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"My family love to eat at Jody's for lunch or dinner. My all time favorite is their chicken adobo. I have been trying to cook it at home but just can't get the exact taste. I really like their food, my family also looks forward to our visit at the place."

"January 16, 2020"


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GRAND RE-OPENING, Try Highest Quality Sushi & Asian Fusion Staten Island ha...

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Location & Details

Jody's Located in Silver Lake neighborhood of Staten Island. Jody's is open Today. Tuesday April 23rd from 04:00 pm -until 09:00 pm Delivery, is available. Serving Irish Cuisine

372 Forest Avenue , 10301

372 Forest Avenue , 10301
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500 Forest Avenue , 10310
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538 Forest Ave , 10310
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856 Castleton Ave ,
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782 Richmond Terrace, 10301
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1115 Richmond Terrace ,
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200 Canal St. ,
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500 Bay Street, NY
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637 Bay Street ,
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120 Bay Street , 10301
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432 Manor Rd, NY 10314
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70 Bay St, NY 10301
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