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Address :
124 Ocean Ave
Staten Island, 10305
Phone : 718-556-9000

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124 Ocean Ave,
South Beach, 10305
Today: 11:00AM to 11:00PM
Today's Hours : 11:00AM to 11:00PM


Greek, Halal, Restaurant & Bar, Coupons, , , Alcohol/Beer/WineDeliveryWait Staff/Dine InCateringTake Out

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Most of the employees not wearing a mask ????

cashier never smiles and u dont feel welcome there. food portion getting smaller and smaller each day. pepper tomato and main entree not worth the price i pay.

Very good service, fine food, clean place

Got my order here again after sometime. Well, changes are here, visible, and not so good of a changes. 1 rice in gyro plattter is just a plain rice, no chickpeas, no rizzoto or anything. Just sad plain rice. 2 shepherd salad made using very tough skinned cucumber almost to the point that the jaw was hurt to chew it. . Salad must be made using Persian or European cucumbers, If the American cucumber is used its skin MUST BE peeled. You can do better, for now I am Not coming back. Written by a fan of Turkish cuisine

I drove 30 minutes to get there and they had no lamb only chicken. How do you run out of lamb?

Food is excellent and the dining environment is very comfortable and private. Tables are setup properly and not sitting on top of each other.

The food was very good!

Good Restaurant


Was just ok. If you eat in restaurant it's great. If you order for delivery you don't really get the whole platter. Missing parts of platter.

I live in bay ridge and this may sound like joke with so many turkish food in our area me and family travel across the bridge to eat at seaside on a regular basis.

StAten Island be aware!!! I wanted to use this coupon and they did not want to honor it because they said: "we don't have such a coupon"!!!! Another case of bait and switch!!!

It's really starting to seem that Staten island has a Turkish restaurant on every corner these days. And we have tried many but not on the comes close to seaside, it is consistent year after year. The value has always been good, grab a fresh Shawarma for a little over 5 bucks and it fills you up nicely, or the platter which comes with salads, rice, roasted tomatoes peppers and delicious fresh baked bread. No this is not a promo of the restaurant just we noticed that they are the only the consistently include all the little items that make the meal worth every dollar.

Five stars all the way around, it is the only real turkish restaurant on staten island, service is always on point and most importantly the food is very affordable, tasty and fresh.

So many new Turkish restaurants on Staten Island and every time we stray from our beloved Seaside we are constantly disappointed. Platters are served with roasted tomatoes, roasted pepper and delicious healthy red side salad - along with fresh Turkish bread. Other places give non of the sides, and the entrees themselves always non oily like Turkish food is supposed to be. Great environment as well.

Review just for take out of chicken sandwich and shwarma both were very good will be going in for dinner soon.

This place Seaside has batter food than Mekan!! Batter food taste, batter stuff and employees professional working. grate services!

Delicious appetizers and grand entree platters - was under an hour and we live in Princes Bay.

i think we have gone their at least five times and each time we go the food is amazing no matter what u order. we highly recommend.

The food here is fantastic. I have eaten here several times with several different people all ordering different dishes, and no one has ever been disappointed. I do not live in the neighborhood, but when I want Turkish food, this is the only place on Staten Island that I will go. The staff is also very friendly and helpful with recommendations. Although recommendations are almost unnecessary, because everything here is just dead-on good.

Food was delicious. Waitresses pleasant. Fresh bread delivered to table baked fresh out of oven. Prices were great. A turkish delight! Tried the apricot dessert and the branzini fish.
Would recommend to my friends and take them there!

Very good Turkish food, great Lamb Gyro's and Dinner platters, but a very big flaw! They always forget something, delivery, pick-up/take-out Make sure you check your bag before walking out the door.
One time it's the missing bread, then it's the missing sauce, salad... I'll be honest the food keeps me coming back, but I make sure to remind the server to make sure everything is in the bag.

