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Broadway Mike's-CLOSED

Address :
747 Forest Ave
Staten Island, 10310
Phone : 718.815.6595

Broadway Mike's-CLOSED Closed

9 Photos
747 Forest Ave,
West Brighton, 10310

Today's Hours : 12:00PM to 10:00PM


Steakhouse, , Restaurant & Bar, On Site Parking, Bar w/Grill, , Alcohol/Beer/WineWait Staff/Dine InCateringTake Out

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THIS IS FOR THE CLUELESS STAFF AND THE OWNER!!!!!! The classic patty melt is a pretty wonderful thing if you’re a fan of hamburgers and onions. Traditionally the sandwich includes one hamburger patty, which is topped with swiss cheese. Grilled onions are added and the whole burger with rye bread included is grilled to fully melt the cheese. The result is a hot, flavorful burger that differs from the normal hamburger patty. Substitutions for rye bread include panini, Texas toast, or any type of white bread, and some burgers can be made of turkey.

Do Not waste your time or money. Service is beyond terrible and the staff is clueless. The food took way to long to come out and every course had atleast one thing wrong that had to be sent back and then wait a long time again for it to be replaced. It blew our minds that at a " SteakHouse" we were served a steak and then had to ask 3 times for a steak knife, that should be the 1st thing given before the steak comes out or with it. The owner was present at the time of our visit and had zero control of anything .They had live music which was also way to loud for a small space. I would never go back

Two stars for food only. Very good, service, not so much. Bread basket and butter served without bread plates. Had to butter roll on my hand. No salt and pepper on table. Will probably not go back!

The place had a beautyfull decor and thats all it had going for themself. The table where cramped, service was lousy, the food was adaquete but it was expensive. If you want great itallion food go to casa nova.

Its actually been open for a month and the grand opening was 2 weeks ago.

To the previous reviewer: How can you say you go to this restaurant every week when it was just announced opened by whereyoueat 2 weeks ago? Do you work there and promote like this?

we go to this reatsuarant at least once a week. the staff is quite friendly and the food is great. although the prices are a bit expensive we enjoy having a nice place to dine without having to drive to the other sides of the island. they are new, i suggest giving them time and voice your concerns. I have had their black and blue burger...delicious! sausage and peppers..amazing! pork chop...unbelievable presentation! veal...tender and delicious...chicken cordon bleu appetizer...great! amarreto sour...made to perfection in in my opinion. NY strip...juicy, properly cooked chicken pot pie...one of my favorites, puff pastry needed a lil more time but thats minor. I have brought 4 friends who dont live on the island to hang out at Mikes and they were all happy. I would recommend them, the atmosphere there is very nice.

Honestly I don't understand you people .. I truly think that all you people are either just hateing on this place or youse are just Usto eating at Wendy's

I came there after friends said they were trying it guess I shld of checked with them the next day otherwise My boyfriend and I wldn't have wasted our time. We ordered to steaks med rare they came out well done we voiced this to our waitress who did nothing and must have been new on top of smelling like an ash tray and wearing clothes to tight. We barely touched our food and still nothing. Our drinks didn't even taste right. My friends were there over the weekend and said they too had the same problem with their steak...

Sorry the food took long to come out. We just opened and have to work out the kitchen.

Nothing is Cold nor Old in the Restaurant.....I eat in there twice a week and everything is perfect and the food is amazing..... the prices theres nothing wrong with the prices your paying to enjoy for yourself.....steaks chicken seafood your not going to get any of that for nothing......since you want a steak for cheap go to mcdonalds......I give Broadway Mikes 5 stars

Terrible, just terrible. Everything about this place is just terrible!! If I could give it zero stars, I would but I had to give it at least 1. #1 its called a steakhouse, but it has an italian menu????If you can't stick to what your restaurant is known for, then redesign your menu!!Also, there prices are very high considering the low quality of the food. #2 When my family finally got the food after waiting 1 hour and a half when it was not even busy, everything was cold and old. My girlfriend also found a hair in her salad. In her salad!!!!Could you imagine such a thing???? Bottom line, DO NOT GO HERE!! Go to Angelina's or Bella Vita, which is much cheaper and much nicer and has a much higher quality of food. Trust me, I've eaten in alot of restaurants and this is not one to try!!

Broadway Mikes is better than afternoones, pepper jack any local restauarant or bar. Come check it out.


I had the porter house for 2 tonight with my wife and I can honestly say I have never had a steak like this before. Everything was exceptional tonight. The atmosphere was great and the service was even better . I believe if you haven't tried this place you should go soon

We are going out this weekend with two couples for our monthly get together and happened upon this steakhouse when searching for a place. We are so happy to see that 747 has reopened. We were there 3 or 4 times and loved it . I will post after our experience.

