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Royal Crown

Address :
1350 Hylan Blvd
Staten Island, 10305
Phone : 718-987-5771

Royal Crown Closed

35 Photos
1350 Hylan Blvd,
Old Town, 10305

Today's Hours : 06:30AM to 10:30PM


Italian, , BYOB, Outdoor Dining, Bakery, , DeliveryWait Staff/Dine InCateringTake Out

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The food was delicious and fresh

It's lit

Today I ordered an eggplant parmesan hero, what I received was microwaved eggplant with a piece of mozzarella cheese. When I call the girl told me this was their version of eggplant parm. I told her eggplant parm is breaded eggplant with sauce and cheese, she asked me if I ever had it before, I'm 57 Italian and I know what eggplant park looks like…shame on you and your staff…horrible

Review pending removal (Admin)

Number 1 casual affordable great service and overly done salads

The food super delicious I'm not a big eater but I aways happen to finish my food there ??

I like to pick up bread at Royal Crown for big family meals at my house. The hardest thing in the world is making the 15 minute drive home without eating any. It`s really irresistible.

Food is excellent here dining in or out. Bakery items are to die for - Our family cant' get enough. Delivery may take a little long sometimes but it is worth the wait. My only complaint is sometimes you may get a grouchy girl taking your order, no big deal though just bare with it.

Love this place especially for it's outdoor dining, and yes like other reviewers said that the service is a bit lacking, I can agree. But it's still a great place to sit down, enjoy a view, portions are sharable. Get a side salad, a panini and a bottle of pelligrino and your good for 2 people. The food is great, always has been. I have been patronizing this place for at least 4 years.

To the comment below mine, try working there for a day. We'll see how happy you are.

food is good but prices are insanely high $12.50 for eggplant parm hero dont know what thats all about

I Think their pizza is the best on the island... and their sandwiches are very good and especially tasty with the Balsamic Glaze... Yum. Its just crazy pricing. But when you ar ethat good I guess you can charge whatever you want. But the food is great. The best pizza by far and a lot better then any pizzeria on the island.

I dropped by to pick up some pastries for my mom. Someone was eating a sandwich outside, and I had to go and get one it looked so amazing. Procuiutto, Mozzarella and Roasted Peppers. It was so incredible. I wanted to save half to giove to mom. By the time i got to Sheepshead bay, it was Gone!! haha. It was well worth the $11 or so that I paid for it. Lots of stuffing in there and it was great quality meat and cheese. Well worth every penny and now that I tasted it... I would pay more for it. haha Jack

Delicious. Had a Square Pie from there. It was delicious!!! Thats all I can say.

I met with a few of my boys for some fried shrimps and other stuff while we talked over a new business venture. Their shrimps are fresh and perfectly cooked. Dont go to a pizzeria for heros, shrimps or even pizza, give Royal Crown a try. You will forget all about the other bogus places.

How does only 59% like this restaurant? They have the best sandwiches on Staten Island and everybody knows that.

All of their Italian sandwiches are seriously the best on Staten Island. I love going there on a summer night & sitting outside-even if it's for dessert. There are some waitresses that are so sweet and seem like they love their job, on the other hand - I went there one night and I felt like the girl was practically throwing me and my boyfriend out. I'm a server myself, I know how it feels to work long hard hours on your feet, but to act rude when you have polite customers? That's pretty much my only turn off. The food is amazing, desserts are good & so are the coffees, but there's some waitresses that have to put on a smile and stop acting like they hate their job, because honestly it's not pleasent when your server is miserable.

Excellent I had the tossed salad with steak, it totally blew all other salads from other places out of the water because they put so much stuff in it.

Always a great experience, the atmosphere (Outside sitting area), servers and food as well as value is just top notch. The bread is delicious, no matter which one you choose, but make sure to take recommendation from the server as the regular sandwich bread tends to taste better than the panini in many cases, especially with various toppings. Anyways the Hot Soppressata with Roasted Peppers was delicious, Prosciutto was as good as always. Best part is the THICK Balsamic Vinegar. I mean THICK! but Delicious, Actually thinking about getting a sandwich right now as I start to think of the delicious sandwich we recently had.

