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El Dorado

Address :
2236 Hylan Blvd
Staten Island, 10306
Phone : 718-980-1580

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10 Photos
2236 Hylan Blvd,
Grant City, 10306
Today: 11:00AM to 10:00PM
Today's Hours : 11:00AM to 10:00PM


Spanish, , On Site Parking, Online Ordering, , , DeliveryWait Staff/Dine InTake Out

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Absolutely terrible. Giving spanish food restaurants a bad name! All these spanish food places on this island are overpriced and just serving not authentic good spanish food!

This is my go-to place for home-cooked style spanish food. Even though it's a hit-or-miss with the meats sometimes, I still prefer it over other island options

I am very disappointed with this place. Went to eat at this place and they did not had some of the things we wanted to eat. We had to ask for bread which they were not sure if they had it. Than we finally got our order and the food was not that great. The service was not that great. It's a shame because it's the only Spanish place in this side of the island . There was no apology for not having the stuff. I don't think I would eat there again.

I was excited to find this restaurant-- until I tasted the food. There was no flavor and everything seemed soggy. This was my first and last time for this place. Everything ended up in the garbage.

The raving reviews below are seriously suspicious. Maybe they were true a year ago, but certainly not now. It is not about nasty Staten Islanders, 1st of all I am a migrant from the Bronx, so I am not a native Staten Islander. Secondly, my mother taught me manners. The reason I am writing this is bc after reading other reviews, I really want to make sure people know the real deal so they can avoid the frustration. The quality of the food at this restaurant is really inconsistent. The service? I went there in person once last year and the counter staff was very rude. I stood there being ignored even though there was no one else on line and there were 2 ppl behind the counter. They finally served me after I politely told them what I wanted as they stood there giving me dirty looks. THAT is why I have ordered food to be delivered ever since then, I did not want to deal with the poor in-person service. Weekday deliveries generally got to my house within a reasonable amount of time because the delivery guy was efficient and possibly the only one with a professional bone in his body. I found out recently that he was let go. Now there is 1 delivery guy working every day of the week. It took him 1 1/2 hours to deliver my food last time I ordered, and I live in the area. To top that, they had substituted my original order with something else, without calling to ask if I WANTED something else or if I wanted to cancel my order. Who does that?? As for the young girl posting on here to defend herself, I am sorry for your work conditions, I know what it is like to work for abusive people - BUT, you NEVER take your frustrations out on customers. It is no one's fault that you are being underpaid and/or mistreated, and, as someone else mentioned, you can work somewhere else. Please, for your own good, work on your professionalism, it will help you in the future. There is never an excuse to ignore or be disrespectful to patrons. ED, you had a good thing going, and it certainly was great to have a real Spanish food go-to in this area (my PR taste buds need the fix now and then), but the honeymoon is over, at least for me. If anyone is interested, there is a restaurant called M

i love this place, its so clean and nice. Staff are always nice and respectful. Recommend this place 100% to anyone!!!

Ayyy que comida mas rica, todo se ve delicioso algunas veces no se ni que comer porque todo se ve tan bueno y rico. El lugar es bonito y esta muy limpio! siempre ordeno comida cuando cojo receso y me encanta! Amo la comida esta muy rica dile al cosinero que dios bendiga esas manos porque todo esta rico

I always come here and the food is always fresh i don't know why people are saying that but i guess everybody has there own taste. If you don't like the food i would recommend not to take it in the restaurant or to the staff, everyone has there own opinion and its pretty ridiculous for people to compare there food to this restaurants food. Like i said i come here everyday and the food its perfectly good and the flavor is delicious. Dont listen to those negative comments el dorado, keep up the good work and ill be there tomorrow to get my beef stew and beef patties :D

One of the best restaurant in Staten Island. The food is awesome and the service is excellent. The girls are sooo nice and attentive. The place is sooo clean. I just love this place, keep up the good work.

