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Yummy Taco

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Yummy Taco

Address :
1082 Bay Street
Staten Island, 10305
Phone : 718-989-1906

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2 Photos
1082 Bay Street,
Clifton, 10305
Today: 11:00AM to 11:00PM
Today's Hours : 11:00AM to 11:00PM


Mexican, Southwestern, This way on Bay, , , , DeliveryCateringTake Out

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the food is amazing, but horrible customer service. The guy on the phone was really rude saying "Oh my gosh, can you just order?!" Like no sir you need to wait til I figure out what I wanna get because at the end of the day you want my money.

ordered online asked for them to bring change they didn't i had to go get change from another company so i can eat my lunch then i see they charged me an extra $2.00 for delivery and no where on there website does it say that not very happy and the food wasn't the best ill go else where

Subpar service. Extremely impolite.

Terrible service. A $2 delivery fee that's not mentioned comes up at the moment the food arrives, forcing one to either be screwed or pony up.


good value, good food and fast delivery, really not much else to say.

Quick delivery and great food.

Good food and the price is great...clean too

love the food my co workers and i order from here all the time just wish they accepted cards

HORRIBLE!! Food tastes like chemicals, took forever and the woman there is really nasty and combative even when in the wrong!! Bad for BADDDD SERVICE!! No ty will never go back!!

Love the food soo good me and my husband order from here all the time only problem they don't take cards only cash but delivery is not too long

The customer service is horrible answering the phone with disrespect. And had horrible attitude.

Love this place and eat here a few times a week. Staff are warm and friendly and I am always pleased with the quick and accurate service.

I've been eating here since they opened a few years ago. Most of the negative reviews about this place on here are from the same lunatic complaining about shrimp. Delivery is quick and accurate, and the food is really good and very reasonably priced. The ingredients are all really fresh, and they make the tortillas on premises. The only complaint I have is that, despite being a Mexican restaurant, the food is not really spicy. That's not to say that it's bland, and most orders come with a hot sauce that you can mix in yourself.

i have ordered from them in the past and the food seems ok.tried to order today and the customer rep on the phone was extremely rude,after i told her she did not seem nice she told me to forget my order and hung up on me.that was awfully rude.did not expect it at all.

I don't know what all the talk and hype is about anyways, the fresh tortillas and tacos on New Dorp lane is much better anyways, all the food tastes better, service is always great and I can almost certainly guarantee they wouldn't have a problem putting shrimp in foil.

Really people ? I'm sorry can you read? because I didn't read one thing about someone complaining about "their" food. Only thing I read about was bad customer service , I don't see the problem here. Okay yeah the food is good but if the customer is being treated like crap is it really worth it? I don't care what I order or if I change a small thing about my order , I'm still paying for it , you're still getting the same amount of money(or maybe a bit more) there is no need no be rude. So yeah I'll take my business elsewhere you lose the profit because I'm still eating either way. One more thing , people this is a place for reviews everybody has their own opinion so calling people "Cheap or ignorant" and telling people to jump off a "Clifford play in traffic" is stupid& unnecessary. It's not that serious.

I don't care what you people say about yummy taco but I love there food who ever gave them one star could go jump off a Clifford play in traffic

What is shocking to me is that no one is considering what would happen if a customer had an allergic reaction to an ingredient that was mixed in their food. What happened to the customer is always right? No business, big or small, should disregard a customer's request when it comes to health. Take your business elsewhere! I know I will! Also, the purpose of this section is for reviews.. Some may be positive, some may be negative.. No need to attack each other

Not annoying customer... a customer... I was not asking for anything for free. I spent nothing less than $50 dollars at that place each occasion. I even asked to pay for the shrimp on the side. Not cheap, either. In one week, I spent almost $200 dollar because my kids like it, so I ordered. So, please hear what I said the CUSTOMER SERVICE was horrible. No matter which way you slice it, it was horrible. I took by business to Frank's Pizza on Bay Street and the food is just as good and customer service even better. Guess, what I even ordered shrimp on the side and not a problem. I even order something they had to make just for me, not a problem. It took extra time and I had to pay but I am fine with that. I simple asked the Yummy Taco lady to separate the shrimp from the rest of the food. I even called another yummy taco (Brooklyn) and it was not a problem for them. So our lovely Staten Island Yummy Taco lady just had a bowl of something for breakfast but I guess it wasn't yummy. Whoever you are maybe you are ok, with getting treated like garbage and still give them your money... this is America and that is your right. This is America and it’s my right to make a complaint, if I feel that I was not treated fairly. You had a good experience write a good review. I had a bad one...

