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494 Chicken

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494 Chicken

Address :
3785 Victory Blvd
Staten Island, 10314
Phone : 718-494-2442

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7 Photos
3785 Victory Blvd,
Chelsea, 10314
Today: 03:00PM to 09:00PM
Today's Hours : 03:00PM to 09:00PM


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494 is a good store but not perfect. I have ordered more than 30 times from them. The good food: Fried "tubs of chicken", smash potatoes, BBQ ribs, cold tossed salad, onion rings, breaded mushrooms, Hot fresh baked biscuits. The bad food: BBQ

Great fried chicken and delicious ribs! Everything outside of that was okay, but if you stick to the basics they do an amazing job. Island wide delivery is a big plus!

Ordered twice this week and sampled a good portion of their menu. Also uploaded some photos. Chicken - I tried the fried and the roasted. The fried was very good, juicy and flavorful. The roasted was disappointing after a couple of bites I pulled a piece of butchers twine from my mouth. I guess they tie up before roasting but for God's sake remove the string before serving. Ribs - They say the ribs are flame grilled, sorry not buying it. No smoky flavor, they appeared braised, tangy sauce was okay but orange in color. Chicken Soup - Trust me and take a pass. You'd think a chicken place would have a great chicken soup. It was a hot mess and green. See photo.

Ordered because reviews were good but it was terrible. Quesedilla was burnt but cheese was not melted on the inside. Will not order again.

Surprisingly fast delivery even though we located in new dorp, the other side from 494 but it's just one of the best choices for bbq, especially affordable bbq delivery to us. Corn nuggets delicious, ribs are succulent 80% of the time, there are a few off days, still good just on the better days they are really good.

The only place for BBQ on Staten Island with fast delivery service and affordable prices. Great for any night of the week, homemade sides are excellent, sandwiches fresh, lettuce crisp, overall very good.

Excellent value for what we get each time we order, price is very affordable yet the quality is delicious. Chicken is scrumptious

Had delivery, was decent on timing. The roasted chicken was okay. The corn tasted like water and was definitely frozen from a bag. Mac n cheese was boring. Parsley garlic potatoes were okay. At least the salad was green and seemingly fresh. Idk why the send ketchup w roasted chicken. Maybe next the I make my own sides.

Grilled chicken was excellent. Roasted Chicken was good. Mashed potatoes were instant and gross. Shrimp was extremely fried and my husband got sick after eating it. "Boneless wings" were just small chicken fingers. Breaded veggies and corn nuggets were good. Cucumber salad was ok but our portion had very little cucumber. Overall the food was ok and the prices were good. I'd try them again but probably only get chicken.

Really fast delivery and items feel like a home cooked meal. Make sure to get the side dishes like corn, mashed potatoes and other goodies to make a complete dinner, also comes with a delicious biscuit and they Deliver Island-Wide!!

..this place has been around forever

Really Good BBQ Ribs and especially great that they deliver to the entire island.

VERY helpfull and attentive when ordering over the phone!!

By Far the best chicken on the Island decent prices and specials chicken is always juicy and crispy. Sides are to die for I love this place

I've been ordering from these guys since 1987 and have loved it ever since! My favorites are the chicken, ribs, home made corn bread, mac and cheese and sauteed spinach. The store has been run by two brothers since day 1 and are a joy to deal with ! A1 ALL THE WAY!!!!

The chicken [BBQ] is very tasty most of the time though if you order late you might get a burnt or over heated batch so its consistant......also you have to know what's good from them not all their sides work. Like the fries ..undercooked...corn nuggets yummy

Best ribs on the island!!!

Called to order for delivery guy on the phone was very helpful and very nice, I ordered nuggets mashed potatoes and corn. It arrived within minutes. Nuggets were perfect. Clean looking food. Good portion for a good price. Will def order from them again.

Was surprised the ribs tasted so good! The Roasted Chicken and Rib dinner is a great choice for a great price which comes with a Side Dish, Roll and Sauce, 3 Ribs and 2 Pieces of Chicken for only 10 bucks!

