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PepperJack Grill

Address :
316 Manor Road
Staten Island, 10314
Phone : 718-816-6366

PepperJack Grill

7 Photos
316 Manor Road,
Castleton Corners, 10314
Today: 12:00PM to 09:00PM
Today's Hours : 12:00PM to 09:00PM


American, Continental, Lunch Specials, Sports Programming, Bar w/Grill, , CateringWait Staff/Dine InAlcohol/Beer/WineTake Out

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The atmosphere of the place is really nice restuarant very cozy the food is terrible

It has a nice atmosphere, food takes way too long to come out for less than adequate taste

The restaurant was busy...the owner came over and bought us a drink..new look..plenty of space...felt like a manhattan restaurant...during the week not as crazy as friday and sat

Ate there last nite with my family, monday nites great for that had family style past, salad great garlic bread and a bottle of wine great idea, good food and great surroundings. the owner was on had what a nice person...will be back Follow Up: What a different type of restaurant...felt like i was in the City...food good, crazy drinks and polite staff

Went there for dinner last night- service was outstanding- don't recall the waitress' name- but she was wonderful. the prime rib sunday special was great- came out a perfect medium (as ordered), served with a baked potato and roasted veggies (carrots). all very delicious. the menu is a bit different- unique combinations, which may not appeal to everyone. the atomosphere was really nice- the renovations were very well done. can't wait to go back!!

Love the sangria selections and that you can get a bottle of it!! Very creative place with great food!! Went with some girlfriends for sangria and appetizers and had a great night!! The buffalo rolls and bbq chicken wings were so yummy!!

Ok....TERRIBLE!! So disappointed....its a shame because i know one of the owners owns The Bridge Tavern and have always liked the food and friendly service there....but i dont know what happened at this place...food is bad, and service is worse!! Will not go back...purely a hang out for rowdy young drinkers!!

The Restaurant was good , food and crazy drink menu was wonderful, people who complain about parking have never eaten out much..try manhatten or brooklyn would go back again...fun spot with music on weekends

I love Pepper Jack. Love the style of the place, The Drinks are delicious and so far I have only had appetizers but they were very good!

I don't know why everyone is saying their meals were that bad. Myself and some friends went to eat dinner over the weekend and I thought the food was pretty good. They have a limited menu but they we felt everything on their was delicious. Their appetizer's were very very good (we ordered 1 of everything), actually so good, we would go back just for drinks and picky foods. They had a very big selection of Sangria's to choose from which it made it interesting. As for the dinners, we were satisfied for what we ordered. We had the burghers (cooked perfect to what we specified), ribs and also a special for that night, roasted chicken. Everyone in our party liked the taste and the only negative feed back was the ribs only came out with 6 (most places offer 10 - 12 ribs). Also, the desserts were to knock your socks off !!!! We had the chocolate cake (delicious), giant cookie chip cake (also delicious) and the fresh strawberry shortcake (our favorite). Everyone who said the food was bad or not served correctly, try it again. They are new, so maybe they were still trying to wrinkle out the small details. We would definitely go back again !!!!! I wish them the best of luck !!!

I went to the restaurant at 5:30 with two small children. I waited 50 minutes for pot stickers and sweet potato fries. My kids were starving as it was 6:20 when they brought out the chips and then i waited for the pot stickers. Finally my kids burgers came out rare. How can you cook meat rare for children? I had to send it back. It gets better the people who sat next to us bought us a drink and the waiter brought out the drink while I had a full glass of wine so when I drank the second glass it was so warm. Then our dinner came out i asked for a burger medium. It was so rare I could not eat it so like my children's meal I sent it back. I asked for the owner I explained to her and she didn't even apologize. She just said the fries take a long time. WAs she serious sweet potato fires should take 50 minutes? Is that a joke? She didn't even offer a free scoop of ice cream. I live in walking distance and I would never walk back. Shame on you.

The place looked nice but the food was not. I didn't hear anything good from friends but figured I would see for myself. I am really not picky at all but the potato chips which come with almost everything were soaked with oil as if they came out of fryer onto plate, as if they were never drained. I had the sweet potato and my date had regular and they both were the same. I would go back for drinks only....never again for the food. It's ashame that they're just starting out and it's bad. Usually at first a restaurant is good then it goes down hill. Not usually bad from the start. I have had better food at Applebee's.