Eight of us celebrated my birthday at the Seaside Turkish Mediterranean Restaurant the other day and had a fabulous time. Everyone was so friendly and nice to us. We all relaxed and enjoyed the tasty food. The adults feasted on the yummy warm bread, a selection of cold appetizers of varying degrees of spiciness, kebabs, shwarma, etc. Some of us sipped Turkish tea from lovely little glass cups. There were dishes such as french fries and steamed vegetables for our grandson who doesn't eat "exotic" foods. Pizza is available too. The apricot dessert my friend and I chose was unusual and delectable and the fine baklava that some relatives chose surprised them by the generous size of the portion. Six of our party live in New Jersey or Long Island and they look forward to returning to this restaurant with us and even bringing other people with them.

Food is really good. Not rushed out of the place. Brought the kids and they were very welcome.
Owner is very attentive. Authentic Turkish cuisine.

Food is great. While the portions are smaller than what you find in Brooklyn Turkish restaurants for the same price - the quality is good. Unfortunately, the service is AWFUL. The staff does not check on you, bring bread with appetizers that require it and NEVER refill your water. The manager is awful. In fairness, the owner is pleasant and seems to be aware of the service issues.

I never eat there, but had take out. The food was very good, nice to have something different for a change. Staten Island seems to cater italian and chinese food majority. I reallyed enjoyed the dips(hummus etc) and chicken kebab dinner. I would def go back.

I have to agree with the last reviewer, the Food is great, taste great and is different from most places on Staten Island, best part is they deliver this type of food and it is prepared in front of you when you go pick it up.

But the service is always horrendous, something must be forgotten. Either it's the bread, the sauce, the hot sauce or utensils when you specifically ask for them, something will be missing. And to be honest I still come back and if ever my side orders are all there, it will be a miracle and the place will automatically get 5 stars on my review board.

A welcome addition to the Staten Island dining scene. Just came home from having dinner here. Seaside was very crowded for a Tuesday night. They must be doing something right. I will go back.

I recently dined there w/a large group & it was difficult for the staff to service a large group. It seems that they are not very experienced in customer service. However, all the food was excellent and the portions very good. In spite of the lack of experience in servicing the patron, I would go back because the food was so fresh & delicious.

I have been here a couple of times and have always left very satisfied. The food is delicious, the service is fast and very courteous. I always feel welcome here.

Really love the Food, the Lamb Gyro's are one and only on Staten Island! Prices are also very great, I only ordered from Seaside for Take-Out, the Atmosphere is more on the fine side and not for me, unless it's a special occasion. Not sure about all other reviews regarding dine in, so this is purely for take out. Lamb and Chicken is pulled off the strips right while you watch, so you can see and be sure it's sanitary.

I have to give this restaurant 3 stars. The three bonus points for serving such unique food to Staten Island, real lamb gyro's are made in front of your eyes so you can see the oil fall off while you get real meat in your pita. The negative 2 points comes from the service, something must be missing or you know it's not seaside.

Please check your bags before leaving the parking lot or when you get home and realize your white sauce, bread or salad is gone, you'll end up yelling at your husband because of the mistake they made. :)

Terrible experience! My wife and I went here lastnight for dinner after work at 730pm. Was very busy. Had to be waited several minuted just to be seated. Once seated in the back and we FINALLY received our water and placed our order, the aiting began. The waiter stated that there were only 2 servers that night and it was very busy. after about 45 min we received some bread and appitiser. The appy was good! Then the wait for an additional 45 min began! we finally decided to take out order to go. Several other customers appeared quite annoyed as well! We asked another waitress to get out food to go. When they gave us our food the waiter told me sorry we ran out of chicken so I gave you lamb. I happen to like lamb, but not what I ordered!! And waited 90 min for! when we got home i opened the package to find ONLY 1 piece of lamb for me and some chopped up lamp bits for my wife. NO RICE, ONIONS, SAUCE or anything that was supposed to come with the food. I called the store and the lady told me nothing she can do. The owner needs to make that decision and he is not in. I was Furious! I spent 2 hours and 40 bucks to get a piece of lamb in a silver tin when we got home. WIll NEVER EVER go there agin. The food at ALLI BABA in manhattan is a lot better and the service there blows this place away!. First and last time at this place! SAVE your money. GO elsewhere!

