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Bin 5

Address :
1233 Bay Street
Staten Island, 10305
Phone : 718-448-7275

22 Photos
1233 Bay Street,
Shore Acres, 10305

Today's Hours : 02:00PM to 09:00PM


Italian, , This way on Bay, Outdoor Dining, Fine Dining, , Alcohol/Beer/WineWait Staff/Dine InCatering

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Everything from the food to drinks to service is top notch. Danny and his staff always make you feel welcome. The food is amazing. I’ve been here multiple times and never had a meal or app that I didn’t love. Highly recommend for a date night or night our with family or friends.

I have been wanting to visit Bin 5 for a few weeks now, the menu looked very different, intriguing. I had read all of the reviews and had seen that they were Michelin rated and voted best restaurant, so I felt I needed to get myself in there to see what the place was all about. Walking in the door, I was very impressed with the atmosphere, I felt like I was in a high end SOHO bistro. We got the best table in the house, tucked right in the front window alcove. Immediately, we were approached by a waiter, service was spot on for the rest of the evening as well. Despite us walking in the door at around 9 o'clock (they close at 10) we were told to take our time, and they meant it. We never felt even the slightest bit rushed. We ordered 3 small plates. The calamari was perfectly cooked and the accompanying marinara and other dipping sauce was great. The bone marrow was just as I had expected, the way it was seasoned and roasted was perfect. But it gets better...The lamb chops were tender, flavourful and perfectly cooked. Since there were 4 of them, we asked if 2 could be cooked medium and for 2 to be medium rare. Without blinking an eye, they said "of course" and they delivered perfection! These were the meatiest lollipop lamb chops I've ever had in a restaurant. Now for dessert. I had read about how good the pistachio walnut cake was, and it did not disappoint, not too sweet and light as a feather. And the cappuccino...so creamy, so good, better than Italy. Overall, Bin 5 was a heavenly experience! I'll be a regular for sure.

Like a diamond in the ruff, Bin 5 is a real find! The food is a feast for the eyes and the palette!!! From meats, to pastas to vegetables the unique menu offers the freshest ingredients. Ask the owner for the best wine pairing or have a fun cocktail and your dinner experience will be complete!!

Finally found a restaurant that does it right. The menu is genius and I've been everywhere. Never stayed on the island for dinner, now I think I will. As for the cocktails, ash a sigh of relief. There are bartenders and then there are mixologists. I think you know what I mean. My cocktail was pure perfection. I could never get a James Bond Martini on the island ( a martini with lillet instead of vermouth). Of course they have my Sauvignon blanc from New Zealand, instead of the boring Pinot grigios in every restaurant on this island. I must say kudos to Bin 5 for doing it right, (it's really not hard, Staten Island). Thanks again for taking the time to flatter my palate ??????????

I had read mostly nice reviews of this place and wanted to try it for my wedding anniversary. We walk in and are greeted nicely, but then instead of walking us to our table he just points towards it. Once we sit down a hostess hands us our menus and piece of paper with the specials on it, which I thought was kinda tacky...and later the desserts were also printed on a white pice of paper....overall I was disappointed...nothing stood out, except for the 2 sheets of paper....some of the staff had street clothes on...really a 2 star experience but I'll give an extra because it was my anniversary and my expectations were probably a bit high

Went to Bin 5 for dinner last weekend. The food was amazing; the French onion soup ravioli were unbelievable! The chef, Frank, was present in the dining room stopping at each table to introduce himself, a true professional in all aspects of the role. The staff on the other left a lot to be desired. The waiter looked like he walked in from his office day job and took of his blazer. On the floor he was like a deer in headlights. The bartender/waiter was all over the place - interfering with the waiter and the owner and every word out of his mouth was "phenomenal" and "his favorite". Thank God the bus boy knew what he was doing! They need to get some seasoned staff!

My friend I visited Bin 5 for lunch and took advantage of the warm weather and sat in the garden. The waiter, Liam was a pleasure and very accommodating. We shared a delicious pitcher of Red Sangria which was one of the best I've had- very refreshing. They placed a tasty fresh made humus with crusty slices of bread in front of us to snack on which was very good. We both started with the chilled cantaloupe and peach soup which rocked! Then I had the crab and avocado salad which was fresh with a nice balance of flavors..it was lovely when the Chef, Frank Bilotti came out to ask how we enjoyed our food. He is a very talented Chef. Can't wait to return! Not the traditional Italian restaurant..interesting menu and great staff!

nice menu...good food....good service!

The food is good, the service is excellent. I agree the menu needs to be more diversified. As for Da Noi on fingerboard the food is good but the menu is getting old.

We celebrated our anniversary with dinner at Bin 5. We had been anxiously awaiting their opening in Rosebank and feel so rewarded for our wait. Eddie and his staff are so welcoming; we felt very comfortable. The restaurant is a perfect size and decorated beautifully. We loved every selection we tried from the eclectic menu. We tried the crab meat. avocado and mango appetizer, so delicious, my mouth is watering as I describe it for you. My husband enjoyed his fried calamari, which is served with a new and different sauce. Our entrees were equally as appealing. I loved my chicken breast, eggplant with smoked mozzarella and champagne sauce while my husband indulged with filet mignon, chicken and sausage pieces in a delicious sauce. Our dessert was the special nutella spring roll and we thoroughly enjoyed the delicious white sangria. Our bill was surprisingly modest and on review, we noticed that the menu items were most reasonable for such a tasteful restaurant. Chef Frank has created a vast menu of new flavor combinations... very exciting and different. Please see the online menu for the appropriate names for the dishes I described. If you prefer a more traditional menu, then Da Noi on Fingerboard would suit you. As close neighbors, we will easily become regulars at Bin 5.

