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Night Rendezvous-CLOSED

Address :
360-A New Dorp Lane
Staten Island, 10306
Phone : 718-987-5680

Night Rendezvous-CLOSED Open

6 Photos
360-A New Dorp Lane,
, 10306

Today's Hours : 10:00AM to 11:45PM


American, European, Lunch Specials, WiFi, , , Alcohol/Beer/WineDeliveryWait Staff/Dine InCateringTake Out

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Night Rendezvous was quite an amazing surprise. The food was exquisite. I went last weekend with a few friends and we all enjoyed the dishes. My personal favorites included the salmon, chef style potatoes, and the greek salad. It was a truly enjoyable experience and I've never tasted salmon so light and flavorful before! Will definitely return.

As a newly-retired couple, we now have the time to find new restaurants to dine on the island. I noticed this web site and 'Night Rendezvous' yesterday so we decided to give it a try. What a wonderful surprise! We did not realize this restaurant had opened and has only been there for one week. The lunch menu was quite interesting, with a selection of European/Mediterranean dishes. We both had Greek salads, which we agreed were among the best we have ever eaten; the feta cheese was very moist and not as salty as we have had in the past. The tomatoes and cucumbers were fresh, crunchy, and the dressing was simple, but light and delicious. For our entree we ordered 2 chicken dishes, one being the chicken kabob. The chicken was marinated in a combination of herbs and spices that made it burst with flavors that almost jumped off the plate. The other chicken dish was a chicken schnitzel, served with a very tasty rice dish; two large pieces of tender/moist chicken. Everything was so fresh and delicious. To top it off, lunch is $8.95 per person, including appetizer & entree. We did look at the dinner menus, which are extremely interesting; the prices are quite reasonable and we plan to return very soon to try them out.

Even though it's new, it's already truly a great place in SI to eat. The food was delicious, prepared to your individual liking…the atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming. We were there with a couple of friends on a Sunday night and had a great time. Food, music, service, drinks and interior design – we loved it all. Highly recommend to everyone.

Greek salad has no basturma or lettuce! Cant wait to try this place though..good luck in the future...

Had a very enjoyable dinner at Night Rendezvous the other day. Very pleasant service coupled with delicious food makes it for a perfect dinner night with family and friends. The appetizers, Salads are huge portions, meant to be shared with enough to take home. From the salads we had the Greek and Caeser, with Caeser being just bit spice background flavor which tasted better than any Caeser I had before. The Greek was also presented very nicely, tasted great and was very fresh. From Hot Appetizers we ordered the Shrimp in Garlic Sauce, plump shrimp cooked perfectly, sauce very unique and probably made in the restaurant as everything once again tasted fresh and delicious. For the Entree's we ordered Duck Breast in Orange Sauce, Chilean Sea Bass & Perlimeni (for the little one). Main Entree's came with 2 sides, we chose Rice & Veggies, Chilean sea bass was just right, great taste, perfect portion, rice and veggies also made for a great meal. The Duck breast was probably just as good (but I didn't try it). To finish it off we had some Turkish Coffee, With plenty of food to take home, and us being full already, we did not have room for dessert.

What a delight to have on the Island, huge portions and great tasting food. Good to have addition on Staten Island. I just take one star away because I prefer a casual atmosphere over the current fine dining table cloth setting.

What a great experience!! Just what we need on Staten Island - a restaurant with NYC type cuisine. The menu is so eclectic - something for everyone, but not the usual fare. I had roast duck with dried fruit sauce with roasted potatoes that are to die for. Freshly baked streudel -- not just baked that day; baked upon ordering!! I can't say enough about this restaurant.

My boyfriend and i came here to try a different type of cuisine. At first, i was a little iffy about coming b/c I had never had french food before, but he said this place was good. We entered the restaurant and was greeted by the waitress who kindly seated us. I did'nt know which appetizer or entree to order because this was a new cuisine to me. The waitress had gone over with me a few different choices i had picked out, explained what the dish was like, and also talked about the most frequently ordered dishes. Finally, my boyfriend had decided on a seafood dish and i decided on a pork dish. The portions were huge, and the food was delicious... We ate until we were completely full, and still had plenty food to take home which was enough for 2 days of dinner. We were both impressed with the experience, and will definitely return to try some new dishes.

Excellent place. Menu is diverse, food is delicious, service is great. Music gets a bit loud ( starts later in the evening). Highly recommend.

I really like this place and would hope they can stick around, the food always tastes fresh even though it doesn't seem to get too busy, especially during the week. The portions are huge family style sharing platters, except for the entrees which are just perfect for a diner. Always a pleasure to eat here.

This is an ideal restaurant that others should take an example of. The service is always on point, food is always delicious. I would suggest to improve the atmosphere, somehow change it to trendy while keeping the quality of food and this place would be booming. The sort of bland atmosphere gives it a special occasion dining only feel which just doesn't push you to come in daily. I may even start by saying to take off the cloth off the tables and only set it up for evenings, keep it more casual like a luncheonette at least during the day hours and it would be an automatic five-star place.

My husband and I decided to give this place a try and we were NOT disappointed. Just as Pho Mac saves us a trip to lower Manhattan for quality Vietnamese, this place will now save us a trip to Brooklyn for delicious, authentic Russian and European Cuisine. And hidden away on New Dorp Lane (near Hylan) of all places. Expect to wait for your food as it is all cooked to order, but it's worth the wait. Staff was delightful and attentive. We tried: Beef Carpaccio - Fresh, clean and delightful The Shrimp Tarmidor - Probably one of the best fish dishes I've had in my life. Chilean Sea Bass - Perfectly cooked and fresh - veggie side of squash and those chef potatoes were fanastic Filet Rendezvous - My husband raved about it We will absolutely be back! I don't usually like live music with my food, but this added to the experience. Go early if you don't like music with your meal - it started last night around 7:30/8pm.

My first experience eating at this place was when I attended a private party here. The service was great. The place was nice but the pictures/sculptures on the walls were weird. The food was also good. There was a DJ, which played nice music while we were eating. The place was clean. Also, the place is easy to go to because it is near all major public transportation. I recommend going here.

Went during the week for the lunch specials - Chicken dumpling soup was excellent - love the fresh dill. Food was wonderful, as always.

User Photos from Night Rendezvous-CLOSED

360-A New Dorp Lane Staten Island, NY, 10306
Location : 718-987-5680

Today's Hours : 10:00AM to 11:45PM

(Now Open)

Cuisine : American, European, French

Alcohol/Beer/WineDeliveryWait Staff/Dine InCateringTake Out
Price Range:

Features : Lunch Specials, WiFi, Live Band

Type of Place : , 

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360-A New Dorp Lane
Staten Island, NY, 10306 Location :

Price Range


Today's Hours : 10:00AM to 11:45PM

Cuisine : American, European, French

Services :
Alcohol/Beer/WineDeliveryWait Staff/Dine InCateringTake Out

Features : Lunch Specials, WiFi, Live Band

Type of Place : , 

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Night Rendezvous was quite an amazing surprise. The food was exquisite. I went last weekend with a few friends and we all enjoyed the dishes. My personal favorites included the salmon, chef style pota
As a newly-retired couple, we now have the time to find new restaurants to dine on the island. I noticed this web site and 'Night Rendezvous' yesterday so we decided to give it a try.

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