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Campo Bello

Address :
1 Tomkins Ave
Staten Island, 10304
Phone : 718-448-1496

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20 Photos
1 Tomkins Ave,
Stapleton, 10304
Today: 11:00AM to 10:00PM
Today's Hours : 11:00AM to 10:00PM


Spanish, , On Site Parking, Lunch Specials, , , DeliveryWait Staff/Dine InCateringTake Out

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Wow! Definitely surprised at how good their food was, read mixed reviews and was skeptical..but they are going to be my go-to place when I’m in the mood for some good Spanish food. I usually order from El Dorado and El Pollo and even though I do like all three places, Campo Bello has the perfect mix: food arrived both fast AND delicious. With El Dorado, you’re lucky if food arrives at the hour mark and that they bring the right items, with El pollo I find most of the time the chicken was dry, Campo Bello, food arrived on time and my only complaint is the chicken BREAST was a little dry but anyone that cooks knows it’s very easy for chicken breast to come out dry so it’s not really a complaint considering the rest of it was moist and yummy!

Excellent food

Sent wrong food. Forgot to put something from the order in. Were very unprofessional in handling the issue, even though when wrong we were going to add to the order and give them more of our money. With the dissatisfaction and how the nature of the call was handled, my pregnant daughter who originally ordered and had me translate for her, loss her appetite. We asked for a refund only for the left out item, bad order, and had to ask numerous of times if they could please consider the delivery driver come as soon as possible so we could return the bad plate of food and they could return the money in the event that now she would have to order from elsewhere and try to complete an order with a different restaurant, and yet still the manager argued for another 5 minutes about it. Numerous of unprofessional rude employees and an arrogant manager/business owner.

we walked into this resturaunt and ordered take out when we left and got home our kids had ate and threw up constantly so did we when we took them to the doctor we all had stomach viruses

Excelente restaurant en Staten Island, tienen variedad de comidas y a muy buenos precios, la atencion es excelente. Lo recomiendo.

We went to this restaurant to purchase takeout. The food was terrible. The empanadas had a taste of old cooking oil. The pernil had no taste, and was dry. The yellow rice looked like white rice with coloring. Some of the ripe bananas tasted like they had been sitting for a long time(hard and not moist as they should have been). We also ordered other food. Overall, the misc.food had no taste. Will not patronize this restaurant again.

Today Saturday 4/22 ordered a chicken soup after waiting 45 min of waiting, i get my soup and i looking fir the chicken. After everyone gets there order the girl saids we ran out of chicken . Wo in there right mind brings a customer a chicken soup without the Chicken? My daughter asks for more sauce for her Monfongo and the chic saids the kitchen is very busy. We ask for a Manger and the Manger said what you needit. Then she said I'll go get him she comes back to say hiw can i help you. Really? Never again

This place used to be really good, now every time i go each day its a diff price and i always get the same thing. Been going here the past 4 yrs and every time i go its a diff price.

ordered online for the first time and after spending $60. dollars on food the food was terrible. The roast pork was dry and hard, my sons food was not closed properly and all the sauce spilled out onto my husbands plate and the food was cold. Called them to let them know and th girl tells that the pork I got was a fresh one newly done. It sure didn't taste like it. I'm a veteran at cooking, I know fresh food when I taste and that pork was not fresh at all. It tasted like it had been sitting there for a while. Well needless to say that our father's day dinner was definitely ruined. Thanks a lot...

Ordered lunch for delivery. Shrimp in garlic sauce and tostones. It was $18 for a tiny container of shrimp in greasy sauce and they forgot my tostones and didn't come back with them. I am so annoyed, absolutely ridiculous I am out $18 for practically no food. Never eating from here again. The sad part is I have been here more than a few times through the part years, never again! M

I had catered mother's / birthday day and the up most compliments all the way from Washington heights and Harlem food was amazing thank you!

Best Spanish food anywhere on this part of the island - they are busy so the food is constantly fresh and you can tell that.