Loveeee their food it's delicious and tasty

food was not fresh i would not recommend

People seriously are ridiculous!! Just cause you don't like the food from this restaurant doesn't mean you should be blaming it on the service in the store. I know everybody has they're own opinion about there food but it doesn't mean you should be blaming it on staff and clearly they're still opened which means they have customers which means there doing a pretty good job on the food and service. I always go over to grab some food after work and there's always a customer making a big deal out of the stupidest things like prices and amount of food they get. You should not be blaming them for it because I know every one of them very well and they're very nice. Like I said I always order from here for delivery every once in a while and go pick up food and I never had a problem. People on staten island are just very nasty, you can't always get what you want in life. If you don't like the food then go home and cook it yourself instead of giving them bad ratings for they're food. If you don't like it then its not they're fault its your taste your opinion, I bet half these nasty comments are not even true honestly you just want them to go out of business but if that's what you want then your wasting your time because they have lots of customers and staff is very respectful so if you don't have nothing nice to say then don't say cause at the end of the day you look stupid saying things that aren't even true. I hope you guys do very good in business god bless you guys

muy muy rico toda la comida esta riquisima!!

Best Spanish food ive ever tasted in my life!!! Im so glad theres a restaurant I can go to and its only 5 min away from my house! staff are very lovely and nice. Thanks everyone

Well I've been there almost everyday and the food doesn't seem stale at all to me. Im so happy you guys opened on this side of the island we really needed a place like this, the food is awesome the staff if very friendly, the prices are perfect. Couldn't be more satisfied congratulations.

It's good to have this place on the side of the island, unfortunately the food seems stale no matter the time of day (maybe better when they first open?), but don't get a chance to get there early. A Suggestion, maybe cook half portions numerous times throughout the day instead of letting the food sit there and dry up?

Been to this location several times this month, and the food is good. Though the chicken is dry at times. As someone mentioned in another review, what they need to do is put less out at a time so nothing drys out. The only other flaw I see about this place is the prices. Little to much on the wallet for a lunch. But if you catch the food at the right time, it can justify the price.

Im on the fence with this place. I have eaten there 4 times since they open. They have amazing Pastelillios (Beef Patties) The best ones I ever tasted and I have eaten a lot of them in my lifetime. Their rice is somewhat consistent but thats it. They first time I went there, they had these lightly breaded and lightly friend boneless white-meat chicken strips with this really good sauce with onions and potatoes. Had it over rice. Great. When there 3 times after that asking for the same thing... and once I got these crunchy chicken nuggets with some gravy from some pork dish they had in the counter. I refused it and had to get just rice. Another time they offered me some sort of chicken stew, so just got rice and Pastelillios. went there the other day and they finally had the chicken dish in the counter... but this time no flavor at all. the rice had more flavor then the chicken. They are not consistent with the exception of the pastelillios. Also have the kids around playing restaurant in a real restaurant is not such a good idea and annoying.

I find the food to ALWAYS be great and the staff is always wonderful. There avocado salad is the best I've ever had.

Just yesterday I was recommending El Dorado to my sister as we drove by. Not even 24 hours later I have no intention of every spending another dime here. Was in the neighborhood so I decided to stop and grab something for dinner. The tension between a couple of the staff members was pretty high. Stood at the counter for a bit and no one ever asked me what I wanted so I just said what I wanted and finally they decided to serve me. Unfortunately I had to repeat 3x each part of my order. As the girl/woman behind the counter was fixing my food, her and the deliver guy started arguing, even though there were customers there. They were both pretty nasty to each other, and the argument was them putting down each other's jobs and future career choices. So they continue arguing while I'm waiting for her to cut my pork skin and ring me up so that I can continue on my way. I would like to mention that I was very tired because I had just spent a day volunteering and rebuilding houses nearby, I was not in the mood for their nonsense. I spoke up and said "Can I please get my food?" Well she then says with an extremely nasty attitude "Oh, so now she wants to start too? Can I cut it up?" At that point I said "Don't bother you can keep it" and walked out the store. I have been a frequent delivery customer every since they opened and started delivery service. And even if I had never stepped foot inside before that is NOT the way you behave in front of customers and you do not give your customer's attitude just because you don't like a co-worker. And it's really too bad because the food is really good. And I went here today and planned to continue going there even though just a week ago I waited 2 hours for a delivery order and then part of it was missing! FYI...the same delivery guy who was arguing today has always been very nice and very apologetic when they make mistakes, of which he isn't even responsible for.

Just ordered lunch for my family from here. Every dish was fresh and delicious as 12:00 noon! I am glad to finally have a spanish restuarant and not just Mexican in the area! the fried plaintains were so good, the oxtail stew was delicious, and the beef stew broth was so good, but the beef was a bit chewy... having made my own I know that's not the fault of the cook though! It's the luck of the meat! In all, that was a delicious, cheap meal and I will gladly order again. Thank you for the delivery El Dorado!