This restaurant is a welcome change from the glut of Italian and Chinese/Japanese restaurants crowding the island. The food is always fresh and the place is immaculate.
You know what they say, if the restroom is clean, the kitchen is also! No problem here. The owner is vigilant about the quality of the food. The hummus is the best I have ever had and my Turkish friends agree! So, go for it, experience the unusual. Great grilled calamari, lamb and chicken with Shepherd salad. You will love it!

What is it with this place always forgetting items? How long are they in business that they can't get the simplest things right. They are busy and the food is pretty good, especially for Staten Island the quality is 4 but the service is no more than 2.

Great food and atmosphere, just right for Staten Island, gives people a reason to come out here especially since Sahara's quality went down the drain.

Food is good. Service is Awful. Because I like the food, my niece gave me $100 gift certificate. My husband and I had a lovely dinner, but after giving our server the gift certificate, she ignored us! We waited over 15 minutes before going to the hostess about our change from the gift certificate. The hostess said we had to use the entire gift certificate at once. When we argued that the gift certificate makes no such claim, she said she would do us a "favor" just this once. Then the hostess left us waiting another 15 minutes while she did everything -- and anything -- before writing a new gift certificate for the balance.The balance of the gift certificate ($40) expires on 12/31/11. I just got the gift certificate in November.

The lesson is Don't Buy Gift Certificates from this restaurant! Once I use the balance, I will no longer patronize this restaurant.

From soup to nuts I found a favorite food that keeps me coming back to this restaurant to eat.
It starts with the bread. As a bread lover I am happy to just dip the delicious warm bread in olive oil, but my husband loves the hummus and the other cold appetizers that taste delicious too.
The grape leaves are out of this world. For fish I chose branzini which is delicious with a dish of arugula salad. Healthy too I guess.
For dessert I had turkish tea and a sweet dessert made with cheese, and pistachio nuts. I dont remember the name but its like a little nest and served warm and very cute.
The owner is very friendly.
When we went there was a belly dancer. My children liked the music and we had a fun evening. And it didnt cost us an arm and a leg.

After how many years in business they still can't get it right, service simply sucks, food, well compared to Staten Island food is pretty good which is reason for generous 3 stars and would love for it to be higher once they got their act together and provided at least decent service. Food is always late, when you pick up take an extra 10 minutes to get there or you will be stuck waiting.

As much as people are giving negative reviews, this place is actually pretty good! My husband and I had a take-out order from here a month or so ago. Nice atmosphere, nice being able to see them cook too. We decided to eat it while watching "Big Bang Theory" (since on the show there's always take-out). Anyway.. the food was excellent. The only thing I wasn't crazy for was the "sigars", a Turkish version of a mozzarella stick but made with phyllo dough and feta cheese. It was too salty. The spicy, reddish sauce was pretty good with it though. We also ordered a traditional gyro and I had a chicken type gyro. Spices on it were very good and the cucumber yogurt sauce was perfect with it. Best part? The dessert! Their almond pudding is PHENOMENAL!! Especially with the pistachios on top. It tasted like icing you make for cinnamon rolls. I mean it is topped with cinnamon too. It was our first time eating Turkish cuisine too. We're keeping it in our collection of menus!

Haven't tried the wider menu, but their Turkish entrees & sandwiches are excellent. Better than similar places on the Island.

