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Latest Reviews

by: Susan on: 01/25/2015
For anyone who plans on going to the Annadale Terrace just to have coffee and dessert, expect not to make it a long stay[+]
by: on: 01/24/2015
I like this place. Curry chicken. With mixed veg. Beef with asparugus .sauteed bok choy. Friendly good delivery service.[+]
by: Jim on: 01/24/2015
I want to amend my review, everything was rectified, and Bario's truly cares about customer satisfaction, definitely[+]
by: nik m on: 01/24/2015
I walked in saturday night a little after 10pm and there was 1 white slice that was dried up...first off i was charge ov[+]
by: Margie on: 01/24/2015
Tonight was my first time eating from Miyabi II, we ordered takeout on line, the food was amazing, I like the fact that [+]
by: Jim, former customer on: 01/24/2015
I have used Barios many times food is always good, today I placed an order totaling $55. When the order was received,I [+]
by: on: 01/24/2015
They have good food, but had an issue, spent $55. When received my order didn't receive my calzone, so I called, gir[+]
by: on: 01/23/2015
A great place to have a delicious dinner, beautiful cozy european atmosphere and entertainment! Excellent Restaurant! [+]
by: lovejt on: 01/23/2015
Literally just got my food that I ordered for delivery and as soon as I open the container right on top is a buffalo win[+]
by: on: 01/23/2015
Had great time. good music, great service and good food[+]


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