I want to change this review in the near future by trying PJ's again. But I have to comment on the trip in. I understand they are new to the business but somethings are easy. Like paying attention to simple request for a beer at a near empty bar. We both had one item... fish and chips... THE WORST EVER. The fish was old and really inedible. The place is open maybe a week. The menu says it was cod but it tasted like blue fish and had the grey matter in it. And for the first time ever... it was potato chips with the fish not fries, but they were the best part of the meal. The place is nice but seems like they are trying too hard.

Went Monday, 4-11-11 with 3 friends. We were seated right away, in fact, we were the only ones there. It was 80 degrees outside and their windows were open instead of turning on the AC. The smoke from the outside drinkers blew inside. Very annoying. Wasn't impressed by the menu. The food was not good. The crab cakes were "pan seared" (burnt). The risotto was unseasoned and bland. The rib eye steak was charred and a glob of butter thrown on top, I guess to add some moisture to the dry steak. Will not go back. Would not recommend.

Went with a group of friends waited over an hour for a table meanwhile they were sitting other people ahead of us. The food was not great. The turkey chili app was good and the buffalo spring rolls were ok. We all ordered burgers they were all raw and not cooked as asked. We did not send them back or order new food because I don't like to complain and have them cook more food for me. They did buy us a round of drinks. I will not be going back.


My hat is off to this unique restaurant...nothing but kudos for the place...good home cooked meals, fun cocktails and wonderful decor..been there 3 times and alway a good meal, nice people nyc on staten island

You know a place is horrible when you get meat that is cut on the grain and not against it what a discrace to food everywhere..their menu is absurd!pick a cuisine and stick with it...the catering menu is a world tour of cuisines...master one before you take on all of them! Change or die is the case here....Bumbling idiot managers etc...

To the unhappy soul who wrote the last review..get a life...I agree with the fact that the restaurant is kid friendly...food is good...my children had a good meal and were kept busy by coloring supplied by restaurant....and we don't drink...sorry

Mac and Cheese!!! Burgers!!! Yumminesss Galore!!!!!! Go there, kid friendly and amazing drinks!

I thank the last writer for his review I feel young when I'm there, my date and I are 60 plus

What a fun place, nice people good food adult company music . It was busy so we went early for dinner and stayed for music and cocktails. About time Staten Islands North Shore had a place for Adults to go.

Was there 2 weeks ago....I enjoyed the food....The Rib eye was delish and so was the Sangria my friend had the burger cooked as we asked....Dessert was very good....2nd visit and we enjoyed it better than the first time...

Food okay ...nothing to brag about, drinks were delish! Very nicely renovated but I would like to have been able to rave about the food. Maybe in time it will get better ? More of a place tp get a few drinks.

I've never been to this restaurant, so I'm not here to criticize the food or the decor etc... What I am going to criticize is the obvious owner or friend or family of the owner posting the same style post over and over. There is also the same critique who has some sort of vendetta for this place also posting the same type post over and over. It's becoming VERY annoying. When this restaurant first opened, I wanted to try it. I still want to try it, but these posts are really a turn off to the restaurant. If the owner feels they aren't fairly portrayed on here, they should come clean and admit they are the owner and disagree with the negative post and state the reason why. Instead of posting these ridiculous posts about the music being great and the New menu is excellent etc.... We know it's the owner posting it. There is no reason this restaurant should have 36 posts when other Great and terrible restaurants on this site only have like 3 to 10 posts about their food. That just tells me that more than 3/4 of the posts on this place are fake with no credibility. JUST STOP already. Owner - you're destroying your own business because your being arrogant in thinking people reading this think your a real critique of this restaurant. To the person bashing this place - STOP and get a life. You don't' like the place, you made it clear, now move on.

Well went back 3 x's already found it as good as the first time..new menu now will go back again

Will go back again and again....place is great....food good lots of fun..music on weekends nice place

I would like to check this place out but the reviews make it seem not worthwhile. It seems as if the staff/owner? are placing favorable comments and real customers are expressing the real concerns?? Guess I will have to check it out for myself unless a "real customer" has something good to say. From the outside it def. looks nice but I personally want good food when I spend money out to eat....

Bar is great food is awesome. Restaurant is beautifully decorated and the entire staff is more than friendly. Great place for a bite to eat or a few drinks!