Hit and miss on the food. Good sandwiches and sides. Chicken is sometimes undercooked, which isn't good. Same with the ribs.

With Island-Wide delivery, serving sandwiches from the grill that taste just like the home made BBQ you make in your backyard is hands down 5 stars. The Grilled Chicken Breast Filet Sandwich was deliciously grilled with BBQ flavor served on a kaiser roll with Red Onion, Lettuce and Tomato. It was served with Crinkle Cut french fries which added to a great tasting meal.

The best Chicken and Rib Take-Out on Staten Island! Especially convenient with quick delivery, always Hot and always FRESH!

Had the chicken/fish combo. Ordered the chicken with BBQ sauce and without skin. For the side, I had the BBQ Baked beans, which was excellent. The fish was nice and moist and the three fried shrimp were good. A family member ordered the clams, they were clam strips, not whole clams. Another family member ordered the candied yams, they were horrible. Came out of a can. Will order again, only to try other items.

The 494 Chicken restaurant offers free delivery for all of Staten Island for orders of a minimum $15. They also accept major credit cards. One can order online from this restaurant which is really convenient. I like that the restaurant is open all days of the week. Some of the good food that I've tried here over a couple of weeks that I've found to be really tasty include the flounder fillet dinner made of 2 flounder filets, french fries or choice of homemade side dish, roll and tartar sauce with garlic parsley potatoes I enjoyed this with breaded mushrooms, zucchini, broccoli and cauliflower served with cheese sauce and horseradish. One of the really good snacks that I've had in only one other restaurant is the sweet potato fries that really go well with the single side order of 6 marinated ribs. The macaroni salad was awesome and the carrot cake desert is something new.

I'm new to Staten Island and placed a LARGE order Saturday night's Ranger game. Requested my chicken to be prepared some roasted some fried and some BBQ. Fried chicken was crispy on the outside and moist inside (fried under pressure), rotisserie chicken was "real" (not marinated) with just some spices rubbed on the outside (maybe pepper/lemon?). BBQ Chicken looked as if it was roasted first the same way then finished on a open flame char grill with BBQ sauce that caramelized dark red under the heat. I tried this place because I firmly believe that you should only order your chicken from a chicken place, I stand affirmed! Can't wait to try the ribs!

I generally order the BBQ chicken and find it to be very good and very consistent. Even though I live about as far awa.y from the restaurant you can get and still be on the island, the delivery is quick and the food arrives hot. The BBQ chicken wrap is also very good. I usually buy the family special under the name of "Duo" with 8 pieces of chicken and two sides. It comes at a good price and I usually have enough left over for a second meal as lunch or part of dinner the next day. Highly recommended

They have delivery

...best ribs I ever had!

Ive tried almost everything on the menu...best is fried chicken and hot wings...also roasted chicken doesnt have that sugar marinate flavor found at other places

I just had the very best ckicken & rib dinner that I can remember eating. Delivery was prompt and the Driver Bob was a sweatheart.

Very good! Food, price, delivery time, customer service. Excellent

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3785 Victory Blvd Staten Island, NY, 10314 Closed
Location : Chelsea 718-494-2442

Today's Hours : 03:00PM to 09:00PM

(Now Closed)

Cuisine : American, 

DeliveryCateringTake Out
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Free Island Wide Delivery

3785 Victory Blvd
Staten Island, NY, 10314 Location : Chelsea

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Today's Hours : 03:00PM to 09:00PM

Cuisine : American, 

Services :
DeliveryCateringTake Out

Features : Coupons, Online Ordering, 

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494 is a good store but not perfect. I have ordered more than 30 times from them. The good food: Fried "tubs of chicken", smash potatoes, BBQ ribs, cold tossed salad, onion rings, breaded mu
Great fried chicken and delicious ribs! Everything outside of that was okay, but if you stick to the basics they do an amazing job. Island wide delivery is a big plus!

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