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Latest Reviews

by: Irene Eltinville. on: 07/25/2014
Been ordering from Golden Palace for many many years.
Fresh food,well cooked dependable.
Very rare that anything[+]
by: John on: 07/25/2014
My wife and I were very loyal to Cucumber Sushi because they have good take out sushi. It's not the best on Staten I[+]
by: Danielle on: 07/25/2014
Driving through Staten Island I wanted something quick, BUT good. I hate to spend money on food in NYC that is terrible.[+]
by: John on: 07/25/2014
Have been going to this place for 3 years- first 2 years it was excellent. In the past year their portions have shrunk, [+]
by: Rhonda on: 07/25/2014
You do not want to skip this restaurant! We asked a local for a recommendation and were led straight to Reggiano's.[+]
by: on: 07/24/2014
I had dinner here yesterday with my family. I called for reservation beforehand. The lady on the phone was very pleasant[+]
by: on: 07/23/2014
I went to annadale terrace for about 3 weeks ago now, and was not happy it, the table was sticky and dirty had to ask th[+]
by: Anna on: 07/23/2014
I am extremely disappointed! I already left a review specifically describing how bad the service was! However, it was si[+]
by: on: 07/21/2014
This place is definitely worth checking out. Everything we ordered was delicious--my partner is Lebanese and said the m[+]
by: Ava on: 07/20/2014
So happy to have this place close by. Sushi is NOT exactly in short supply on New Dorp Lane, so this place certainly has[+]


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