Can't believe only 57% like it, Sandwich Platters make any office meeting a joy, prices are very reasonable. Highly recommended if you are having an office get together. It's also very neat when dining outdoor, great view and again the sandwiches are delicious as well as the sides, salads.

Recently, we tried taking advantage of BYOB policy. we were told it was not honored in the restaurant. we were sent to the pizzeria. they were angry that we were there. they said they had no glassware. they offered us paper cups. they finally said that this is really noit something they do. we had to leave and bring our wine back out into the summer heat, looking for another place to accomodate us. this is unfortunate, since the food on the restaurant side is quite good.


Staten Island should be very thankful Royal Crown brought the best bread etc, etc, etc from BROOKLYN! You could never find such great stuff like Royal Crown has in Staten Island, thats for sure!

I really like everything that I have had from deserts, breads, salads but I do find that they use pepper very freely in their food and sometimes it can be a bit to much for me.

Absolutely delicious. Their bread is out of this world and always fresh, the food is terrific as well. Anything you order here you will be extremely pleased with. This is the place go to when you want something good to eat.

Good quality food but overpriced. $13 for a chicken cutlet sandwich. This is Staten Island, not Midtown Manhattan.

Driving through Staten Island I wanted something quick, BUT good. I hate to spend money on food in NYC that is terrible. Actually, I hate to spend money on bad food period. I have no problem spending money on GOOD food! This place was great! You walk in and it is a little cozy, but you can also sit outside if you like or simply do takeout. I stayed. To the left is a massive dessert counter stocked with cookies, cakes, and tons and tons of bread! You name it! Rolls, bagels, and other little goodies. I ordered a hero on wheat roll with fresh mozzarella, fried eggplant, and roasted red peppers. The balsamic was on the side. It had to be one of the best balsamic vinegars I have ever tasted. The bread on this sandwich was absolutely amazing! It was soft to the touch and had just enough crunch. The fresh mozzarella was to die for as well! It was a perfect lunch the old school Italian way. I cannot wait to go back! But next time I'll be sure to try the cool goody I saw many people drinking. I believe it was either iced tea w/ lemon ice in it OR lemonade with lemon ice. Either way I plan on going back! So happy I found you guys!

I have always heard good things about this place but finally got a chance to try them last week and have been back 2 more times!! I am sooo addicted to the prosciutto, mozzarella and arugula sandwich drizzled with their balsamic glaze!! yummmmmm! The first time I had it I felt sad as I ate the last bite (sad that I only had a bite left). I told my Husband how good it was and he didnt believe me so we went a few days later and I got the same sandwich and he got a Chicken Francese hero (which was also quite good!). The next time we went I got the same sandwich again and this time my Husband decided to try it. He was about to eat his last bite and turned to me and said that he now knows what I meant about being sad with the last bite!! The mozzarella is creamy, the prosciutto is so tender it just melts in your mouth and the arugula adds that nice peppery bite to the sandwich. The balsamic glaze adds a hint of sweetness to the saltiness of the prosciutto and the bread is light and crispy... All combined, its just perfection! I really want to try their other sandwiches but just can't bring myself to try anything else! Someday...

My waitress was horrible

User Photos from Royal Crown

1350 Hylan Blvd Staten Island, NY, 10305
Location : Old Town 718-987-5771

Today's Hours : 06:30AM to 10:30PM

(Now Closed)

Cuisine : Italian, 

DeliveryWait Staff/Dine InCateringTake Out
Price Range:

Features : BYOB, Outdoor Dining, 

Type of Place : Bakery, 

Average Review Rating:

1350 Hylan Blvd
Staten Island, NY, 10305 Location : Old Town

Price Range


Today's Hours : 06:30AM to 10:30PM

Cuisine : Italian, 

Services :
DeliveryWait Staff/Dine InCateringTake Out

Features : BYOB, Outdoor Dining, 

Type of Place : Bakery, 

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The food was delicious and fresh

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