To the individual who keeps writing sad reviews about the restaurant...sounds like sour grapes....you must be the old owner who couldnt' make a go of it...sorry charlie the place is a hit...get a life and move on

This new restaurant hit the spot..food was good, very modern had Sunday brunch and had a great meal. Fun drinks and cheery athmosphere

So I saw the review in Awe the place is beautiful,looks professionaly decorated.Both my husband and I had the Ribeye it was cooked the way we asked...a great steak for 25 dollars.We enjoyed the music.Our server was was very cordial.It was a little busy but we just ordered another some more Sangria LOL of it was a great night to celebrate our anniversary.A great place on the north shore.

What a nice spot for our area..love the outdoor space palm trees and all...like to sit outside and have a drink feel like i am on vacation

great food...great place...def the place to go on that side of the island!

My family and I were just there this last Saturday for dinner--we brought our young son with us. It was the first time we were there and thought the food was quite good actually. I was surprised to see all the negative reviews. The crowd was a little young (and me and my husband are only in our '30s) but I would consider it kid-friendly because of the crayons on the table and the kid menu. We both had a chicken sandwich and our son had chicken fingers. I thought the service was very good--we had Billy who was very nice. We will be returning again : )

your kidding------the armory was dirty, broken bathrooms, no a/c, no heat this new place is a 10 compared to the pig sty the armory was

What fun we had yesterday at you Pig Roast, got our 10. worth of food all was great see you next year

We have been here several times as I am a native of the neighborhood. We really enjoy PepperJack the food is great, service is also wonderful. We tried Broadway steaks on forest this past weekend. It doesnt have the local feel that you get from your place. We will be back to have steak at Pepper Jack. The specials also cant be beat here!

HAD A GREAT TIME ON THE 4TH JULY TRIP....GOOD FOOD MUSIC AND FIRE WORKS..Good place good food a plus for the north shore keep up good work

to the idiots who keeping writing stupid reports you dont like the place thats fine,but to say you miss the armory is sad..the food there was awful, no heat, no a/c, dirty,bathrooms didnt work and smelled must be the old owners of the place jealous of the new owners The new place is clean, good food a/c, new bathrooms, new drink menu, music and great staff sorry folks the place is good

what a great stop, tried the sangrias the chicken pot pie and listened to music it is a great adult stop

This place is very good for apps and drinks.the chicken egg rolls, drunken clams and steak tidbits are our faves. The sangria and mixed drinks are very different and tasty. My only beef is that the bartenders that work on the weekend nights are rude and very unattentive.

We saw them on TV and the food looked amazing so went last night for dinner and was very impressed. They start you with home-made potato chips with house made dip, very tasty and fresh! We also had the home made Mac N' Cheese and Chicken Pot Pie skillets. Both dishes were outstanding, we can't wait to go back!

Place should be reported. Went over the weekend. Everything was either frozen or from a can. Staff is prob the worst staff under pressure when it is busy also. Pears and Walnut salad. "Pears from a can" Baked Artichoke hearts " Artichokes from a can" Some nerve charging 10 dollars for these dishes. Buffalo Wings??? Idk.... were not that fresh

Always something good, meals are freshly made....music on Friday and Saturday night great, staff is thoughtful, polite and helpful would recommend Pepper Jacks

User Photos from PepperJack Grill

316 Manor Road Staten Island, NY, 10314 Closed
Location : Castleton Corners 718-816-6366

Today's Hours : 12:00PM to 09:00PM

(Now Closed)

Cuisine : American, Continental, Desserts

CateringWait Staff/Dine InAlcohol/Beer/WineTake Out
Price Range:

Features : Lunch Specials, Sports Programming, Sunday Brunch

Type of Place : Bar w/Grill, 

Average Review Rating:

316 Manor Road
Staten Island, NY, 10314 Location : Castleton Corners

Price Range


Today's Hours : 12:00PM to 09:00PM

Cuisine : American, Continental, Desserts

Services :
CateringWait Staff/Dine InAlcohol/Beer/WineTake Out

Features : Lunch Specials, Sports Programming, Sunday Brunch

Type of Place : Bar w/Grill, 

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The atmosphere of the place is really nice restuarant very cozy the food is terrible
It has a nice atmosphere, food takes way too long to come out for less than adequate taste

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