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Latest Reviews

by: AC on: 10/21/2014
I was planning on eating there tonight but after reading these reviews I am a little concerned. Sounds like they stuff [+]
by: on: 10/21/2014
They literally put three slices of meat on an 8 inch sub and load it with lettuce !! Big rip off !! they will be out of [+]
by: Frank on: 10/20/2014
Food came cold - got the burrito thing - look like mystery meat - got a chicken coconut wrap and it was all onions - and[+]
by: Joe Decaro on: 10/19/2014
Wow, what a disappointment. Ordered for the first time and last time. I tried the Mango Shrimp which was terrible, Runny[+]
by: on: 10/18/2014
Never ordering from here again! Horrible service!!! I mean worse service ever!! Ordered food that was never delivered! W[+]
by: on: 10/18/2014
Food was tasty but overpriced. Service was fair. Most importantly, tables were tiny and practicly on top of one another.[+]
by: Toniann B. on: 10/17/2014
I call in often for pick up. Let me tell you that the phones girls are all nasty except one. I had experience with 3 gir[+]
by: al Bev on: 10/17/2014
Pizza is delish would recommend[+]
by: on: 10/17/2014
lol to the "take your sandwich back to jersey" review! that is great![+]
by: on: 10/16/2014
Umm,... today is a major Jewish holiday. They are closed. The confirmations are automatically generated by computer. Why[+]


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