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Latest Reviews

by: Cupasso on: 08/28/2014
by: on: 08/28/2014
order a skinny bacon cheese burger with mushroom and sauteed onions only got meat and cheese. disappointing spend your m[+]
by: Mike on: 08/28/2014
Can't follow simple instructions[+]
by: Mike Athens on: 08/28/2014
Not good at all[+]
by: on: 08/27/2014
Ask for Anthony. Great toosh. No but really, the service was excellent. No complaints about the food whatsoever. [+]
by: Mike S on: 08/27/2014
This used to be the old Mcginns and what a difference from that old place. They have renovated the whole building, new b[+]
by: on: 08/27/2014
by: Prince on: 08/27/2014
Best chicken in chicken[+]
by: gargolas on: 08/26/2014
I used to like this place, is getting worse and worse. from the "mozzarella and tomato (slice deli cheese) tomato l[+]
by: Uncle Mario on: 08/25/2014
I have been going to this restaurant for many years. The food is always the finest that food can be! The wait staff are [+]


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