Sharon the bartender , provided greatt service throughout the meal. Not only was her recommendations superlative, but we would definitely come back, with friends and family.

Name says steakhouse....menu says italian....enough italian choices on Forest Ave & Staten Island....It's either a steakhouse or not.

Highly recomend this resturant.Give it a chance they just opened:)

We went with another couple last night and the food was okay. It came out cold and the steak was undercooked. The staff seemed inexperienced. The restaurant was decorated nicely similar to the previous restaurants there. I would probably give it another try as it just opened and they need to work things out.

same staff same owner?? want to know if I can use my gift certificate from seven4seven. When I called I was put on hold and disconnected if the owner or manager reads this can you let me know. thank you, Dominick.

Just had lunch for my mother-in-law's birthday. Everyone had something different., steak, seafood, pasta, salad. Not a single complaint about the food. Our only "complaint" might be how long we had to wait for our meal, which is probably because the kitchen had just opened. We were a table of 8 and there were four other tables occupied and everyones meals came out at the same time. This was our second time there and we will definitely be going back. We wish them luck.

Food was good.

They have very comfortable chairs. I wish I knew where they got their chairs from, because I would like to buy them for my dining room table at home. The chairs had adequate cushioning and provided excellent support for both the lower and upper back. I can't comment on the food or service because I was too busy admiring the chairs, but the other diners seemed happy.

I was taken there last night for my birthday by my wife and daughter, everyone enjoyed there meal, I ordered a steak and it came just as I ordered medium rare. I was surprised that We were served as fast as we were, usually I wait much longer in most places. The only problems that I saw were that there were too many tables in a small area and the band was to loud for such a small establishment. Also the staff was constantly running in and out of the kitchen carrying trays of food and I was amazed that anyone wasn't run into that was sitting with there back to the only kitchen opening.

Nice room but very , very loud with an Italian band with 2 singers during Saturday night dinner. Service - poor at best. 20 min. wait for initial drinks, 3 entrees served for a party of 4, 3 coffee/desserts again for a party of 4. 21 yr old waistress who seemed bent on blaming everyone but herself for poor service. Just fix the issue, don't blame the staff. Food - just fair. Steak overcooked and tough. Hate to have to claim my entree or raise my hand. Just get it straight. Prices - expensive the quality. If service and food were great, I wouldn't mind but neither were great. Host was charming but service was awful. Alot of people mulling around getting nothing done.

Went to dinner on Sat night with a group of friends place was crowded and very noisy for that size of a room. The singer they had was good but very loud couldn't hear yourself speak or think. The service was bad waited almost a hour before dinner was served, the waiter didnt have a clue what was going on. Complained to owner about the service and they gave us dessert and coffee. Will try one more time and see what happens. The food was good.

Horrible food, service was terrible..so overpriced for si. will not go there again..I do not recommend this place

Number one everyone needs to stop hating on the steakhouse, you all are just jealous of how good the are doing or the past "owners" who sucked ass and got closed down cause you people were cheap bastards. Hm let see. Food has been nothing but DELICIOUS and the stadd, couldnt ask for any better staff. Always smiling and down to earth people to make you feel just like your home. Singers are amazing always like to groove a little on the weeekends and enjoy yourself not here other peoples conversations. They have beautiful decorations and it looks 100 times better then the place before. I had heard nothing but BAD things and how the staff and owners SUCKED! so for the ones who have bad comments I advise you to go to where u prefer and leave this place alone with the good comments. Rarely do I ever have a complaint and i deff. never complained about BROADWAY MIKES. gOOD LUCK MIKE ...... you willlll do awesome !

Gret Place! Stopped in for lunch and to book a Christmas Party. Had a great burger for lunch with fresh cut french fries. Everything was delicious and fresh. Looking forward to going back for dinner. Beautiful bar, flat screen tv's and nicely stocked wine and alcohol selection.

I was there on Friday 12/2/11 for the second time with friends and was overwhelmed by the NIGHTCLUB BAND that was BLASTING the music like we were at "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"!!! What the heck is going on?!! I go to a steakhouse to enjoy a good steak and enjoy talking with the people I'm with, I DO NOT want to sing along to "Sweet Caroline" or dance the Tarintella!!! We let the staff know that the music was bothersome, but nothing was done. The first time I was there, there was just 1 man singing in the backround, it was much more enjoyable. It's really a shame because the food is really good, all though a little pricey for Staten Island. Maybe this place would be better on the South Shore, but diners on the North Shore are a little more sophisticated!!

