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Forest BBQ

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Forest BBQ

Address :
1098 Forest Ave
Staten Island, 10310
Phone : 718-556-0099

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1098 Forest Ave,
, 10310
Today: 11:30AM to 09:00PM
Today's Hours : 11:30AM to 09:00PM


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Forest BBQ Promotion

$6 - All Day Combo
Rice, Beans, 2pc Chicken

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restaurant menu
restaurant menu
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I have been eating at this restaurant since it opened. Great staff and great food. I have never had and issue and would not question how they run the business. The chicken and ribs combo is a lot of food and very filling.

I live in the neighborhood and pass this place all the time and figured i'd give it a try. I was excited to try the food being that the menu looked really good. my food was delivered and the ribs were dry and hard. and i ordered 2 pulled pork sandwhices which had the funkiest smell iv'e ever smelt. had to send the food back very disapointed

Great taste, fresh food at good price in a clean environment and very friendly beautiful people. The service wait time is always fast.

Love this place - best bbq rotisserie chicken! Great owners and staff. Very clean. Highly recommended.

They have the best BBQ combo on the North Shore. $6 a complete lunch with rice beans and chicken that has been cooking over the coal right in front

Everything always tastes great when I order from here. The grilled chicken salad and tres leche cake were really good. The restaurant is always really clean and the owner and everyone that works there are always so kind.

we ordered delivery and the woman on the phone gave us a time. When she finally came with the food she was extremely apologetic that it took so long and she refused to take a tip because of it. She was very sweet too, when I told her that it was ok but she put it back in my hand and said that she felt horrible because she got a lot of orders at once and couldn't get to me sooner. The food was delish! We love it! Always fresh, full of flavor. Beef/pork combo and a couple pieces of chicken w rice and beans. Highly recommended.

went for dinner...food was amazing and treated us like family....cant wait to go back

I've been coming to this jewel for about 3yrs. and have brought most of my friends with rave reviews. and extra take away orders. It's a very tiny family owned place. after a few visits they'll treat you like old friends. The shrimp! so good. The Chicken/ rib combo is worth the price : but you most likely will need a doggie bag. Go enjoy.

Amazing place....These are not sloppy ribs where a ton of sauce is brushed on at the end, but I saw the cook season the ribs and chicken then he cooks it, more is put on after its cooked for a wonderful flavor.

I like how simple the menu is....they are not the Jack of All Foods - but masters at charcoal cooked ribs and chicken...

They have great food at a reasonable price.

I have to agree with Mav and Hitchmagoo. I ordered the whole order of BBQ rib combo. The tray was over loaded with sides (fries and rice) and the ribs were a very small portion, not mention below average quality. I certainly felt ripped off. Short cuts are being made here. Dining room is too small to eat-in comfortably. Sorry.

this place is amazing the customer service was good and especially the food..in staten island you dont find many places where they serve bbq food or food off the grill this place has very unique food its just not any regular food you cook off the grill its Portuguese food i really enjoyed it the place is clean everything is sanitary i honestly recommend everyone i know to go to this place you wont regret

I thought the food to be just ok. i felt the portions/quantity of the chicken/ribs weren't generous at all. I mostly was full on the plenitude of rice and beans i was given on my whole order. The bbq sauce made the chicken/ribs taste better, but sauce on anything generally taste better. Sadly, when i returned home with my order, the sauce container wasn't even filled to the top. I had to think to myself if i wasn't given an already consumed container of sauce. Dining area is too small to eat comfortably. Not really a place to take a big family to. Felt disappointed. I might give it another chance in a couple of weeks, maybe.

This place just opened and I stopped in for lunch, I thought the combo was amazing, the best ribs I ever had. I brought my family in for dinner the next day and all I can say is that my picky eating 9 year old did not leave one scrap of food on his plate, and the next day for dinner he asked if we could go back.

Our food came quickly, was perfectly cooked and the price was reasonable.

