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Latest Reviews

by: on: 10/01/2014
Oh how yummy - The braised pork belly slider was such a treat that I have not tried anywhere before. Other dish worth a[+]
by: Diane cuervo on: 09/30/2014
Food is AL WAYS fresh and delicious, take out delivery is quick and order arrives hot. Staff is friendly and polite. N[+]
by: on: 09/30/2014
I don't know if this place is good. I'm not even sure it's real. I placed an order online, they charged my [+]
by: on: 09/29/2014
mixed feelings. sometimes they pick up the phone sometimes they dont. the phone is out of service but i walked by and it[+]
Had an amazing experience at this restaurant this past friday night. I am impressed and delifhted by the food here.serv[+]
by: on: 09/28/2014
Mac and cheese was not even edible. We threw out the whole container. It tasted like sour water.

Was there rea[+]
by: Former Customer on: 09/28/2014
I ordered @ twin Bacon cheeseburghers , a chicken club and an open roast beef sandwich. Well 17 minutes after I hang up [+]
by: Tom on: 09/27/2014
I order food every week or two. Very good authentic food. Great value for the money. Friendly staff. [+]
by: on: 09/26/2014
Just picked up a pizza and order of calamari and some wing. You better speak up for some sauce because it does not come [+]
by: Barbara ann Celestrio on: 09/25/2014
WOW!!!! So clean and cozy. The staff makes you feel like family. Just what this area needed. A must try, the Galaktobour[+]


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