie really good appetizer---fried pickles really good; also liked the grilled calamari As far the not so good----this place is loud! Too loud! When you walk in there are two big rooms and one is lower than the other one. I mean maybe cause we went on a Fri night they had the music blasting louder than other nights. I seriously could not hear myself talk. It's like ==is this a bar/lounge or is this a trendy diner. It wasn't just me. The people who were beign seated after us requested a table in the other rm cause it was sooo damn loud. Besides the annoyance of having to scream to hear myself during dinner, it was ok. Food was decent. I wasn't too impressed with the mixed seafood new orleans, basically jumbalaya. There's definitely a huge variety of food you can order. I definitely will go back to check out breakfast. As far as the decor, it's really cool. As another reviewer said it does remind me of the cheesecake factory. I didn't expect it to look that trendy/hip on the inside. I didn't know if i should give 3 stars or 4 but decided on 4 since the service was great, dessert was great and appetizers were good.

Ths place is beautiful!! Great food, quick service! Took my wife and kids here Sunday morning it was faily busy, the kids were entertained by the manager with his dancing dog! I didnt catch his name but he had glasses on, I think maybe he was the owner of this great place because I have seen him at Z-One. He even refilled our coffee pot. My omlette was awesome!! Our waitress very nice and sweet, I forgot her name. I will recomend to my family & friends. Thank you!

this place is truly gorgeous. the decor is spectacular, food is good, and the service was great. went there several times. each and every time I went there i was treated very nicely. the staff is very friendly. and the general manager, I believe his name was Ned, was very professional and polite. I highly recommend this place...

Love, Love, Love this new place. My favorite is the Spinach Pie, which is always fresh and delicious! The chicken Orzo soup is another special treat.

Took my family sunday morning for breakfast, we were seated right away by the manager with glasses, he brought us to our table then came back with a singing dressed up dog and some cookies for the kids. Which i thought was a nice touch. Our waitress was very nice the food came out perfect but did have to send back my wifes meal she wanted egg white not regular eggs. The manager again came over and apologized and got her meal out right away. He stopped back off again just to make sure it was okay. Service was great, this place is georgous, on the way out the same manager with glass handed both my kids big cookies and wished a good day. Now thats hospitality!! I will definatly go back again. V. Piazza

Went there Saturday for lunch had a great meal, service was good but the taller bald manager in a suit i didnt like the way he spoke to the staff, his tone was horrid! If he was my boss an treated me that way i wouldnt want to work for him the staff all had a look of fear in their face. Went i went up front i ask the young girl who he was and she told me his name was Ned and i was shocked that he was the generl manger. Overall good food good service awesome looking place but i will not go back there if they think that manger is the right person to run their business. Sorry

Sorry to say had high hope's It is such a beautiful place, but from the soup to the burgers it was so poor quality and taste was unbearable whom ever the Chef is must be a untrained under paid prior dish washer ,The manger was also a another looser he was having the over staffed workers mopping the floors while serving lunch with bleach the smell was brutal no reguard for customers I WILL NEVER GO BACK

Went here today AGAIN. and loved it even more. We had a party. a little different then going just for breakfast, lunch or dinner. the manager was on top of his game, and very accommodative. he really wanted his guests to be happy with their service,. it's nice to go out and feel like you are the center of the attention. AND... whoever decorated that place BRAVO!! We had a great time, I would most definitely go back and I would recommend it to friends and family. they can work a little on their food , to make the place even better... --> love their buffalo wings and sangria's

Love this new place was there on Friday . Great service and food. Very busy so get there early. One thing I had had a problem with some jerk guy bothering me all night to dance you know the type. Anyway went over to the security man by the front door I think he's name is Phil. He took care of it right away . He was sweet and courteous and made me feel safe that's 1 thing me and my friends look for when we go out . recommend this place highly.

First time there, my wife and I had breakfast. I couldn't believe the amount of food I had on my plate. My omelet was done to my specifications and the coffee just kept on coming. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted and seated. Before I had a chance to open the menu, the waitress greeted us and asked if we would like something to drink. When we finished our meal, we weren't rushed out. Instead, we were asked if we'd like more coffee. Again, as in other reviews, the music was a little loud. When we questioned the loudness, we were told that the volume couldn't be lowered because of the way it was installed. Would highly recommend Z-Two to friends and neighbors. About two weeks later, we went again for lunch. The food again surpassed itself. Next time I go, it will be for dinner. Can't wait.

Breakfast was great - prices were amazingly cheap plus lot's of food. Beautiful decor - not your typical diner.

your restaurant is a beautiful place it was great service and the food was very very good and it is very clean and it is very spacious inside and i would eat there again

ZERO STARS!!!........This is my experience at this poor excuse of a restaurant on 4/2/12.....My girlfriend and I were seated, weordered the lobster bique soup.....We both Couldnt eat it, it contained no lobster, but had mushy crawfish tails.....not a good start, STRIKE 1.....next a plate of mussels were brought to our table, Which would have been fine if well didnt order the clams.....our waitress was apologetic and offered us house salads while we waited, Which was nice.....clams came out, looked great, completely lacked flavor, saying they were subpar is being generous.......next our entrees came out, shrimp and scallop fajitas, Which were also mediocre at best, the worst though was the rock hard, undercooked rice That accompanied the meal.....STRIKE 2......the worst part though, and never have i experienced this type of unproffessionalism at a restaurant in my life, this is great.......we finish eating, and are sitting ssd talking for 10 to 15 minutes, and start Looking for our waitress, who is nowhere to be found, so i get up and tell the owner id like my check, another waitress comes over a few minutes later with the check and tells us she had,left for the night aand we were transferred over to her....apparantly That was news to her as well.....STRIKE 3.....and the kicker is they tried to charge us for ghe lobster bisque soup Which we didnt eat, i had That removed from the bill.....i never walked out of a place without ever leaving a better then average tip.....i left Nothing last night....this place is a joke, and should be avoided at all costs.....

