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Fresh Tortillas

Address :
304 New Dorp Lane
Staten Island, 10306
Phone : 718-979-1222

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18 Photos
304 New Dorp Lane,
New Dorp, 10306
Today: 11:30AM to 10:00PM
Today's Hours : 11:30AM to 10:00PM


Healthy, Mexican, Online Ordering, Lunch Specials, , , DeliveryTake Out

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At first I lol'd when I saw this in the healthy cuisine section of whereyoueat. Tex Mex food in a healthy section does sound funny, but we did order fajitas and they tasted really good and seemed healthy. Grilled Chicken with peppers, onions and guacamole on a freshly prepared non packaged tortilla without any preservatives. There was absolutely no oil at all, honestly it was to good to be true. I never had a delicious tasting taco which didn't have grease marks left over, there was no grease. The fajita was really delicious and the sauce it comes with ranchero or some sort of salsa went really well along as well.

I have to say YUM! The food is really good, good value, good quality and good portion. The food is just right, salsa tastes homemade, not salty. Fajitas Delicious, Guacamole also tastes homemade, they make the food in front of you as you order it, when you eat it you taste the freshness over something like Chipotle or Moes where it's sitting around getting soggy. This is fresh local food at a great value.

Excellent value, the food is delicious and feels health, not fried in oil fresh made food, light rice, just a great overall option no one else compares. Better than Chipotle, the meat here doesn't sit around

I did enjoy the food at Fresh Torillas but the Customer Service has made it so i will not be going back again. Can anyone recommend a good Mexican restaurant that the service doesn't make you so angry you never want to go back.

Great food. Love the chimichangas, tacos, and the salsa ranchera!

I love the food here but the lady who works the front and answers the phone is so rude. No idea why or how she still works there because she's been like this for a whole year


How should I put it in firm words the food is great. it's just one lady that works there she's the only Mexican with dark hair she has the most nastiest attitude! I will not be coming back here regards of the other people working there has more patients then this tramp ! C u later

This place is my go-to meal before going out, but these guys are truly champs for several reaskns. I ordered delivery on a crappy, rainy day and STILL got my order within, like… twenty minutes, if even. This is the ONLY place so far that I ordered online from that doesn't ignore the special instructions (I asked for no rice and for lettuce in my burrito and they followed through). The menu is great– everything is delicious, and I can get something you usually can't find at Mexican restaurants (like onion rings) with my order. The prices are fair. As for the physical location, it's a very nice, clean place with sufficient seating. 5 stars.

This is my healthy go to place that tastes great and is fast. Unlike the tortillas you get in store which are processed and full of preservatives, this place makes them fresh using just flour. The food is never oily and it's a decent value as well especially their combo dishes.

(Continued...) Called store back

The people running this place are so nasty...Angry people Will not go back!

The worst cusomer service ever. The. Manager Daisy- so unprofessional and rude.

Food is so good deliverry is fast best place

Absolutely terrible. I'm pretty sure the cheese is plastic. This is NOT Mexican food in any sense of the word. I can't admit that is even FOOD. I ordered nachos, rice with beef, and ground beef tacos. The food came fairly quick for an online order. Is this because it isn't actual food?! Everything was a melted mass of what looked like a cross between vomit and a gremlin hatching from its egg/cocoon. Pretty sure this was Mexinese cuisine as the delivery guy was Asian and didn't speak English. This was bad even for Mexinese. DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE!

Restaurant popped up on the "mexican" silive thing and just reminded me how good this place really is. Between all the fake 'Tex-Mex' in New Dorp including Chipotle, once you try Fresh Tortillas you will understand what "Fresh Tex Mex" really is! The tortillas are made fresh, meaning no preservatives like the other guys - all the meats and food are home made in-store, not shipped like the other guys. Check them out, their price is unbeatable, portions are great and food is Fresh!

Very good food and quality customer service

Very good food. Order the chicken salad

fajitas with guacomale sauce are awesome

Best bang for your buck in New Dorp, the food is consistent, delivery is fast and the value is unbeatable. Combo Plates and Chicken Fajita roll-ups are delicious


No Gimmicks good food, priced well, affordable, filling and tasty.

i had to give it a star to post this but it should be negative stars.......i ordered from there the said 30 minutes and 1 hour later when i called to ask where the food was the lady was nasty and said we are busy not even I'm sorry!! and the food was cold and tasteless when it arrive 1 hour 10 minutes later!!!

Terrific food for the price. In response to: "Food was TERRIBLE. We both ordered burritos and they were a huge mess couldn`t even hold them because the wrap was ripped. Never again." Have you ever tried using a fork?

i was impressed.very fresh,very tasty,real chicken.you can get a huge meal for $20.i recomend chicken tacos,and chicken burrito!yummy..i will be ordering again!

food is fantastic very good!

Excellent!The food was great and like the chicken quesdillas and the chicken burrito.

Food is great. Very reasonably priced and fast delivery.

Used to love this place, I ate there all the time the food was great before I saw one of the workers drop a pot of chorizo on the floor and continue to pick it up and put it back in the pot, ewwwwww grosssss.

The best tex-mex food ever!

Best Chi-exican in NYC!

There is a Fresh Tortillas in Brooklyn too on 7th avenue near Methodist Hospital. Im not sure if it is the same owners or not but i love them both. This one is close to home and I am there at least 3 times a week. Soft Shell Shrimp Tacos. I wish could eat a dozen of them they are so good. They also have some of the best hot sauce. There's the red one and the special green one for special #1 customers. thats me! I actually bought my own bottle so that when I take out, I have enough sauce. Gotta try the lunch specials too. Highly recommend.

