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Latest Reviews

by: on: 10/25/2014
Had dinner there today and was very disappointed. The wait staff was very friendly but the food was horrible, a steak h[+]
by: on: 10/25/2014
Great food[+]
by: on: 10/25/2014
Fast delivery and food was pretty good. [+]
by: on: 10/25/2014
Compere to other Chinese restaurants on the Island this one is not bad so far. It's too soon to decide, they just r[+]
by: on: 10/25/2014
Awesome Food... Great Prices
We ordered Grilled Seafood Salad and Coconut Wrap and both were great!!!! [+]
by: audrey on: 10/24/2014
Best pizza and food on Staten Island And fast delivery [+]
by: on: 10/24/2014
Going in I thought hey! They fixed up this place let's give it a try. It was seriously the worst money I ever spend.[+]
by: on: 10/23/2014
Waited 2 hrs for my food and it was mediocre at best. Not happy[+]
by: bug on: 10/23/2014
Best Mexican Delivery on SI - sometimes they forget some of the extras on Fri ad Sat night when it's really busy, bu[+]
by: on: 10/22/2014
Short and sweet: had a slim rb un-wich - plenty of meat with nice fresh lettuce. Husband had the "vito" - was [+]


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