Not once, not twice but three times in a month campo bello messed up our delivery orders. No avocados the first time, no drinks the second time and the third time, no beans... And when we called about the first two misorders, they said over an hour... For drinks and avocado!! And the third time they messed up the order, they said over 40 mins for beans. Spend 10 mins to drop off the food you forgot to deliver initially or receive a bad review? I see from the other reviews that they've messed up other orders too. Never will I be ordering from campo bello again.

the food was really good , the only thing I did not like the driver ask for my ID and credit to make sure its me...... My husband and I thought it was kind of weird, because he called me on my cell phone which they called me from to see if i wanted to change the red snapper to another fish because they did not have anymore. I don't know if this normal or not but I was not happy about it !!! ?????? I go to this restaurant for lunch once in awhile never had a problem .

I screach the web for two hours to find this resturant love the food

Delicious food,enticing menu. Although hard to order if you don't unstand or speak the language it's better than I expected.we began to order on the phone with a young man but in the mist or ordering was transferred to a woman(odd) but over all this was my first time ordering it for delivery,I've had this many times before and as always there is no disappointment with the food. Wait staff and language barrier a problem but I guess what do you expect if your in a Spanish restaurant.

Ordered Carne Guisada and French Fries. 45 minutes later, I am still waiting for my food. They tell me that they changed the oil while we were waiting. I was waiting with a three year old and I am pregnant so I asked them to switch my order to take-out. Upon arriving home, there was ZERO beef in my stew. I've been there once before and did not have a problem with service or the food. Today was despicable service! Never again!

I love ordering from this restaurant. Love the chuchifrito from the barrio and the pasteles and chiccarones are fab. The rice and black beans are to die for. I order from them once a week and the servings last for two days

The food here is definitely authentic. Usually fresh and courteous service, if you speak to the guy in charge. Otherwise you are on the phone with a few workers who have a hard time taking down an order or even knowing the menu. I've waited longer than I've liked for a delivery in the past, but today was the WORST experience ever. After missing their 20-30 minute estimation for delivery I called an hour later and was told the food was still there waiting for delivery but would be the first out. After an additional 35 minutes, I call to find out the guy had "delivered" my food to someone else, even though he had difficulty calling or getting someone at the door. The manager assured me he would have the guy pick up the order from where he left it, which I said I would not accept (as if this was sanitary!) he said he could have the food sent out again but would not guarantee I wouldn't be waiting an additional hour for it. I explained that they are less than 5 minutes from my house and that the story was just incredible. I asked him to cancel my order and to make sure I did not get charged...8 minutes later the delivery boy was standing at my door with the food he had originally delivered to the wrong house, but was supposedly untouched. Are you kidding me? This is the most unprofessional thing I've ever heard of! Either they lied about the food going to the wrong place or they were actually dense enough to rede liver food that was in someone's house all that time. Simply unacceptable!

The food is great, I get delivery and the food always arrives hot. I have no complains.

worst place ever

Very delicious and authentic Spanish food anywhere on Staten Island. There are a few good spots but Campo Bello atmosphere and service just stands out, this is probably why the food is always fresh, you can see things constantly moving which is most important in a buffet style restaurant. The seafood kitchen items are as delicious as we ever tasted.


very good food

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1 Tomkins Ave Staten Island, NY, 10304 Closed
Location : Stapleton 718-448-1496

Today's Hours : 11:00AM to 10:00PM

(Now Closed)

Cuisine : Spanish, 

DeliveryWait Staff/Dine InCateringTake Out
Price Range:

Features : On Site Parking, Lunch Specials, Online Ordering

Type of Place : , 

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1 Tomkins Ave
Staten Island, NY, 10304 Location : Stapleton

Price Range


Today's Hours : 11:00AM to 10:00PM

Cuisine : Spanish, 

Services :
DeliveryWait Staff/Dine InCateringTake Out

Features : On Site Parking, Lunch Specials, Online Ordering

Type of Place : , 

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Wow! Definitely surprised at how good their food was, read mixed reviews and was skeptical..but they are going to be my go-to place when I’m in the mood for some good Spanish food. I usually order fro
Excellent food

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