This is the best Mexican place that i ever been to!!!

Simple, tasty Mexican food. Very friendly staff.

The men from Firebird Fireplace & Chimney Contractors have been going here for a long time. We all love it and think it's one of the greatest lunch values on Staten Island. Lily and staff are great people too and we love supporting a local business. The Ice cream parlor near by is also in the same family. Give it a try, your sure to love it.

The food was mediocre at best. The tacos lacked any sort of Mexican seasonings on the meat. The Nachos were okay, the best part were the black beans. The biggest problem was the delivery. It took well over an hour and when I did call to check in on it, they requested how much I was going to tip the driver. The food had still not been delivered at this time. When the food came the driver was courteous and gave no reason for why it took so long. Overall: mediocre food and awful service from the main restaurant.

I love this restaurant, price, service and even the food quality from this little take out place is pretty darn good! You can watch the food being cooked, you can easily get full from $5 - $6, their combos are a great value. This is not authentic Mexican, it is Tex-Mex style food, by they serve Tacos, Burritos with all different type of Steaks, Chicken, Beef.

Staten Island doesn't have too many taco joints. We've got a pizzeria for every man, woman and child, but when you want good enchiladas, you're usually forced to go to Jersey. Well, you still have to go to Jersey for good enchiladas. But Fresh Tortilla will hit the spot until you can get to Tejas or even Chevy's. Look, it's not exactly "authentic" mexican or Tex-Mex. Though, I dunno, maybe the asian gentlemen in the kitchen were trained in Oaxaca. Probably not. All I know is, when I want some tacos or quesadillas, I usually wind up there. And with $20, you and your deadbeat cousin can eat well.

Best whole in the wall mexican restaurant. Great prices , great food. I always order a Black Bean Tostada Salad for just $5 !

There food taste delicious and I have ate there many times but it is not fun ***** when you get food poisoning so I will not be eating here again =(

I can't speak with anything but anecdotal evidence but I've ordered from here over 100 times and never got remotely ill. Are you sure you can really narrow it down to a single meal? The family that runs this establishment keeps it as spotless as you can keep a hole in the wall restaurant, is extremely quick to get you order ready, and provides tasty cheap meals. Are you really willing to slander a place that's essentially the American dream over one meal that you can't even potentially narrow down to Fresh Tortillas. Hell, even the kids seen to have a good time hanging out there and enjoy talking to customers. Stomach viruses and food poisoning are very similar and not always caused by a single meal...

This place is awesome, i go here every week. Im actually going now for an enchilada. Its good to have good tex mex on the island. And for the record, never got sick.

The food is okay. I guess the best you can expect when the place serves Mexican but looks exactly like a Chinese food place. However, the service is terrible. while I was there, the employees (all 800 of them), took up 3 out of the four 4 tables, 2 of which was just their shopping bags. they were so loud you couldn't even hear yourself think. I asked them politely to keep it down being that I couldn't even hear what my boyfriend, who was sitting right across from me, was saying. This provoked them to OBVIOUSLY talk badly about me in their language, give me nasty looks, and treat me very poorly. As a paying customer, I was very upset and angry about how we were treated. These people do not know how to treat their customers. Im not one to usually write a review nor do i get offended easily, but i was so outraged i had to do something. I personally will never eat in or order from here again and I STRONGLY suggest you do the same. unless you trust your food coming from bitter, rude people who do not appreciate your business.

Good food not great, online delivery on time. They are doubling size of store so maybe food will get closer to real restaurant quality.

I've been going to Fresh Tortilla since they first opened well over a decade ago. The food is absolutely class. Try the Tofu Fajitas

I actually liked their food it wasn't that bad and after delivering to us a few times today i was told that they don't come here and they never did (rudely) very disappointing

Chorizo isnt real chorizo. Delivery person was extremely rude and yelled at my for not telling them backdoor even though I did. I will never order from here again.

Excellent food. Speedy delivery.

Fresh Torts is a diamond in the rough, hiding out on New Dorp Lane with some of the best Tex-mex food available on staten island. Their prices are incredible for the portion sizes, and the staff is always quick and accurate. I've tried just about every menu item and have yet to be disappointed.

The food is always tasty with good portions!! Fast and convenient service too.

Food is very good. Chicken used is typically Thigh meat so beware if you like Chicken Breast, you're not getting it here.

The food is so good and always fast.hot.on time. I love it!!!!!!!

Definitely something different for delivery. Steak Tacos with Guacamole is my favorite, great lunch specials also.

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304 New Dorp Lane Staten Island, NY, 10306 Closed
Location : New Dorp 718-979-1222

Today's Hours : 11:30AM to 10:00PM

(Now Closed)

Cuisine : Healthy, Mexican, Tex-Mex

DeliveryTake Out
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Features : Online Ordering, Lunch Specials, Coupons

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304 New Dorp Lane
Staten Island, NY, 10306 Location : New Dorp

Price Range


Today's Hours : 11:30AM to 10:00PM

Cuisine : Healthy, Mexican, Tex-Mex

Services :
DeliveryTake Out

Features : Online Ordering, Lunch Specials, Coupons

Type of Place : , 

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At first I lol'd when I saw this in the healthy cuisine section of whereyoueat. Tex Mex food in a healthy section does sound funny, but we did order fajitas and they tasted really good and seemed
I have to say YUM! The food is really good, good value, good quality and good portion. The food is just right, salsa tastes homemade, not salty. Fajitas Delicious, Guacamole also tastes homemade, th

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