To Whom wrote that opinion should take into consideration that when you own a small fast food business and people want to change your menu not only does that take more time but it adds to your food cost so as the staff suggested that you take your business some were else ,you did not I would have to assume that the food was good and tasty and by your ignorant answer must have been cheap Too! Bad and annoying customer Go ***************

Customer Service is very, very, very, horrible. On July 27 @ 3:15PM I called to order food. I wanted to share my food with my children, so I tried to order the mixed meal and requested that the shrimp be placed in a separate container, foil or paper.. did not matter. The response I received was not welcoming at all "We don't do that". I explained that I have a child with an allergy so don't put the shrimp in the same bowl. "order something else" was the next response. I even tried to order a "side order" of shrimp so as not to mess up their system. Their response "We don't have that". Wow, I have to adjust so I can give them my money. Then the finally, I get "I should just go order some place else." Wish I did... I don't know about you but If you are spending your money at any merchant they need to provide you with some sort of customer service. Hope you have a better experience... I will spend my money at a merchant who appreciate their customers. Yummy Taco, not so yummy it leaves me with a sour taste.

Everything is afordable and yummmmmy

RUDEST PEOPLE EVER!!! GENERIC MEXICAN FOOD!!! the customer service here is the worst ever. they are so rude, the lady on the phone is barely understandable, AND SHE YELLS AT YOU!! who friggin yells at their customers?!!! even through all of that, we still ordered here a few times out of desperation. But the VERY the last straw was today my phone was dying, i walked in to pick up food i asked if i could plug it in for a second to make a call (wanted to call home to see if i needed to order more food.) the lady said no - the electricity bill is too high!! needless to say, i turned around and walked out without my food. Definitely eat here if you want a mediocre mexican place where they treat their customers like crap!!!!!!!!!!!

yummy taco is the shizzzzz what kind of customer service do you expect from a little chinese/ mexican place on bay st? you want customer service... go to a restaurant... this is munchie food... except their driver won't come into my building, that's kinda annoying... but hey he scared... what can I say...

This place is nasty, the people have no good Cus. Serv. I ordered a tostada salad and half way finished a finger nail was caught in my teeth disgusting ..... Sick !!! I called to speak to higher mgt. the lady did not allow me she was screaming in chinese and told me to make a complaint " go ahead complain" she said and told me to thank you ..... People like this should not be in business. BEWARE

I never had a problem here with the food when I called in an order. Wen I go there the place always looks clean and organized. Sure they dont bend... where others say that is bad customer service... but I understand why they may not do things out of the normal. Placing hot shrimp in foil and hand that to a child... is dangerous. So why would they want to do that? Lets not forget it is a fast food restaurant like some of the big chains. can you ask the Big M to place the burger patty on a piece of foil? Sure you can ask but they too wont do it. Its not that big of a deal. Paying $1.95 for a taco... what type of extra service are you looking for? My only complaint is that they do charge for every little thing... want extra hot sauce... it costs 25 cents. Is that bad customer service or them recouping costs or deterring losses from people who take or ask for extras that dont use it? I eat here 1-2 a week for lunch.

I`ve become a regular patron of Yummy Taco. I first ordered from them very soon after their opening and instantly fell in love. I strongly recommend their No. 96, the plain nachos. The term "plain" is very loosely used as they`re topped with black beans, cheese, sour cream, salsa, and jalapeños. Their delivery is quick and the inside is fine. Eating in is a real treat, actually, because it looks exactly like a chinese food place, down to the shrine w. fruit in it hanging on the wall and the above-the-counter menu bordered with Chinese writing. It`s excellent.

Food is amazing and this is the one place I have found that actually gets my order correct every time.

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1082 Bay Street Staten Island, NY, 10305 Closed
Location : Clifton 718-989-1906

Today's Hours : 11:00AM to 11:00PM

(Now Closed)

Cuisine : Mexican, Southwestern, Tex-Mex

DeliveryCateringTake Out
Price Range:

Features : This way on Bay, 

Type of Place : , 

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1082 Bay Street
Staten Island, NY, 10305 Location : Clifton

Price Range


Today's Hours : 11:00AM to 11:00PM

Cuisine : Mexican, Southwestern, Tex-Mex

Services :
DeliveryCateringTake Out

Features : This way on Bay, 

Type of Place : , 

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the food is amazing, but horrible customer service. The guy on the phone was really rude saying "Oh my gosh, can you just order?!" Like no sir you need to wait til I figure out what I wanna
ordered online asked for them to bring change they didn't i had to go get change from another company so i can eat my lunch then i see they charged me an extra $2.00 for delivery and no where on t

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