This restaurant is absolutely to die for and I knew it after my first experience. The turkish food is fabulous, and adds a cultivated taste to the Island palette with its grill dishes (ESP. the lamb), appetizer platters and homemade bread. The service may not be up to par, but it's far from horrible. Every other time there'll be an issue, but it's so busy I don't get angry over it and by now I just give the guys a break. I eat here every Wednesday just in time for the bellydancers or live music to use Seaside's most generous coupons. If you've never experienced Turkey before, this is the place to start! Some may seem discouraged by the varied cultures of the staff, but in my opinion as long as the cooks are Turkish, who cares? I recommend coming during the weekdays like I do when it's calm instead of getting disappointed when the house is full on the weekend. If anything, the take out is convenient and you still get great food! In my experience, there's little on the island to compare to this wonderful new place, and you should definitely give the culture a try!

Try the Lamb Shawarma and taste the quality. This restaurant prepares fresh meats all the time and always is as good as it gets.

The place was nice, people were hospitable and answered our questions. The only problem we had was that they brought out the appetizer after the main meal was served. The calamari was a bit rubbery but tasted good

No comparison! Seaside is simply the only Turkish Restaurant on Staten Island and they don't take advantage of it, the portions are humongous and the food is always delicious. I have to add that the prices are extremely reasonable for the quality of food.

The only good Mediterranean restaurant in Staten Island. They also serve some Italian dishes as well (Pizza & pasta). I find that their take-out is better than dine-in only because their service is slow. Otherwise, the food is so yummy. Try their chicken shish kabob platter, Cacik (cold cucumber yogurt salad), and eggplant with sauce. Their penne with vodka sauce is surprisingly delicious as well! Skip the hummus- it's a bit on the watery side- Sabra brand is way better.

Excellent Shawarma sandwich - Very tasty at a great price and always fresh

VERY POOR - The chicken gyro was probably one of the worst I ever eaten in my life. The $5 chicken guy on the corner has better quality then these guys. I will NEVER order from here again.

Seaside Turkish is one of our favorite places to eat. Been coming here since they opened. The food is very flavorful and reasonably priced. The service has been a bit troublesome in the past but I think they've improved in the recent year or so. We do realize that Seaside does a tremendous amount of take out orders perhaps the reason why the table service suffered. Nonetheless, we will continue coming here even though it is a 25 minute drive.

OMG, the food is absolutely divine!!I can hardly wait to eat there again.

Food is fabulous. Staff is friendly and courteous. A real treat.

I`m close by and I really want this place to survive. They deliver - but every time we call in an order they have said the delivery guy is not in today. Getting old quickly. The food is good. The consistency of the service - not so much. We`ve tried it four times so far - we`ve had to pick up our order each time. Sometimes you get condiments and sometimes you don`t. When something is missing from take out food, going back to pick up what they forgot eats up half of someone`s lunch time so we don`t bother. They`ll make it if they can fix the glitches. If not, and word spreads very quickly, they`ll be replaced by yet another pizza place.

The food was great and at a great price. I can`t wait to find an excuse to go again.

just dined there tonight!!Really great food, service and price. will definitely return, just hope they survive in the meantime, maybe advertising would be a good idea.

this is an amazing restaurant , honestly the food is great the service is amazingly fast and the staff are very friendly i go there with my 3 children and its awesome

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124 Ocean Ave Staten Island, NY, 10305 Closed
Location : South Beach 718-556-9000

Today's Hours : 11:00AM to 11:00PM

(Now Closed)

Cuisine : Greek, Halal, Mediterranean

Alcohol/Beer/WineDeliveryWait Staff/Dine InCateringTake Out
Price Range:

Features : Restaurant & Bar, Coupons, On Site Parking

Type of Place : , 

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$5 OFF $50

124 Ocean Ave
Staten Island, NY, 10305 Location : South Beach

Price Range


Today's Hours : 11:00AM to 11:00PM

Cuisine : Greek, Halal, Mediterranean

Services :
Alcohol/Beer/WineDeliveryWait Staff/Dine InCateringTake Out

Features : Restaurant & Bar, Coupons, On Site Parking

Type of Place : , 

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Most of the employees not wearing a mask ????
cashier never smiles and u dont feel welcome there. food portion getting smaller and smaller each day. pepper tomato and main entree not worth the price i pay.

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