Enough with the Italian Rest. on S.I.....This place is nothing special....Staff are clueless, food is mediocre. Very overpriced for S.I.

Why is this place on the popular list, it's nothing special at all, there are much better american restaurants on the island and this place keeps showing up at the top. show us something better than this!!

Needs new management. The hostess of this establishment is extremely rude, she was annoyed that we didn't have a RESERVATION because they play music on Saturday nights and you need a reservation for that so she will be unable to seat us without a reservation, She turned around and walked away. A waiter then quickly came over and asked if we wouldn't mind seating at a table by the bar, he was very polite and seated us. After we ordered our meals, the waiter came back to inform us that the menus had a misprint and entree was actually $5 more. Unfortunately the chef knows what he is doing because the food was good, but due to the misprint in menu and rudeness of the hostess, I will find another place for dinner before I return.

We chose this restaurant because it looked so nice from the outside and its new so figured we would see what its all about. When we entered again the appearance and ambiance was very nice. It ended there! From the moment we were seated, everything went wrong. We were crowded at our table which were so closely placed together. There was a singer that was so loud for such a small place. When I go out to dinner I would prefer not to have people singing (and dancing, yes dancing like it was a priivate party) right in front of me. Our waitress was terrible. It wasnt that busy when we first got there and she could not get it together.She messed up our drink order, could not recommend anything because "everything here is good" thanks! The appetizers were cold. We were hoping our entrees would redeem our so far poor experience.However, for for the money and the service it was completely overlooked that the food was decent. We were so disappointed. There were young inexperienced staff or family members "hanging out" at the bar. It is not somewhere I plan on returning. Its ashame because no restaurant seems to make it there. We live in the area and have tried them all. Good luck because I think its needed there.

I ate here and the food was amazing. So much so we are going back!

The food is very expensive and honesty, does not taste that good. Read that other reviews and see that service is lacking, but that is a symptom of Staten Island unfortunately - people on the Island will put up with anything. The decor and ambiance is beautiful, but it can't make up for the generally poor experience. There are better choices on the Island. Don't waste your time.

Appetizer was OK. Drinks were just OK. Service was HORRIBLE! Place is super noisy. Both entrees had to go back. Mine (fish) was terrible, tasted frozen. The other entree which was steak had to go back bc it was completely raw. When we told the waiter, he said "well you ordered it Medium Rare" which we did not, we ordered it Medium WELL. I would never go back to this place even if they paid me to go!

Had a great time Saturday night with the family. 7 Adults 1baby in all. the service was great, the food excellent, and the staff were terriffic. We would return for family occassions or dinner for 2 anytime.

Let's start by saying I am a food lover and a Chef for 25 years!! I found this place by way of a birthday invitation from friends. I was very impressed that night, and another 4 other nights that I have been there. I have recommended this place to 4 other people and All i get is the "Wow" factor every time. To all those who are hating on Mikes, go back to eating your happy meals and chicken McNuggets. your pallets are not trained to detect anything other that prefabricated frozen food. Leave the real food to the experienced food lovers and critics. Mike your doing a Bang up job, I just have one request... Please drop the volume down on your amplifier a bit on Saturday's so I am not yelling across the table. I'll be going tonight again why.. cause the food is great!!! Hint: order the Oysters Rockefeller for an appetizer.

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747 Forest Ave Staten Island, NY, 10310
Location : West Brighton 718.815.6595

Today's Hours : 12:00PM to 10:00PM

(Now Closed)

Cuisine : Steakhouse, 

Alcohol/Beer/WineWait Staff/Dine InCateringTake Out
Price Range:

Features : Restaurant & Bar, On Site Parking, Sports Programming

Type of Place : Bar w/Grill, 

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747 Forest Ave
Staten Island, NY, 10310 Location : West Brighton

Price Range


Today's Hours : 12:00PM to 10:00PM

Cuisine : Steakhouse, 

Services :
Alcohol/Beer/WineWait Staff/Dine InCateringTake Out

Features : Restaurant & Bar, On Site Parking, Sports Programming

Type of Place : Bar w/Grill, 

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THIS IS FOR THE CLUELESS STAFF AND THE OWNER!!!!!! The classic patty melt is a pretty wonderful thing if you’re a fan of hamburgers and onions. Traditionally the sandwich includes one hamburger patty
Do Not waste your time or money. Service is beyond terrible and the staff is clueless. The food took way to long to come out and every course had atleast one thing wrong that had to be sent back and t

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