This is my first time here and the food was great. Ive had to travel to Newark to get this style bbq and there's finally one here on Staten Island. I called ahead and they had my order ready. My only thing with this place is that they are not descriptive in what style BBQ they are. It wasn't till i walked in and they told me that it was Portuguese BBQ but lucky for them I was in the mood for it. Favors are just right. I will return

To be fair, this place just opened. Even though it's a simple menu, it's also confusing when you read it. Whoever made it up should have put more time into creating a clear menu. For two of us, we ordered the beef rib and Pork rib combo, with rice and fries. On the menu it says it comes with 2 sides. That would leave me to believe I can order any "side" from the side menu. No - They said it comes with Beans and another side and they said we can substitute the beans for rice. Now, the menu doesn't say this at all. They gave a HUGE tray of food. More than enough for 2 people. The food was "good". It wasn't great. My complaint - The pork ribs. The 1/2 order is 4 "ribs". This place gave me 2 ribs and 2 what I would consider rib-tips or rib lets. Those are NOT Ribs. It just shows this place ordered the whole rib rack from their butcher because it's cheaper than ordering just the ribs and they are selling it to their customer's as a full rib. It isn't. If I wanted Rib lets or rib-tips, I would have ordered them. I ordered Ribs. The rib-tips were very fatty and too many bones. When I actually had the "rib" it was good, charcoal flavor, decent. If I do go back, I probably will never order the ribs again. I felt like I was ripped off. This isn't a (BBQ) restaurant, as in Memphis or St. Louis etc... It's more like meat cooked on a charcoal grill type BBQ place. I was disappointed, but will give them a second chance in a few weeks. I hope they use the criticism on here to better their restaurant. It's a great idea and a welcome addition to Forest Ave, but they need help. Lots of improvement is necessary.

Very unorganized....have no idea how to run a business

Our bbq chicken/ribs was served real quick at our table. Which was a little surprising to me, since bbq meat takes longer to grill/cook. With that being said, the meat was dry and a little tough to chew. The bbq sauce was tasty though. But i'm not paying $20 for sauce and over-load of fries and rice. A friend of mine ate there as well, she was told that the meat is pre-cooked early in the day, then flash-grilled once ordered. Reason being to cut time and the long wait. No wonder the meat were dry. We left sad....not only was it dry, but I felt I paid a lot of money for the side orders instead of the quanity/quality of the bbq meats.
There are definitely better places than this. Staff was friendly though.

I just checked out this place with my fiancée on a whim. So glad we did. The place was very small, but clean and you could see how they were roasting the meat on big charcoal grills behind the counter. The staff there were super nice, and brought our food out crazy fast. The ribs were just a little dry on the edges but were still delicious with their BBQ and hot sauces (which they told us were home-made). The chicken was just plain amazing. I shared a rib/chicken combo with my fiancée and we both left very satisfied.

I LOVE THIS PLACE!! Great BBQ! They have awesome BBQ Ribs and Chicken. In fact... Everything they make is delicious!

I went to this restaurant just passing by and am glad I did! The service was excellent, the food was delicious, and the people were more than friendly. The ribs were delicious and the sauce to accompany them were also fantastic. The rice and beans are some of the best I've had.
The Limeade was also superb, sweet and satisfying. Overall I could not have been happier.
While not the biggest restaurant, it adds the environment. The fire was cooking chicken when we walked in, and the kitchen itself was spotless. Not a messy place at all.
The owners were as friendly as could be, and were constantly trying to please. Moreover, a half a rack of ribs with a side of rice and beans was plenty of food to completely fill up on. (especially for lunch)
When I ordered the full rack, I was given so much I was able to take a to-go box home with me and had enough food for a late night snack and lunch the next day!
I could not be happier with this choice of restaurant.

My son and I were visiting from South Carolina and looking for a restaurant and just happened to pass Forest BBQ! We went in for lunch and enjoyed delicious spare ribs. It was so incredible that we went back the that night and ordered the same thing. The second time around we had a delicious lime-aid drink that was out of this world. I can't wait for tomorrow so I can try a hamburger!!!!!!

The owner is super kind!

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1098 Forest Ave Staten Island, NY, 10310 Closed
Location : 718-556-0099

Today's Hours : 11:30AM to 09:00PM

(Now Closed)

Cuisine : American, 

Take Out
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Forest BBQ Promotion

$6 - All Day Combo
Rice, Beans, 2pc Chicken

1098 Forest Ave
Staten Island, NY, 10310 Location :

Price Range


Today's Hours : 11:30AM to 09:00PM

Cuisine : American, 

Services :
Take Out

Features : , 

Type of Place : , 

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I have been eating at this restaurant since it opened. Great staff and great food. I have never had and issue and would not question how they run the business. The chicken and ribs combo is a lot
I live in the neighborhood and pass this place all the time and figured i'd give it a try. I was excited to try the food being that the menu looked really good. my food was delivered and the ribs

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