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Address :
31 New Dorp Plaza
Staten Island, 10306
Phone : 718-351-0043

10 Photos
31 New Dorp Plaza,
New Dorp, 10306

Today's Hours : 08:00AM to 10:00PM


American, Cafe, Wheelchair Accessable, , Bakery, , Wait Staff/Dine InCateringTake OutDelivery

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Love this place food is great and the service is great. i will not stop going in and eating there. No one should and everyone should not hold a grudge. The place and food are great!

this place is digusting. I will never step foot in this dirty dungeon.

Against veterans dont go there ....nasty owner

Terrible food , not worth the $$$ !!

Dirty, dirty place.

Horrible staff!!

As a mother of a young Veteran, I'm appalled at your disrespect for our Military. How dare you be so insensitive. Did you ever have a family member in the Military? I think not, the loss of sleep and worrying if they will come hone save and sound or even just come home. I really hope you learn a lesson, your business will definitely hurt after the disrespectful remarks. Next time, think before you open that big ugly mouth of yours. I hope you have another job lined up because your bakery will be boycotted by many!!!!! I heard you can dial in for unemployment now

How Sad I will spread this around and hope your business fells the effect! Your prices are too high anyway

The owner posted all over social media, cursing about a charity event that was held near his bakery , for a fallen soldier that lived in New Dorp. The owner showed himself and more important the community what he really cares about. His selfish behavior and attitude is a disgrace to all small business owners. What is wrong with you bakery that having 1000s of people on the street, would be bad for your business? I will never again give his shameful loudmouth any business.

They changed me about $15 for 2 pints of salad dressing that I never ordered and never received. I caught the mistake much later when I asked my husband why the bill was so high. We called them they swore they gave us these 2 pints of dressing. But they didn't. I let it go. But I am writing this review. Ironically the dressings that came with the food order were delicious. But I should not have been charged for 2 pints of it, and it wasn't rectified when I called.

Not only did Dominick's bakery deliver my baby shower cake on the wrong date but for the actual event they sent us the wrong cake with strawberries which I'm allergic to and OLD buttercream as per a guest at my shower who happened to be a baker !!! It was all cracked and the lettering looked like a drunk person wrote on it and the best part they showed no compassion and were not willing to refund us ! I will make sure that this whole island knows how they wronged me! As avid costumers I assure you I will never go back and not one of the 75 ppl from my shower would either after the Horrible cake and service we received ! I promise you I will get the word out !!! We even spoke to Owner himself who did not even care. Well now Dominick you lost at least 75 costumers !!!

This place is back to what it used to be, awesome! At first it was like a very poor imitation of the hylan blvd version, but this place got back on track and is even better now. Word is they opened up this new spot with none of the original kitchen staff but have since rehired the original chef. This place has since went from good to excellent! Prices are on comparable to their competition but I agree, service is sub par. Wait staff could use some intense training and have some knowledge of the menu and server etiquette.


I needed to send a bereavement basket to a friend (last minute of course). Just got off the phone with Danielle, who could not have been more courteous, helpful, etc. Their delivery person leaves at 3 but she put me on hold, called him and asked if he would come back for a 5:00 delivery. I had called Alfonso's, Luigi's, etc. and they couldn't send anything last minute--let alone make a basket.

Food is delicious, but I don't understand why they advertise delivery service and they are too lazy to deliver. Just had a girl answer the phone and say they deliver only until 8. Called back way before 8 and they no longer were taking any delivery orders.

Worst Service I've ever experienced, and that's saying a lot considering I grew up on the island. After living in the city for 11 years and getting used to what quality service is all about, my expectations when on the island are always very low. Un-inviting and bad attitudes are typically the norm. But Dominick's managed to shock a guy with even the lowest of expectations. Read about this place in Industry magazine, and with limited healthy options and outdoor seating available on Staten Island, it appealed to me. So I took a group of 6, family visiting from out of town, for breakfast a couple of Sunday mornings ago. The first server outside was a middle aged woman who had the most un-inviting demeanor I've ever seen, server or otherwise. A group of 50 couldn't tickle a smile out of this woman, and no surprise I noticed the tables she was serving, were spotted shaking their heads a time or 2. Another server, a young Italian looking girl, looked and behaved as if she was up all night fighting with her boyfriend. Our server, a nice enough young guy, who tried his best, and may be an asset with even an ounce of proper training, was so mistake prone and confused, that it was impossible to give him high grades. After all of this, I still have this place another shot just a moment ago on this Sunday morning, this time alone with my newspaper. Walk inside, guy says "sit whenever you like". I said of like to sit outside, "no problem I'll send someone out with a menu". I literally read my paper cover to cover, roughly 35 minutes, without a menu or server to be seen. Walked to my car, never to frequent this place again. I'm always fascinated by people that "choose" to be in the hospitality business, but come across as being anything but hospitable. For a place with "decent" at best food, no way this is all worth the trouble


food is delicious, staff is courteous and friendly, place is clean, pricing is "right on the money"

I hate to pile on but these folks must think that they can just show up and be successful. I will give them 5 stars for the location and the decor, but the service is horrible. They have kids as servers and they all have a bad attitudes. The food is just not what it should be. I have been there at different times and have been consistently disappointed. It`s a real shame because this location should really do well.

The food is mediocre and overpriced. For this location and price point the service should be much better.

We have been to this place several times since they re-opened a year ago. While the decor is beautiful and the location is a hit, the product and the service continue to be presented in the most amateurish fashion. The bakery selection is limited and not always fresh; the quality of the food is on par with a diner and in no way justifies the outrageous prices. Finally the service is quite frankly inadequate and unprofessional. Apparently these owners are taking another shot at what they have continued to fail at and while they operate on a shoestring and cannot attract mature experienced servers and preparers, the location is the only thing that is saving them.

User Photos from Dominick's

31 New Dorp Plaza Staten Island, NY, 10306
Location : New Dorp 718-351-0043

Today's Hours : 08:00AM to 10:00PM

(Now Open)

Cuisine : American, Cafe, Desserts

Wait Staff/Dine InCateringTake OutDelivery
Price Range:

Features : Wheelchair Accessable, 

Type of Place : Bakery, 

Average Review Rating:

31 New Dorp Plaza
Staten Island, NY, 10306 Location : New Dorp

Price Range


Today's Hours : 08:00AM to 10:00PM

Cuisine : American, Cafe, Desserts

Services :
Wait Staff/Dine InCateringTake OutDelivery

Features : Wheelchair Accessable, 

Type of Place : Bakery, 

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Love this place food is great and the service is great. i will not stop going in and eating there. No one should and everyone should not hold a grudge. The place and food are great!
this place is digusting. I will never step foot in this dirty dungeon.

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