My husband and I eat here at least once a week. We have had complete dinners, lunches, specials, burgers and the happy hour menu. We have never been disappointed in either the service or the food. We happily recommend this restaurant.

Solid place to eat lunch or early dinner. Service has been good, food is above average and prices are reasonable, especially the dinner specials.

Z2 is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I went for brunch with a friend of mine. We ordered happy hour drinks and 3 apps; Pulled pork sandwiches, southwestern egg rolls and chicken quesadillas for $5.00 EACH the food was delicious and tremoundous again for $5.00 OMG :) happy!!!!! We enjoyed our brunch experience very much and were so taken in buy the effort of the designer, even the bathrooms are gorgeous with televisions in the mirrors so you won't miss a thing. Both of us will go back. Service was great, very friendly, food was fantastic and the price blew us away so much food for so little cost! We both felt very welcomed we were never rushed and stayed longer then we expected enjoying our drinks inside and outside while smoking on the patio with beautiful outoor furniture. The only down side was the music, it was way way toooo loud :(. There wasn't many people when we went and we were yelling at each other over the music. Please work on that and you'd definitely get 5 stars from me. Looking forward to going back hopefully with the sound system put down a tad.

Just ordered a cheeseburger, which came with cold slaw, pickles, lettuce tomatoes and red onions. The burger was top quality, and the items to go on it were fresh and top quality as well. Also ordered the cheese and artichoke dip. Was disappointed that the delivery came without the chips, but once I called to comment, they came right back with the chips and an apology. The order also came with a slice of complimentary piece of cake. Food was really good, and the service was really good as well. I will order again.

Had a party here recently....started out beautifully.....food was good, service was excellent.....glass room floods (was raining) ....have pictures of my daughter's shower with staff mopping up water (a lot of water). Manager did give us money off the bill which was ok, but I was embarrassed. I would recommend NOT having a party in the glass enclosed room, have it in the inside room.

My daughter and her friends are constantly raving about z-2 so Friday night me and my girlfriend went to check it out. They drinks were extremely overpriced for the amount of alcohol I was getting also the bartender as well as a few people who over heard the conversation insured me that while I was ordering kettle one I was not receiving kettle one. They keep their empty alcohol bottles and fill them up with cheap alcohol ! I was appalled ! I also kept watch and the bartenders leave they empty bottles at the end of the bar and someone takes them fills them up and brings then back, if it is real alcohol why not just open a fresh bottle ?! Also I realized why my daughter who is 18 loves this place so much! As I do not condone underage drinking her and friends are never id'd and they drink all night long. I am ashamed for z-2! I will be telling all of Staten Island my newly learned information.

Last Reviewer: Different Chefs work at different stations, Meats are worked by one chef, Appetizers by another, Fish by another well trained Chef, this is what let's Z-Two make food "All That" for every taste. There is a Bakery Department on premises, all fish and meats are delivered fresh daily. Please remember Z-Two is a diner and a diner operates in a way to satisfy all flavors and items offered on the menu. It is true you will find over-sized portions at both Z-Diners on Staten Island and this is exactly what the plan is. About Quality, rest assured every item is top grade. Sliders, you can share or take home. Jack of all trades it is not, it is simply a diner with good food, large portions and a lounge area

As a diner, this place is OK if you are starving in middle of night and nothing else is open... however, the portions are too big... I ordered beef sliders which were the size of regular burgers! Cmmon, we have an obesity problem in this country, and why waste so much food? Quality not Quantity! Also, the loud music from the lounge on fridays and saturdays really interferes with a calm eating atmosphere. Also, there are just WAY too many items on the menu, which is always a sign that no dish will be all that... what chef in their right mind can cook all those things on demand and make them quality? Smaller menu with better quality food would be much preferred. So it seems this place is a jack of all trades, master of none.

Ordered for delivery to the school I work on at 11:00 to be delivered at 11:45. We only have a 50 min lunch break. I use the order online option and preset the time to ensure the teachers would have enough time to eat. Thirty minutes later I received a confirmation call. Now it's 11:30 and the food should have been arriving in 15 min and the caller confirmed it still would be. At 12:00 I call and ask where our order is they tell me driver is on his way. 12:15 I call again they tell me driver is a few min away, I explain so is the school so that doesn't explain anything. He apologizes and offers me 15% my NEXT order. I told him there will not be a next since now the teachers can't eat on their lunch break! He told me I should have faxed my order or called instead. Fries arrived soggy, they should vent their to-go boxes sandwiches were just ok- will not be going back.

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2925 Veterans Road West Staten Island, NY, 10309 Open
Location : Rossville 718-356-6800

(Now Open)

Cuisine : American, 

Alcohol/Beer/WineDeliveryWait Staff/Dine InCateringTake Out
Price Range:

Features : WiFi, Restaurant & Bar, Happy Hour

Type of Place : Bakery, Diner, Bar w/Grill, 

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2925 Veterans Road West
Staten Island, NY, 10309 Location : Rossville

Price Range


Cuisine : American, 

Services :
Alcohol/Beer/WineDeliveryWait Staff/Dine InCateringTake Out

Features : WiFi, Restaurant & Bar, Happy Hour

Type of Place : Bakery, Diner, Bar w/Grill, 

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We went with 9 family members i town for a funeral. 6 out 9 food orders were plated wrong. The waitress then told us she was busy with other tables and would se d manager. He did fix things either. We
They don't honor the 15% off cash only online orders. They will remove food equal to the value. The female manager is a complete liar and the male manager has anger management issues. I don't

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