My husband and I drove from New Jersey today and stop by this restaurant. My husband and I took out a bunch of different stuff. From rice to beef stew and desserts. I was very impressed. I would most definitely come back again!

@girl1234 Whatever your work conditions are you should not be treating customers poorly. The customer doesn't need to see or care about your fights with your boss. If it is that terrible there, leave. No one forces you to work there. There is no excuse for terrible customer service.

okay whoever wrote the comment below needs to stop. i am the girl that was working there that day. the so called "bosses" are so rude to the workers, I get paid 6 an hour, I'm also underage working over 30 hours a week, which is pretty illegal. if you were working there you would understand why i was frustrated that day. The working conditions are very unfair. I have school work to maintain, athletic teams that i am committed to, trying to get a scholarship for college, and the managers are so inconsiderate about my schedule. She would text me at 6 at night asking if i can come in because she was "too tired and wanted to go home." in my opinion if you're opening a restaurant you cannot expect a teenager to be doing everything and the owner doing nothing at all. So anyone who has something to say about ME who was working there please address it to me, don't judge someone when you don't know them, the other person is always fighting a battle of their own. thank you very much.

This is the WORST Spanish food I've ever had .... truly awful

This restaurant has very unprofessional workers. The staff on duty tonight was very rude over the phone, and displayed no customer hospitality. A take out delivery that was made at 6:00pm shouldn't take 1 1/2 hours....when its only a 15 min. Drive to my address from the store..... Having only one delivery driver to service the entire borough of staten island is a bit rediculous. I am a very unsatisfied customer that will be reporting this incident to consumers affairs and to the better business bueru. So I will no longer be a customer at your store. It would of made a huge difference if the staff would had made an effort to rectify this problem. Thanks for nothing EL DORADO.

I order from here all the time and go there to eat with my family on weekends.Its really good and the girls are always so nice and respectful. The food is very good btw i also order for catering and all my guests loved it.

Love it, I love everything about just the fact that its always so busy just makes me a little mad and I know its good you guys are building business and stuff but I wish it wasn't that busy every time I went there. I totally get why you guys are always busy because you food is delicious. I would give a 4 star because I hate the fact that you always busy but its not your fault the food is just that good so you guys deserve a five star. btw please don't forget to bring me hot sauce again lol

Came here about 2 days ago because one of my friends recommended it to me and it was just fantastic. The food was great, I got the beef stew with the pigeon pea rice and my husband got a Cuban sandwich. We both loved it and will come here more often now and will get delivery. Thanks for the good service ladies!

Me encanta la comida! Es muy rica y se la recomiendo a todos. Las empleadas son muy buenas y amables con todos. Yo siempre voy los domingos a comer y me encanta como me atienden. Son muy amables con los clients y siempre estan sonriendo. Muchas gracias el dorado!!!


I came hear the other day and I loved it. The food is soooo good specially their beef stew chicken stew!! im so looking forward on coming here again and I also loved how they treated me. I will recommend this restaurant to my friends and family and I hope they never run out of business. LETS GO EL DORADO

The food there is amazing!!! I love how they treat me there, every time I go. I completely disagree with the comments bellow, there food is not dry at all. I completely recommend this place to anyone!!! I started buying from here like about a year ago and the service wasn't that great but like about 4 months ago they switched the managers and now the girls that work there are really nice!! I obviously go there only for the food but the service is important too but as long as they make me happy ill always keep going there!!

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2236 Hylan Blvd Staten Island, NY, 10306 Closed
Location : Grant City 718-980-1580

Today's Hours : 11:00AM to 10:00PM

(Now Closed)

Cuisine : Spanish, 

DeliveryWait Staff/Dine InTake Out
Price Range:

Features : On Site Parking, Online Ordering, 

Type of Place : , 

Average Review Rating:

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2236 Hylan Blvd
Staten Island, NY, 10306 Location : Grant City

Price Range


Today's Hours : 11:00AM to 10:00PM

Cuisine : Spanish, 

Services :
DeliveryWait Staff/Dine InTake Out

Features : On Site Parking, Online Ordering, 

Type of Place : , 

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Absolutely terrible. Giving spanish food restaurants a bad name! All these spanish food places on this island are overpriced and just serving not authentic good spanish food!
This is my go-to place for home-cooked style spanish food. Even though it's a hit-or-miss with the meats sometimes, I still prefer it over other island options

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