My Husband And I went to the resturant last week.We had three apetizers and each one was better than the last, first we had cold cucumber soup with prociutto really didn't think I would like it but it was great !! ,Then we had an avocado & crabmeat apetizer which was absolutley fantastic, Then we had a portobello mushroom apetizer which was equally as good.We drank a delicious white san gria loaded with fruit which was very refreshing.(my husband doesn't like wine & even he loved it).We then had our entre which was a dish of fillet mignon, chicken pieces, sausage, & potatos in a delicious sauce .You could cut the meat with just a fork ,it was that tender !!It just melted in your mouth.For dessert we had a crepe filled with Nutella & banana rolled and drizzled with chocolate.It was warm and sweet, A perfect ending to an absolutley fantastic meal !! the resturant itself has a great atmosphere & the staff was very friendly & attentive. All in all a great experience & the best food in quite some time & the price was very reasonable............Russell & Lavinia Wilner.

I dislike the menu and the prices are high. There should be something on the menu for everyone. I was really looking forward to the restaurant to open, we need something affordable in this economy. I am a Rosebank resident and are last great restaurant was Ameila's which was affordable and the menu was accommodating.

My Husband and I have been waiting for Bin 5 to open for sometime now and when it finally did we went and was not disappointed. Since they are smaller plates you can easily share them and try everything. First they start you with hummus and it was delish. I had to fight my husband for it! lol ... than we had spicy shrimp salad with cucumber and watermelon. Which you cant beat in a summer month. so refreshing. We went on to having the spring rolls, fried calamari, coconut shrimp - OMG with the pina colada sauce... its outta this world yummy. duck and scallion rolls. for main course we tried the salmon wrapped w/ potatoes and the pork cutlets encrusted with panko bread crumbs. the drinks were yummy and the decor is just lovely. We had an awesome waiter i believe his name was Liam and he was very knowledgeable about all the dishes and recommended some good ones so we didn't miss anything. he was very excited and energetic and i like it. Shows me he loves his job! Chef Frank walked around and greeted each table which i like because you get to see who is making your food and thank him for such wonderful dishes. Best part is its right down the block from our house so we can walk there and eat all the time..... 5 stars is not enough i would give 10.

One of the most amazing restaurants!! Excellent service, both the owner and the chef came out to make sure we were enjoying ourselves, and the food was phenomenal! The coconut shrimp is amazing!

I am so excited about this new restaurant! The menu items are so different and delicious. The owner, Eddie is so welcoming, Liam, our waiter so friendly and Frank the chef coming out to check on how we liked our orders made our meal even more enjoyable. The outside garden is beautiful. I can't wait to eat here again to try more of Frank's creations.

Another great restaurant from this family. We are never disappointed when we eat at one of their establishments. The menu is very different, but very interesting. As always, the owner was around multiple times to check on everything, and the chef came out twice as well.

We all know an love the DaNoi family and Bin 5 is no exception. The atmosphere is always welcoming, warm and cozy feel makes you want to come in during any hour of the day. The Chef is exceptional at Bin5 and gives it a little uniqueness from the DaNoi on Father Cap (not too far away). Great addition to the island which I hope sticks around.

A little bit of Asian-Fusion? Or something like DaNoi with a twist that I can't describe, while going out alone just me and my husband Bin 5 is my number one choice. When it's with the entire family or a gathering, it's still DaNoi.

Small place, Great atmosphere!! Food was EXCELLENT!!! Will be going back again....

one of my favorite places to eat on SI. Place is cozy. Drinks were excellent. Food was very good. Not the normal type menu that every place on SI has.

Finally tried this place and it was excellent. Small and intimate, excellent service. Pazanella salad, portobella appetizer, surf & turf, creme brulee and limoncello cake were outstanding.

We love Bin 5, the service and food is excellent!! Once we tried it we have taken so many people back! Any reason to go and have a great meal!!

Elegant, great food, Eddie goes for the gold again. Love the atmosphere.. but just a little to DARK. Need a flashlight to read menus. But love it anyway.

User Photos from Bin 5

1233 Bay Street Staten Island, NY, 10305
Location : Shore Acres 718-448-7275

Today's Hours : 02:00PM to 09:00PM

(Now Closed)

Cuisine : Italian, 

Alcohol/Beer/WineWait Staff/Dine InCatering
Price Range:

Features : This way on Bay, Outdoor Dining, Restaurant & Bar

Type of Place : Fine Dining, 

Average Review Rating:

1233 Bay Street
Staten Island, NY, 10305 Location : Shore Acres

Price Range


Today's Hours : 02:00PM to 09:00PM

Cuisine : Italian, 

Services :
Alcohol/Beer/WineWait Staff/Dine InCatering

Features : This way on Bay, Outdoor Dining, Restaurant & Bar

Type of Place : Fine Dining, 

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Everything from the food to drinks to service is top notch. Danny and his staff always make you feel welcome. The food is amazing. I’ve been here multiple times and never had a meal or app that I di
I have been wanting to visit Bin 5 for a few weeks now, the menu looked very different, intriguing. I had read all of the reviews and had seen that they were Michelin rated and voted best restaurant,

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